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Hi there, I wanted to do a review on an order that I placed on August 31st 2009. I placed an order for 12 vials of HCG Pregnyl HIGH PURITY, the 5000 IU. As I said, I’ve placed it on August 31st and I think a record was placed because I got it 12 days later, calendar days not business days, which is amazing. It was such an amazing turnaround time, I bragged all my friends and they were shocked. I did do the priority shipping, I have done this in the past before but this time it was far beyond my expectations. So, it always takes about a month which was standard and to be expected, especially since it is coming from India. So, I was amazed that it showed up so quick and so I was able to start my first round. Total weight loss that I have done since think it was November 2008 is 110 pounds. I did two more rounds with the vials that I ordered back in August. You can tell this stuff was HIGH PURITY, I can tell the way it was coming off quicker than before. So, for each 4 week round, I lost around 25 pounds. I followed the protocol pretty closely. There was a couple days there that you know; maybe I had a little more challenges but in general I think the HIGH PURITY really helped out a lot, so I definitely recommend that. The order was easy to place, I did not have any problems at all, like I said, everything went super quick, I was amazed and I would give it 5 stars. Especially, since I have lost so much weight, I would totally recommend it. I am gonna place one more round, get back to my high school weight and that will be it for me. So, if you are considering trying it, just look at me and look some former videos and see how much bigger I was and I’d say I improved. So, good luck and you can do it. Thanks, bye!
7 Feb 2010
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Hello, my name is Lindsay from Utah and I am just doing a testimonial, a video review of PharmacyEscrow**** because I was so impressed with their service. I had researched buying the HCG Pregnyl online a lot. I had a few friends that ordered from different places and stumbled upon this site and was impressed with all the different video reviews and just all the positive feedbacks that they had just received from customers, so, decided to go with them. Navigating the site was very very easy and when I decided on buying the HCG HUCOG High Purity brand, I found it very very easy because they have a downloadable e-book, a Dr.Simeon’s ‘Pounds and Inches’ which was totally free and I really really was impressed with that because it helped me to understand more about the process of doing the diet. Ordering was very very easy, I encountered a problem with the payment and was called within the hour of ordering it and it was resolved fairly quickly. The Customer service representatives were very very nice which is hard to come by these days and the friendliness; they were extremely friendly and extremely helpful without being overly pushy, so, I was impressed with that also. They said that it would take about 14 days which it did, exactly 14 days to receive the product. I also ordered the 43 days mixing kit and that came very very fast, within 3 days; it had come a local place. So, I was very very impressed with that. The prices are competitive, they are the cheapest that I found for the quality of the product that I found online and I’ve lost 45 pounds so far using this HCG, so, I do know that it is a high quality wonderful product. I had issues with trying to understand how to mix it and they gave perfectly clear instructions online, they actually have a video that helps you on their website to be able to do that yourself which I loved. They have recipes and just a bunch of different options for help on their website when you order the HCG. So, very very very impressed with that. I am about to order again and I’ve had some of their customer service representatives call me and just kind of remind me which was good because I was actually, you know, I’ve two kids, so was busy a little bit but yea, so, I am going to order again. Actually, a friend that‘s going to order it with these guys this time. So, definitely would recommend it to anybody and I really love the service. 5 out of 5 stars. So, thanks again!
27 May 2010
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Hi, I’m here doing a video review of PharmacyEscrow and I just wanted to tell you my experience with them. I ordered HCG Pregnyl High Purity through the Singapore Pharmacy with Pharmacy Escrow a few weeks ago. This was my second time ordering, I was getting a refill and I found them very very easy as the first time I was about to order through the website. I had no problems finding what I needed of course; they had so many options available right there on their website. The first time I ordered, I did have some questions but PharmacyEscrow has the option of live chat where you could talk to Customer Service and they were able to get my questions answered very quickly and I could complete my order. I placed the order, I was very happy with that and it was fast. I ordered the 5000 IU product and it was great. Right now, I am currently still on my HCG diet and I’ve close to 20 pounds and I’m hoping it just keeps going to reach my goal. I would definitely order from Pharmacy Escrow again because you know, good service, medication was packed very well, it was fresh and I was happy with the quality. I would recommend to anyone and all I can say they are professional, wonderful, courteous and very helpful, very helpful. Good, good place to order the product from. So, PharmacyEscrow, keep doing what you’re doing.
17 Jul 2010
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HCG Pregnyl 5000 iu and 10000 iu real Injections are the boon for women who are seeking a fertility treatment due to their inability to conceive. Buy HCG Pregnyl Injections Online at GenericEPharmacy without prescription.
29 May 2017
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First of all id like to say if you are nervous about ordering prescriptions or medications online, don’t be nervous anymore because is absolutely amazing! I came here looking to order Pregnyl HCG, was a little confused on the size order that I needed and the live help was very helpful in having me get that settled and I was able to place my order very easily and finished my transaction and even later I decided that I needed to change that order and was able to get some help from the tech support who was extremely friendly and very helpful and made the transaction very easy for me. The payment online was extremely easy and the amount of time it took to get my purchase was a lot shorter than I anticipated it being so I was very pleased with that. The quality of the product so far has been absolutely amazing, I’ve had no trouble with it whatsoever, Im very pleased with the way everything has run so far and I plan to use for my future orders and I hope that you guys will find it as great as I did and out of a rating between 1 to 5 I would defiantly give this a 5. So defiantly use
29 Jan 2009
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People are burning fat and getting their bodies back in shape using this safe and simple HCG Diet, homeopathic diet drops program.
My name is Michelle Ellis and I started the HCG the 1st of November, I’ve done 3 rounds of about 23 days a piece and all together I’ve lost 13 pounds. I’ve been off of the HCG probably a month and a half now probably going on closer to 2 months and I have put back on about 4 pounds. All together I would say the HCG product is rated a 5. I do believe it really does work if you follow the guidelines properly. Each time I went off I really didn’t follow the eating protocol but then again I’ve only gained back the 4 pounds. I started the HCG because I have gone to the doctor to have my metabolism checked, nothing seems to be an issue but I have tried weight watchers I’ve done just about every type of diet I could and couldn’t drop any weight, now I have taught fitness classes for 12 years and the HCG was really kind of against my whole principle and what I believe in but I just kind of used it as a last resort and did see results with it so I truly believe that if it is a last resort for someone than you should go ahead and try it, upon physician approval of course. Did have a few issues, I’ve gone through 2 batches of the HCG and I will start my 3rd batch this next week. 1st batch no issues, 2nd batch started having a little bit of stinging, sometimes it wasn’t too bad, sometimes it was pretty sever stinging upon injecting. I did contact the company and they were very diligent about giving me a call back trying to find out the concerns and checking with the doctor and giving me a return call so I was very pleased with the customer service and the concern that they seemed to have, they did tell me to change out the needles which I did, still have the stinging so I’m hoping that maybe it was just kind of a fluke, don’t really know yet, will see when I start this 3rd round. Now if I still have the stinging than I really don’t think it’s a needle issue as much as HCG so you know again I still rate the product a 5, I think that it really works if this is a last resort for you. I did lose 13 pounds but I also continued doing exercising as well, I did not take that out of the equation because that’s what I do for a job, so anyway good luck I think it’s a great product if you choose to use it, and that’s all.
23 Sep 2009
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Hello, this was my first online pharmacy purchase and I was to say the least, a little bit hesitant about purchasing HCG online, however the only alternative was to purchase at our local pharmacy that would have cost us 4 times what we paid with Drug Delivery. The delivery time was 16 days just what Drug Delivery has stated when ordering. However the delivery time is 18 business days, not just 18 regular days. The tracking number that was given didn’t show up on the USPS tracking system until after the product had arrived so keep this in mind. The product arrived in a discreet package and was packaged well. I wondered about the quality of the product however after 1 week on the HCG diet my son and I have lost 15 pounds each, we will be re-ordering for our next cycle soon, thanks Drug Delivery.
22 Apr 2009
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This is Chad from North Carolina in the USA. Would like to give my recommendation, my seal of approval if you want call it that because my last order was HCG, I love their HCG, I love the deals on their HCG. I also ordered some Clomid for my medical condition. The Clomid, the quality of it was real good cause it pretty much has fixed everything that was not right. So take the chance or whatever, the prices are right and the shipping is really really fast. Have at it,
18 May 2009
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Hi, how are you doing today, just wanted to give a little shout for I have been on the HCG protocol since February is when I started, beginning of February and on my first round I lost 34 pounds and what a great victory in life it just feels so good. So now I’m on round 2 phase 2, I’m doing great I purchase my HCG from and I have heard nothing but great things about them on YouTube and different sites always seem to link there and haven’t had 1 bad story and I’ve just been really happy and I purchased some HCG for me and a friend of mine and its working just how it’s supposed too so it’s every bit as potent as the HCG that I received from my naturopath when I first started out with the naturopath so I’ve just got great things to say about them and hopefully this video will be a good testimonial. I’ve lost about 50 pounds and I’m real exited so have a great day, enjoy your summer, hopefully you will be thinner.
6 Jun 2009
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This is my testimonial for for our HCG product. When we first started order, thinking about ordering, we were kind of nervous and as we investigated we saw that DrugDelivery had a lot of good reviews so we thought we would try it and I and several friends all got together, we had a really large order and I was still kind of nervous because it takes a long to get something from Singapore! But when I got nervous I was able to go on the live chat and talk to the representatives and they continued to ensure me that the product would arrive when they said it would, and it did. So here we are about to place a brand new order of HCG another large order because of course we love the product and we love using so if you are thinking about ordering your HCG I would highly recommend you use
28 Jul 2009
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My name is Brandy and I am from Iowa. I am putting in a review for the Pregnyl HUCOG which I did purchase from the Indian Pharmacy. It was a 5 star rating for DrugDelivery. Very great company, great products. Placing my order was very easy; this is my second time placing an order online. All I had to do was simply go online, verify that my information was correct and click a button. So, very quick there, shipping nice thing about this time around was I could actually have my product shipped to my work for just having it shipped to home and have somebody wait here to sign for it. So, that was nice. Shipping costs $30 that is a little high. It does take 30 days approximately even with the fastest shipping, so that could be a little bit do a working on. I did find that the product of the price itself was actually very competitive with the other company. The reason that I have chose DrugDelivery is they do have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, great reviews. I actually recommended it to friends and family; even people I didn’t know that have come up and committed on how much weight I have lost and I have referred them to DrugDelivery as well. I did use it for weight loss. I have lost over 25 pounds and over 32 inches all around. So, product itself is very successful, very great quality products. Customer Service, the nice thing about DrugDelivery that I found differently treated from the other companies was they do have Online Chat. So, instead of having sit on hold and wait forever, you can actually get online and get quick responses with quick and accurate answers. Basically, DrugDelivery they have been a Godsend for me, they not only helped me improve my life but my health but also made me feel better about myself. Anybody that is looking to use this product, I recommend that you plans ahead, wait for it, it will come to you, get a little impatient but it will come. Good luck to you! Thank you.
18 Aug 2009
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I had a friend that told that me about DrugDelivery and I was skeptical at first. But I went to the website, found it very easily and from there, I found the drug I was looking for and had some questions about it. So, I went to the Chat Room and the people on the Chat Room were very good at their job, they made me feel comfortable and I ended up ordering and had been very happy about the whole process .I recommend it to anybody that wants to use it. They have several ways to ship; some were speedier than others and just to let you know that I am very happy about it. Thank you!
11 Sep 2009
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