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*******www.myhonestmechanic****/articles/blown-head-gasket-symptoms.shtml learn the secret to repairing a blown head gasket yourself with this inexpensive sealer.
18 Feb 2011
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lyric de Keep Your Head Down por DBSK (Musiqueasie) coreano (Kanji): Keep your head down U-Know time (Max) You know what time it is? This is return of the king (모두 끝나버렸다) 난 시작도 안 해봤는데 (헤어져 버렸다) 난 이유조차 못 듣고 주변 사람들 모두 하나같이 날보고 너 왜 그래 왜 그래 왜 그래 난 이미 나쁜 놈 (죄라면) 널 사랑한 게 죄라면 (그게 죄라면) 진실했다는 게 죄라면 (나는 Keep it low 나는 Keep it low) 난 참아내고 내 자릴 지켜 (Keep your head down) 넌 정말 예쁘지만 너무 다른 너의 속이 난 너무 두려워 (Keep your head down) 사랑했다 하지만 난 이제 널 놓겠다 (왜?) 날 그렇게 쉽게 떠났니 (왜?) 내가 쉬워 보였던 거니 (왜?) 내 가슴은 찢어지잖아 (왜?) (왜?) 모두 한순간의 꿈이었다면 (왜?) 바로잡을 시간이 있었다면 (왜?) 제발 네가 행복하길 바랬다 (왜?) 나 언제나 언제나 너를 가진 걸로 충분했고 세상이 뭐래도 같은 꿈을 꿔서 행복했고 지금은 널 보내게 됐지만 어차피 내 길을 갈 뿐이고 (Now I'm just chillin', Feel like I'm healing) (늦어버렸다) 넌 다시 돌아갈 수 없단다 (네가 없다면) 난 무너질 거라 믿겠지 예전부터 넌 그건 착각이라고 내가 왜 그래 왜 그래 왜 그래 널 타일렀잖아 Hey 난 정말, 정말 슬펐다 철이 없던 네가 혹시라도 나쁜 사람 만날까 Why? baby (Keep your head down) 넌 정말 예뻐 근데 그뿐이야 네 가슴에 중요한 게 없는걸 (Keep your head down) 사랑의 아픔을 참는 가슴에 못 박고 (왜?) 날 그렇게 쉽게 떠났니 (왜?) 내가 쉬워 보였던 거니 (왜?) 내 가슴은 찢어지잖아 (왜?) (왜?) 모두 한순간의 꿈이었다면 (왜?) 바로잡을 시간이 있었다면 (왜?) 제발 네가 행복하길 바랬다 (왜?) 하, 그렇게 너 사람 갖고 장난, 장난 치지 마라 내 앞에선 요래조래 거짓말만을 늘어놓고 누가 봐도 누가 봐도 넌 정말 이중적이야 (왜왜왜) 수정 같던 마음들이 언제 그렇게 탁해졌니 사랑을 끝냈다 널 보낸 가슴이 텅 비워졌다 하지만 내 미래는 마치 일어나서 웃으라고 손짓한다 너를 보낸다 정말 행복하게 살아 (왜왜왜) 먼 훗날에 먼 훗날에 그냥 편하게 웃고 싶다 하하 (왜?) 왜 (왜?) (왜?) 사랑을 그렇게 쉽게 놔버리는 너를 (왜?) 누군가 걱정할 거란 생각은 해봤나 (왜?) 네가 놔 버린 게 너는 뭔지 (왜?) 아직 모르는 것 같아 (왜?) 그대로 머물러 나를 지켜봐 (왜?) Yeah- (Keep your head down) 지워졌다, 사라졌다 내 가슴에 네가 죽어 모두 타버렸다 (Keep your head down) 지워졌다, 사라졌다 내 가슴에 네가 죽어 너는 이제 없다
18 Feb 2011
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"Shavin' Ain't Easy" Well... here's the proof! I've shaved my head for cancer, and couldn't be more proud of the support I've received. Y'all have helped me raise a grand total of $2190.00 for the Reach for a Cure fundraising event to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society. The money raised from this event helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives. Yes, yes, I do look pretty nasty... I do have the ugliest hairline known to man... (V for eh hem, "Victory") But it was worth it. The generosity and support I received during this process is truly humbling. Thanks again, Tung p.s. "Does anyone have a picture of the pope?".
23 Feb 2011
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*******www.ridlicenow****/ - Advanced procedures are now available allowing you to learn how to get rid of head lice easily. You don’t have to face the problem of side effects even. Realize soft and shiny hairs. Additionally, there are hair care tips available allowing you to learn how to keep your scalp cool and hairs free from dandruff.
24 Feb 2011
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★★★★★Featured Pick★★★★★ David Spates shaves his head. Check out his many other sketch comedy and vlog videos at ***********/LaughAndPeeALittle Many more videos on the way! shout outs to: MiddleDistanceProduc ***********/MiddleDistanceProduc TheCreativeJournal ***********/TheCreativeJournal Coolio1991RE ***********/Coolio1991RE Check Out David's Sketch Comedy Videos Playlist at: ***********/view_play_list?p=A56426A3D7BBCF38 Check Out his Vlog videos playlist at: ***********/view_play_list?p=6B317E5C7766C829 Check out his "Dear Dave" videos playlist at : ***********/user/laughandpeealittle#grid/user/03E667198707F1F6 Add David on these other sites *******www.facebook****/davidspates?ref=name#!/pages/David-Spates-The-Actor-Official-Page/160612050617245 *******twitter****/DavidSpates *******myspace****/DavidSpates *******blogtv****/people/Davidspates *******tagged****/DavidSpates *******youtube****/LaughAndPeeAlittle Chris The Crackhead & Cockblocking T-shirts at *******www.SnickerTees**** Other Merchandise at *******www.CafePress****/DavidSpates
25 Feb 2011
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A handmade two seat flat head custom Rod
7 Mar 2011
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The Head and the Heart on Sub Pop: *******www.subpop****/artists/the_head_and_the_heart
8 Mar 2011
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*******www.ridlicenow****/ - Dealing with the problem of head lice must have been affecting you a lot, personally. This is a problem commonly faced by many people these days. There are several reasons for this like inadequate diet, heredity issues and improper lifestyle. Taking precautions to get rid of head lice on time is the best available solution.
30 Mar 2011
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The Head and the Heart on Sub Pop *******www.subpop****/artists/the_head_and_the_heart "Rivers and Roads" as performed by Charity, Josiah & Jonathan of The Head and the Heart - shot in late winter 2011 by Ryan Mcmackin
14 Apr 2011
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*******TheWebVideoAcademy****/blog Are you getting in front of the camera yet? Making videos with your face? Do you know how to make a talking head video? Here are some simple tips to make videos with YOUR face, starting TODAY. For more practical video making tips stop by *******thewebvideoacademy****/blog
19 Apr 2011
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*******www.fixedshowerheads****/ Help to make your daily bathing a much better experience and a more fulfilling one with fixed shower heads set up in your very own bathroom
27 Apr 2011
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*******heavenlyheadmassage**** - Heavenly Head Massage is pure upper body work for shoulders, neck, head and face. It combines bodywork with energy work to produce a truly heavenly effect for both mind and body. Homestudy course is available.
29 Apr 2011
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******* 800.635.1559 A beautiful Oceanfront home in Nags Head has spectacular ocean views! Lovely furnishings and all the amenities for a fun filled vacation for your family. 8 Bedrooms, 8 full baths, 1 half bath, sleeps 18. Nothing has been overlooked! Private Pool (heated option available) – Sheets and towels provided – Gas Fireplace – Elevator – Rec Room – Pool Table – Hot Tub – Cabana Bar- YMCA membership- 2 Charcoal grills – Basketball Goal - Boardwalk to Beach. For more information or to reserve Beach Baby please call 800.635.1559 or visit: *******www.beachrealtync****/rental/house.html?ID=120
30 Apr 2011
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From April 22nd till the 24th the second Head Jib Factory by Alex Tank went down at Oberjoch, Germany. It was all about having fun and BBQ. Check out the clip of this super nice session!
2 May 2011
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The videoclip of the first single taken from Bona Head's first solo album "Colours Doors Planet" (2011 NoizeLab Studio / iMusician Digital Distribution)! Produced by "Saura Production" (Brescia - ITALY) *******www.wix****/bonahead/bona-head *******www.facebook****/BonaHead *******www.reverbnation****/bonahead
10 May 2011
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The awesome beaches of Burleigh Heads, here in the Gold Coast of Australia. This is our view from the office where we create the best graphic design work in Australia, all while watching the waves roll in.
11 May 2011
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