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Early Show Harry Smith confronts a nice man in a Dinosaur costume.
9 Feb 2009
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Kazakh character Borat -- aka Sasha Baron Cohen -- dropped by CBS' "The Early Show" this week and ended up in a wrestling match with Harry Smith. Tune in Friday, Nov. 3, to see the entire interview.
24 Jan 2009
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BY ALANA YOUNG You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy One’s an addict in rehab. The other -- one of the most powerful politicians in Congress. Actor Charlie Sheen and House Speaker John Boehner seem to have nothing in common -- but Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips is suggesting one might be smarter than the other. In a blog post on his website, Phillips expressed his disdain for what Mr. Boehner has -- check that -- hasn’t done in Congress. He writes, “Charlie Sheen is now making more sense than John Boehner.” And in a telephone interview with CNN, Phillips says Boehner needs to straighten up quick -- or lose his job. “If Boehner doesn’t get up there, get on the ball, and start getting us some serious budget cuts -- I’m going to do whatever I can to have someone run a primary against Boehner.” Comparing Speaker Boehner to Charlie Sheen seems like a low blow, but this is only the latest of media-magnified conflicts between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party. Fox News contributor Juan Williams says the Tea Party’s demands have really gotten out of hand -- in the budget debate in particular. JUAN WILLIAMS: “You need to have people who are willing to negotiate and so far, the kind of demands that the Tea Party is forcing on John Boehner are just so out of realm. I mean, nobody is going to buy into them. Republicans aren't going to buy into them, so, the question is, ‘What are you realistically are trying to accomplish, John Boehner?’ It’s not about simply pointing fingers.” And a writer for the Huffington Post characterizes the House Tea Party Caucus’ first meeting as - quote - “boisterous” -- and saying it... “ two potential rifts -- one between its members and state-level Tea Party activists, who have no appetite for compromise, and another between its members and Republican Party leaders, who will soon be asking them to do just that.” But some say the “rift” between GOP leaders and the Tea Party is really just a media concoction. A contributor for the conservative website Obama Talk writes, bottom line, the GOP & Tea Partiers want the same thing -- a Republican in office. “There is no third party per [se]. It is still Democrat vs Republican.” And in a January interview on CBS Face the Nation, Tea Party “darling” Michelle Bachmann tells host Harry Smith the Republicans and Tea Party members are sailing into the same harbor. MICHELLE BACHMANN: “I think we’re very - I think we’re fairly unified, but of course we won’t all necessarily be agreeing on everything, but I think you see a fairly cohesive group, we have a singularity of purpose in that we want to be able to get the budget in order.” But the conflicts over recent budget proposals might tell a different story. Republicans pushed for $61 billion in cuts from the budget -- and CNN’s Shannon Travis says -- the Tea Party is making it clear they want more. CAROL COSTELLO: Everybody is wondering whether the tea party is that influential. Is it safe to say it is?” SHANNON TRAVIS: “Yeah, it is safe to say they are, Carol. You may not even be hearing these kinds of numbers -- 60 billion and a hundred billion dollars were it not for the Tea Party. Remember, they were very influential in electing and flipping the House towards Republicans. They are saying, you know what, we helped you win. It's time for payback now.” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Mar 2011
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This is from May 2007 Runs 5:53
9 Oct 2010
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1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure ensured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Harry Leslie Smith's story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice.
18 Aug 2011
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Mike Mularkey is the new Jaguars head coach, so the Falcons are left with a vacancy at offensive coordinator. But with tools like Jones and White, the new OC will have plenty of tools in his toolbox.
13 Jan 2012
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Catherine Reitman breaks down "Men in Black III" starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones!
26 May 2012
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Harry Smith spoke with co-authors Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe about the "civil war" going on behind the scenes of the McCain-Palin campaign.*******www.bestmovies****23****
6 Nov 2009
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Actress Anna Kendrick spoke with Harry Smith about her new film "Up in the Air" where she stars opposite George Clooney.
5 Mar 2010
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy The Associated Press is reporting Katie Couric is leaving the CBS “Evening News” -- citing an unnamed executive. Couric replaced Dan Rather in 2006, becoming the first woman anchor to helm an evening newscast solo -- and at the time, she was the highest-paid television anchor with a $15 million annual salary. Despite lackluster ratings, she won the Edward R. Murrow Award for best newscast in 2008 and 2009. (Video: CBS) Rumors of Couric’s departure have been swirling for weeks, especially after this interview on The Late Show in March. DAVID LETTERMAN: “I didn’t realize that your contract is -- when, soon?” KATIE COURIC: “Yeah, it’s up in, on -- the beginning of June. June 4th, I think.” DAVID LETTERMAN: “No, so that means--” KATIE COURIC: “Yeah, can you believe it’s been five years, Dave?” DAVID LETTERMAN: “No, I can’t believe it. So that means that theoretically, you could actually leave the network? You can’t leave the network, can you?” (Katie laughs, crowd boos) KATIE COURIC: “I mean, I’m figuring out what I want to do, and I’m just sort of in the process of, you know, figuring out the future.” Reasons for the exit are unclear, as Couric’s spokesperson has refused to comment. Rumors include a desire to spend more time with her family -- and looking to fill an Oprah-sized hole in daytime TV – (Video: MSNBC) -- or, according to the New York Post, to find a job with diverse opportunities, something which Couric has already been experimenting with. “Trying to develop a presence outside the 22-minute evening newscast, she began producing shorts for the Web, interviews, notebook pieces and behind-the-scenes stories that appeared on cbsnews**** under the title Couric & Co. and on her own YouTube channel.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, Couric’s forays into social media have garnered significant interest from other news outlets. “Couric is also believed to be eyeing both a production company and a content deal with one of the major Web portals. According to one source, both AOL and Yahoo have expressed interest in partnering with Couric, a move that speaks to the growing need for these sites to differentiate themselves with original, premium content.” As far as her post at CBS Evening News, the Orlando Sentinel’s entertainment blog offers a few theories on who could be tapped to fill Couric’s seat. “CBS is looking at internal candidates - Harry Smith, Russ Mitchell and Scott Pelley have been mentioned - as well as considering candidates outside the network. Would Ann Curry be available?” CBS says the network is in quote- “ongoing discussions” with Couric, and though her contract is up June 4th, it’s unclear when she will actually leave. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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