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This video examines how in decades ago The United States was in a serious Race war, now we face another war of acceptance. Indiana is one of five states that does not have a hate crime law. This needs to end. Times are changing and so should laws and policies concerning people of a different sexual preferance.
4 Nov 2007
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A new anti-hate crime message from Mrs. Death. Look out for her other PSA's and messages around the web! Her overworked staff thanks you.
15 Dec 2007
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Anonymous: Since January 17, 2008, Anonymous, a group of cyber-terrorists hiding their identities behind masks and computer anonymity, has targeted the Scientology religion, its Churches, leaders and parishioners with hate speech and hate crimes.
9 Aug 2009
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We have been told that hate crime laws are on the rise in America. Is it true? 11 million crimes took place in 2006 but just over 9,000 of those were classified as hate crimes. What does that mean? Learn2Discern today. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Oct 2008
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Is islam hate crime free speech on youtube win or fail zomgitscriss dprjones censor banned religion intolerance fundamentalist muslims
24 Mar 2010
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BY YIQIAN ZHANG ANCHOR JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy. Caught on tape - two women violently beat another woman in a Baltimore County McDonald’s bathroom. "Two young woman, including a 14-year-old, are facing charges for allegedly kicking and punching the victim. A McDonald's employee and later a female customer tried to intervene. ... The restaurant issued a statement condemning the violence." A blogger for Pajamas Media wonders why the videographer didn’t help the victim. "That this video exists at all says quite a bit about where we are as a culture. The videographer does nothing at all to help the victim in any way... [He] not only passively records the scene, but later uploads it to the internet. What is his motivation for doing that?" The incident has received much media attention due to its racial aspects -- two black women beating up a white woman -- and a blogger for The American Thinker says, that should be the top issue in this story. "If the situation were reversed, the incident would have dominated news and entertainment media, all ponderously discussing race relations focusing on the 'pervasiveness of racism within American society.' But instead there is a lack of acknowledgement of the races involved, a nothing to see here, move along attitude." But a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle says this isn’t the first time a fight from McDonalds has gotten on the Internet -- and focusing on race oversimplifies the issue. "[T]hese problems in McDonald's restaurants happen regardless of race ... This is all in the hands of McDonald's Corporation. It must take action to train its employees and select workers based on some kind of evaluation system that makes this action not likely to occur." Eventually, reports came in revealing the woman identifies as transgender, which makes some wonder if it’s a hate crime. A spokeswoman for Equality Maryland tells the Baltimore Sun -- she thinks that’s the case. "It does appear that the victim was a transgender woman, and she was brutalized while people stood by and watched. There's no excuse for that violence under any circumstances, but we would encourage police to investigate as a hate crime." The Baltimore County police have charged one of the women, a 14-year-old, as a juvenile and charges against the other, an 18-year-old, are pending. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
26 Apr 2011
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Hate crime against Boer man in South Africa.
13 Sep 2017
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It's not funny to eat people, unless you are eating a clown :)
11 Sep 2007
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The OSCE has been discussing the increasing number of attacks on people from religious/ethnic minorities.
23 Dec 2007
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www.Anonymous-Exposed**** : To inform Anonymous members who may be unaware of the criminal acts committed by their leaders and to prevent others from being mislead by Anonymous propaganda, this video has been provided to share the facts.
27 Mar 2008
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Black mob beats up 2 Whites on city bus.
26 Jul 2008
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In April, two gay men were severely beaten and robbed in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. After an investigation, the police announced that the attacks were apparently not motivated by the gender preferences of the victims. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 May 2009
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