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Hi, TJ terrific here and I wanted to share with you the viewer a little bit of PharmacyEscrow****. I have been using them now for almost a year and I am so satisfied with their overall ability to service the clients, getting the medications that I use. I used the HCG protocol in a sublingual form and I purchased numerous times with PharmacyEscrow**** and I cannot be any more happy with the quality of the medication and the excellent customer service that I’ve have received. I would recommend this company to anyone and I do. So, I have actually recommended several people to their website. You should definitely try it and let it work for you as well. I thank you for listening and I hope this helps you to feel more comfortable about ordering from a website. Thanks for watching, bye!
4 Jun 2010
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Hi everyone, my name is Cammie and I decided to do a review for PharmacyEscrow. I was a little bit nervous ordering my medication online as this is my first time doing it. I went on several different websites and I chose PharmacyEscrow for several reasons. First reason was, their website was the easiest to understand and use. A great thing that is unique to PharmacyEscrow is they do offer free shipping for life. This is great for people who need to order their medication monthly. When I was ordering, I had several questions; PharmacyEscrow**** offers Live Chat. I used the Live Chat and within 5 minutes, all my questions were answered and my nerves were put at ease. I ordered 5000 IU of HCG. I was starting the HCG diet. With my order, they also emailed a free copy of ‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr.Simeons which is very very valuable for people who are starting the HCG diet. It tells you everything you need to know about it, it also includes great recipes for you when you’re on this diet. So, I would strongly suggest ordering through PharmacyEscrow if you are on the HCG diet as well. They shipped my product out within 24 hours and within 2 weeks, it was at my door. It was tracked, it was updated, it was easy to understand and I would definitely definitely refer PharmacyEscrow to any friends and family that I have. So, if you are considering ordering, please try PharmacyEscrow. Thank you!
28 Aug 2010
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*******www.bodysculptmd****/ BodySculptMD , a reputed health and wellness center, focuses on health and wellness with measurable results. We specialize in longevity, weight loss diet and management programs, HCG protocol, metabolic typing diet, bio identical hormone replacement, skin rejuvenation treatments and more.
12 Jul 2011
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Close your eyes and take one moment to imagine what life would be like at your ideal weight. You are happy... healthy... full of can look in the mirror with confidence again! Shame and embarrassment of your body are things of the past... Life holds a new sense of purpose and vitality you thought was gone forever... You are YOU again. The person you were meant to be. The person you DESERVE to be. You no longer need to close your eyes. With our help, this can be YOUR reality. At PharmacyEscrow****, our HCG Diet coaches will ensure you achieve your weight loss goals in the quickest and safest way possible. We'll guide you through the process, giving you the advice and encouragement you need to succeed. We'll help you with everything from understanding things like mixing process, phases of the protocol, and sublingual dosing vs. Injections, to tips on allowed foods, loading, hunger issues, and more! We are here for you. There's no substitute for positive results, and when you utilize our coaching service, that's EXACTLY what you'll realize. Life is short; don't waste time with guess work or going at it alone. It's time to get serious and do things right. Let us help you take your life back; book a session with your own personal HCG coach today!
11 Nov 2009
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hCG Dieters here is the perfect drink. *******bci.goyoli**** It has vitamin, minerals, and live enzymes. It has no sugar, no preservatives, no pasteurization, no chemicals, no artificial colors at 10 calories or less.
4 Mar 2010
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HCG Diet Protocol HCGs Best Drink *******bci.goyoli**** HCG Dieters are running to Yoli as the best drink. HCG diet requires all natural and organic food. HCG Diet is amazed by Yoli Drinks.
5 Mar 2010
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I’ll tell you about my experience with PharmacyEscrow****. I ordered the HCG and HCG injection kits for my wife and I, it was my first order, it was fast, I got my injection kit within about a week and then I got the HCG within about 17 days which was about par for the course for what they had said. It was fast, it was easy. Few days after I placed my order, one of the PharmacyEscrow’s doctors actually called to verify my information. It’s quality, these are not ampules that I ordered, I ordered the HUCOG and 5000 IU forms. This is a 20 days’ supply HCG. The needles, syringes, everything was clean, came pre packaged altogether as promised and I am happy. I’m actually about to place another order and I would recommend PharmacyEscrow to anyone. The people, I had some questions before, I called and I got my questions answered. It was easy, they are all over the internet, made a few phone calls, read some reviews online about PharmacyEscrow, you never know about ordering on the internet, especially products of this nature. So, I wanted to double check and I’m happy, I’m ordering again and I promise, I’m not an actor as you may tell. I’m not; I’m a little uncomfortable doing a video review. This is my first video review of any product that I have ever purchased on the internet, so, but I thought enough of the product and the company to tell you that in my opinion, it’s a good deal and it’s a good company and the shipping was cool. I paid for the lifetime shipping, it was 99 bucks and I’m about to place my second and I’m not gonna pay a penny for shipping. So, hopefully this helps hopefully this gives you peace of mind so you can order your products whatever your using from PharmacyEscrow**** and know that it’s gonna be there safe, secure and you can trust them. So, good luck for whatever you’re doing and have a nice day. Thanks!
27 Apr 2010
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Hello, I’m Allen M. I started HCG about 6 months ago and I got online to research where I would buy it and I came up with a place called PharmacyEscrow. So, I got online, started researching them, seeing all the peoples reviews and stuff and I thought this was a joke. So anyway I went ahead took the chance and got it, well, ever since then, I’ve lost a total of 42 pounds; started out at 248 lbs and I’m just a little bit below 207 lbs. Anyway, you can only do the HCG injections for 45 days. After that, you need give your body rest between 3-4 weeks. So, anyway, I got online, I ordered it ‘Buy 2 Get 1 free’ you can buy all the items for it online through Pharmacy Escrow and they even have mixing instructions or if you need advice, you can get online on PharmacyEscrow and they can help you. So, anyway, I would just like to recommend this place to anyone out there who would need help losing weight to go through Pharmacy Escrow. They have a doctor online, they charge you a small fee less than $10 and you can get your prescription through them still and different companies you can get it from. It’s all same the stuff just different format of names. I would recommend talking to Pharmacy Escrow before you order and they can help you through it. Thank you very much.
17 Jul 2010
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Hi, I’m here doing a video review of PharmacyEscrow and I just wanted to tell you my experience with them. I ordered HCG Pregnyl High Purity through the Singapore Pharmacy with Pharmacy Escrow a few weeks ago. This was my second time ordering, I was getting a refill and I found them very very easy as the first time I was about to order through the website. I had no problems finding what I needed of course; they had so many options available right there on their website. The first time I ordered, I did have some questions but PharmacyEscrow has the option of live chat where you could talk to Customer Service and they were able to get my questions answered very quickly and I could complete my order. I placed the order, I was very happy with that and it was fast. I ordered the 5000 IU product and it was great. Right now, I am currently still on my HCG diet and I’ve close to 20 pounds and I’m hoping it just keeps going to reach my goal. I would definitely order from Pharmacy Escrow again because you know, good service, medication was packed very well, it was fresh and I was happy with the quality. I would recommend to anyone and all I can say they are professional, wonderful, courteous and very helpful, very helpful. Good, good place to order the product from. So, PharmacyEscrow, keep doing what you’re doing.
17 Jul 2010
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How are you doing guys, Nick here again. I wanted to make this video again to thank PharmacyEscrow for basically being a good, having great customer service and, my experience in trying to find the HCG. I talked about it in my previous video about how I found. First I wrote about HCG and its ability to help with weight loss and Kevin Trudeau’s book ‘The Weight Loss Cure – TheyDon’t Want You to Know About’. What I found with PharmacyEscrow, is it’s been the cheapest I found. They tell you when shipping, they tell you your shipping date and they will send it directly to you. There is a lot of information floating around about this HCG Diet and Pharmacy Escrow is a great resource in helping me to learn more about HCG and finally take, partaking the HCG Diet and the protocol. I know there is a lot of information floating around about this, about the HCG diet. There is a lot of pros and there is lot of negatives. Speaking to you as an honest and sincere kid, I have been telling you wholeheartedly that the HCG diet will work. It’s a matter of you putting what the HCG diet is into effect into your own life to see its results and I want to thank PharmacyEscrow for being good resource, for providing cheap prices, great customer service. One thing I like about PharmacyEscrow is they have a chat box, they have a place you can ask them questions, a little chat box, you can talk to PharmacyEscrow and they’ll give you, for the most part, they’ll answer all your questions and if they can’t answer a particular question, they can give you a resource that can. Just thank you, thank you PharmacyEscrow and to anyone out there who wants to buy HCG or whatever product, I can tell you wholeheartedly two things; PharmacyEscrow is a great service, their customer service is great, their way of service, the customer service is great, their prices are cheap, that’s actually three things but just get HCG, get the HCG from PharmacyEscrow. There a lot of providers, a lot of places, a lot of providers of the HCG. I went with the high purity Hucog, it’s a little more expensive but I thought why not try and just partake in the HCG Diet and Pharmacy Escrow is the place to get it, take care guys.
24 Jul 2010
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Hey guys, Nick here again. This is a video for me to detail my experience with them, PharmacyEscrow. I’ve read Kevin Trudeau’s book ‘The Weight Loss Cure – TheyDon’t Want You to Know About’ and I have partook in the HCG diet and for the most part, all the information I was needed was in Kevin Trudeau’s book. I recommend that you go research other websites that tell you about the HCG diet. This is how you have a broad understanding of the diet but I was researching a place of where to buy the HCG and I had talked to someone who had previously done the HCG diet and he had recommended PharmacyEscrow**** and he told me three things that were true. He said Pharmacy Escrow has great customer service; it was true because when I came out of PharmacyEscrow****, they answered all my questions whether it would be through email or through live chat which you can also call to contact them but I didn’t do that. Two, the prices were cheap, and what you are getting from the HCG Diet and the little amount that you are paying is well worth it and the fact of the matter is Pharmacy Escrow is probably the cheapest place there is, it is the cheapest place I’ve found. I don’t know that it’s the cheapest place but it’s definitely the cheapest place I’ve found. And the third thing is, they told me what I like was the shipping since it’s coming from out of country, out of country from the United States. They told me a shipping date and it came at that shipping date or with a couple days of that within that timeframe and I appreciate that and any questions you have, they are always there to answer your questions. I’m sure you will have a couple when you’re going through their website. Another thing is that their website is really easy to navigate and there’s a lot of information about the HCG diet but it does work. I just had that in my mind that it does work. If you want to validate, there can be thousands of reports validating that it does not work but they have their biased information guys and where I’m coming across to you guys, I don’t care money wise about this. What I care about is the weight loss coming off and that’s why I wanted to make this video. Two things I wanted people to understand that the HCG diet does in fact work and that PharmacyEscrow is the place to buy it. Thanks guys and just the HCG Diet does work and PharmacyEscrow is the place to buy it.
24 Jul 2010
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Hi, how are you doing today, just wanted to give a little shout for I have been on the HCG protocol since February is when I started, beginning of February and on my first round I lost 34 pounds and what a great victory in life it just feels so good. So now I’m on round 2 phase 2, I’m doing great I purchase my HCG from and I have heard nothing but great things about them on YouTube and different sites always seem to link there and haven’t had 1 bad story and I’ve just been really happy and I purchased some HCG for me and a friend of mine and its working just how it’s supposed too so it’s every bit as potent as the HCG that I received from my naturopath when I first started out with the naturopath so I’ve just got great things to say about them and hopefully this video will be a good testimonial. I’ve lost about 50 pounds and I’m real exited so have a great day, enjoy your summer, hopefully you will be thinner.
6 Jun 2009
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