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*******www.hcgweightloss**** Lose up to 20 pounds in 20 days with HCG diet. Learn how to deal With Hunger Pains and Cravings on the HCG Diet
28 Apr 2010
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HCG Diet for Dummies. You can do the HCG Diet at home. No need to pay ridiculous amounts to Weight Loss Clinics or Doctors *******www.hcg-injections****
30 Apr 2010
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Hello everybody, this is Adam from California. Just wanted to give you a quick video review, slash testimonial my recent order through PharmacyEscrow****. I guess, we’ll start from how I found out about them. Was kind of cruising around on YouTube and have across the user Mamaclock concerning the HCG diet and started watching her videos and kind of got inspired. I was around 260 lbs and wanted to do something to lose some weight, I started watching her videos and kind of got inspired and she recommended PharmacyEscrow**** to get my HCG. So, went straight to their site, mid February, February 13th to be exact on 2010 and ordered 5000 IU 3 ampules of HCG, the Organon brand and shipping was 16-20 days estimate and it got here in 17. So, they are dead on with shipping, so, 5 stars there. Another bonus was that or a plus is that they take Visa and the communication was outstanding. They were with me in email through the entire shipping process. After I received the HCG, you know, few weeks later, they were sending me emails remind me to refill, if I needed it. So, communication is great, customer service is outstanding. Just an update on me, I started the diet on March 8th of 2010 phase 2 and finished up on April 16th of 2010. So, that’s 40 days and I started 260 lbs and now ended in 220 lbs. So, I’m on phase 3 now for couple weeks and stabilized about 225 lbs where I want to be. Maybe wanna lose another 20 lbs, so, I will be ordering some more HCG through PharmacyEscrow****. The process was so simple. There’s no better place to get it, so, can’t recommend them highly enough. I have recommended them to multiple friends. I have at least 4 friends that have ordered through PharmacyEscrow and everyone of them have been pleased with the process. So, that’s my quick testimonial. Go to PharmacyEscrow**** and get your HCG and you won’t be disappointed. So, hope this video was helpful. Have a great day!
4 May 2010
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Austin hCG Diet weight loss program. Austin weight loss clinic works.
17 May 2010
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HCG *******HCGDietDrinks**** HCG Diet on Fox News. For more info *******www.HCGDietDrinks**** HCG Diet Drinks is a HCD Information, Education and Support website the also offers HCG Supplies.
25 May 2010
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*******www.hcgweightloss**** What is HCG diet protocol and how does it work. Learn more about HCG diet at HCGWeightLoss****
1 Jun 2010
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Hi, I ordered the 5000 IU HCG from Singapore pharmacy on PharmacyEscrow****. This is my first time ordering and I’d say it is a very high quality product. I lost 23 pounds and I wasn’t hungry at all and that’s what I would base it on. I placed the order in February; it took about a month to arrive. I didn’t use priority shipping. So, that seems to be pretty common though. A friend of mine recommended PharmacyEscrow**** to me who’s done the HCG diet and buys her HCG here and she told me that it would take a little while and so, I ordered early before I wanted to use it so it was fine. I found the website really easy to get around and easy to find what I wanted and place the order. It was laid out really well I thought and I was also impressed with how the products were packaged. I knew that I would be getting glass vials and that they were coming from Singapore. So, it came a long way but it was in a great shape when it arrived, it was very well packaged. And I also really liked the fact that I could login to the website and track my package to find out where it was and have an idea of when I might be getting it with just a couple of clicks.
2 Jun 2010
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Hi, I ordered HCG Pregnyl High Purity through Singapore pharmacy on March 19th. This was my third time ordering through PharmacyEscrow**** and it is very easy to order on the website, to find what you’re looking for and see what all the options for products are. I’ve never had a problem with it. I did have a question on this order and Live chat answered right away, was able to get my questions answered and complete my order. I placed the order, this time it came really fast; I placed it on March 19th, it shipped on the 22nd and I got it on the 29th. So, that was 10 days total from placing the order to receiving it. I was very happy with that, it was fast. I ordered the 2000 IU product and it was great. I did another successful round of the HCG diet and lost another 25 pounds and I will definitely order from Singapore pharmacy again with priority shipping.
2 Jun 2010
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Hey guys, Nick here again. This is a video for me to detail my experience with them, PharmacyEscrow. I’ve read Kevin Trudeau’s book ‘The Weight Loss Cure – TheyDon’t Want You to Know About’ and I have partook in the HCG diet and for the most part, all the information I was needed was in Kevin Trudeau’s book. I recommend that you go research other websites that tell you about the HCG diet. This is how you have a broad understanding of the diet but I was researching a place of where to buy the HCG and I had talked to someone who had previously done the HCG diet and he had recommended PharmacyEscrow**** and he told me three things that were true. He said Pharmacy Escrow has great customer service; it was true because when I came out of PharmacyEscrow****, they answered all my questions whether it would be through email or through live chat which you can also call to contact them but I didn’t do that. Two, the prices were cheap, and what you are getting from the HCG Diet and the little amount that you are paying is well worth it and the fact of the matter is Pharmacy Escrow is probably the cheapest place there is, it is the cheapest place I’ve found. I don’t know that it’s the cheapest place but it’s definitely the cheapest place I’ve found. And the third thing is, they told me what I like was the shipping since it’s coming from out of country, out of country from the United States. They told me a shipping date and it came at that shipping date or with a couple days of that within that timeframe and I appreciate that and any questions you have, they are always there to answer your questions. I’m sure you will have a couple when you’re going through their website. Another thing is that their website is really easy to navigate and there’s a lot of information about the HCG diet but it does work. I just had that in my mind that it does work. If you want to validate, there can be thousands of reports validating that it does not work but they have their biased information guys and where I’m coming across to you guys, I don’t care money wise about this. What I care about is the weight loss coming off and that’s why I wanted to make this video. Two things I wanted people to understand that the HCG diet does in fact work and that PharmacyEscrow is the place to buy it. Thanks guys and just the HCG Diet does work and PharmacyEscrow is the place to buy it.
24 Jul 2010
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I am now in phase 2 of the HCG diet drops. I lost 10.4 lbs in ten days in phase 1 the cleanse. I now have lost a total of 12 lbs, and I am thrilled. I am going to continue to do this for about 6 weeks.
27 Jul 2010
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*******www.KaySpears****/ 210.471.1127 Watch this video as I explain this new "quick fix" & the HCG dangers you MUST know about. Let's talk about HCG injections and the HCG diet in San Antonio. Common side effects from the injections include headaches, mood swings, depression, blood clots, confusion, and dizziness. Get Kay's Free CD on "Battling Disease through PH Balance" by going to her website at *******www.KaySpears****
30 Sep 2010
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*******hcgdietguide.bonuscb**** - How HCG Diet Works - How The HCG Diet Works - HCG Diet Maintenance Tired of not having an ideal healthy body to enjoy? NOW you can relax because your ultimate weight loss solution is here: Find out why fancy crash diets are unhealthy, why they always eventually fail, and why you don't need to waste time with them ever again Discover how an amazing scientific breakthrough on the cause of obesity has become the holy grail of weight loss Uncover the simplest and safest way to achieve your perfect body that the conventional weight loss industry doesn't want you to know Learn why people who lose weight fast inevitably pack it back on even faster and how science has overcome this problem forever *******hcgdietguide.bonuscb**** - How HCG Diet Works - How The HCG Diet Works - HCG Diet Maintenance
18 Nov 2010
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