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We took a look at the mother of all remotes - the Harmony 1000. Man that thing is huge but then again it can pretty much run anything in your house.
20 Jun 2007
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The Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control brings Logitech smarts to your home theater. Access your entire Home Entertainment system with just the push of a button! No more juggling remote controls for different components. The Harmony 550 Universal remote sends the right commands to all of your equipment, so you don't have to switch between controls or remember a sequence of buttons. A brightly lit LCD screen and easy to use controls tell you what you want to know. Want to watch a DVD? Just choose that activity, and all the necessary components power on at your disposal. You can even get online updates for your remote. Make your home theater easy again with the Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control.
1 Aug 2007
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Designed specifically for Digital Video Recorder (DVR) users, the Harmony 670 features convenient controls that make it easy to command TiVO and other popular DVRs. Essential buttons including "Record," "Play," "Pause," "Advance," "Rewind," "Skip Forward," "Skip Back," and a directional pad are centrally located, and convenient "Sound" and "Picture" buttons help you tame tough configurations such as switching aspect ratios or sound modes. Harmony's activity-based control makes it easy to manage your entire home entertainment system; just press a conveniently color-coded activity button ("Watch Movie"), and the remote will power on your TV, DVD, stereo receiver, set all the inputs and even press "play" for you. There's also a handy "Help" button so that anyone from the kids to the babysitter can access programming.
3 Aug 2007
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animal harmonious
11 Oct 2007
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Complete, hands on review of Logitech's Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote. This in-depth review covers set up, the Logitech Harmony Software, use with equipment such as TiVo and PS3, and many other issues. Brought to you by The Digital Lounge (www.TheDigitalLounge****). Please rate and comment on this video. Your feedback is appreciated!
3 Nov 2007
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*******www.panonthenet****/promo/Pan_in_New_York_2007/video.htm Professor and Harmony - A Behind the Scenes Video It all begins - in the panyard. The panyard is 'holy ground' for the pan man and woman. Our roving camera gives us a look behind the scenes as it documents the happenings in the making of the Pan in New York 2007 CD by Basement Recordings, Inc. Today we look at arranger Ken "Professor" Philmore as he prepares his troops - New York's Harmony Steel Orchestra - a couple of days before their panorama performance. Enjoy... For full video and more info go to *******www.panonthenet****/promo/Pan_in_New_York_2007/video.htm
22 Dec 2007
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Thin Lizzy - Boys Are Back In Town - Twin Harmony Ending lesson
8 Jan 2008
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*******www.AutoGoFast****/v/22.htm Home entertainment made simple. The world's only remote with proprietary Smart State Technology allows you press just 1 of the Activity buttons & your Harmony Remote automatically sets up your entire entertainment
2 Mar 2008
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Peace, Justice and Harmony by Naseeha (UK). Very nice nasheed to listen to. It has no musical instruments. Please let me know what you think of the slideshow I made for this nasheed. Enjoy.
30 Sep 2008
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Demonstration by Iola Evans BHSII & staff of the Rheidol Riding Centre. Website *******www.rheidol-riding-centre****** A fun evening which may answer many of the questions asked and perhaps inspire you to compete yourselves. Tests ridden in shows are used as a measure of the correctness of the horse's (and rider's) schooling. The scoring scale is as follows: 10-Excellent, 9-Very good, 8-Good, 7-Fairly good, 6-Satisfactory, 5-Sufficient, 4-Insufficient, 3-Fairly bad, 2-Bad, 1-Very bad, 0-Not performed The collective marks are based on: Gaits - the freedom and regularity of the horse's movement. Impulsion - the horse's desire to move forward, elasticity of steps, roundness. Submission - the horse's attention and confidence, harmony with rider, lightness of movements, and acceptance of the bit. Rider's position and seat - correctness and effect of the aids.
1 May 2008
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HARMONY FESTIVAL with Erykah Badu, The Roots & Common 2007 www.going****/harmonyfest
27 Sep 2008
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New Harmony Florida Send Off For U.S. Marine
13 Sep 2008
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