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sea angel looks like angel having wings and flying in water.. specially it is really cute and emit slight light appearing as blinking... that time it looks verry beutyfull......... i like it so much and amazed tooo....
16 Feb 2007
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just have fun
21 Feb 2007
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No matter what road you have traveled. No matter how far down you have gone. One simple truth. God loves you. The tune is Hide by Joy Williams. One simple thing...Jesus loves me. I read this little red book over twenty years ago. It changed my life. It is now available to read online at *******www.jesuslovesme****/newWeb/pages/jlmBook/main.html
19 Feb 2007
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The video shows an young lock-smith from delhi making a key for a Toyota, from scratch ;in less than 10 minutes !! I have added a step - wise text commentary . The video was shot in delhi last year when our hired-car lost it's key .
26 Feb 2007
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Have you ever had something stolen, a car broken into, or any of your personal property taken without your consent? When riding your motorcycle, is your skin protected from robbery if you leave your bike? Stay protected in race style with the Teknic Violator Leather Jacket. Don't be vulnerable - stay informed about your riding apparel options at www.ascycles**** (more)
28 Feb 2007
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Like the title says (:) ) "I have had enough of paying for stuff so i have found websites where you can get free stuff" OH plz rate it (be nice) and check my other vid's. thanks for your time
11 Mar 2007
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the biggest and nicest jump my freind have done
1 Mar 2007
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Herd of Horses running around and having a good time doing it. All the Horses in this video have been rescued from either abuse, abandonement, slaughter, neglect or life threatening injuries or illnesses.
7 Mar 2007
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Have you been cheated on before? If so, how did you deal with it? Participate in LonelyBloggers**** Question of the Day by commenting on our blog.
7 Mar 2007
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Me asking by McDonalds if the have MCspy (for
13 Mar 2007
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having fun
10 Mar 2007
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Mecho have a rest
18 Mar 2007
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Who is barnaby barns, have you seen him walking around London?
21 Mar 2007
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<P><A href="*******WatchAndGrowRich.blogspot****">*******WatchAndGrowRich.blogspot****</A></P> <P>You can have anything you want.<BR>Visualize what you most desire. <BR>Focus your mind upon it. <BR>Believe that you have it.</P> <P>and b r e a t h e . . .</P> <P><A href="*******WatchAndGrowRich.blogspot****">*******WatchAndGrowRich.blogspot****</A></P>
29 Mar 2007
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I was driving down the street to my apt and I saw this light reflecting on the street pole so I grabbed my camera and it turned out to be a ufo, I stop my car, film it, then drive 1 block to my apartment buildings you'll see ahead in the shot and this ufo was trolling the neighborhood. It saw me with the camera and then went around the neighbors house across the street, in their back yard and I got scared after I parked my car, and it came around I was fiddling with the camera because I was so freaked out, this thing at one point slow up and looked at me from behind a garage, this is not the best quality and I didn't have a lot of memory left and I was really in shock, so I tried to get everything but there was a moment where it actually peeped around the corner of the neighbors house looking at me, all things combined I started to panic so I went inside but this is what I caught on tape. For what it's worth. And no it wasn't a airplane, it was in my neighbors back yard and had lights like a airplane but different you can see them lighting up the street light pole and ground, this thing was small and it was WIERD looking, almost like it was trying to be disguised like a airplane but it looked like a footbal or something with bright colorful lights. Too many colors for a airplane though, I was scared, but at first I thought I was seeing things. Please just watch the
2 Apr 2007
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mong in pattaya have a problem
11 Apr 2007
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