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This is a simple, easy "hack" that saves you from spending money on those cheap headsets on airplanes and allows you to use your own headset from home for free! It's a short video, I hope you find it helpful. I've only tried this on Continental Airlines. I made the music using Apple Soundtrack.
26 Mar 2007
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Fine-tune your audio senses with the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, co-developed with world gaming champion Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. Sleek, black and with a streak of fiery red, equip yourself with a world-class gaming arsenal that gives you the edge above all others. From the generous head padding to the enclosed plush ear cups, your gaming sessions just became a whole lot more comfortable. At the heart of this gaming headset are two large 40mm Neodymium drivers for realistic explosions and piercing gunfire. And as what you hear is just as important as what you say, the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset boasts a flexible and detachable noise-canceling microphone boom that allows it to be used as a regular pair of headphones. With the in-line volume control, you can easily control your sound level or mute the microphone.
3 Oct 2007
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Taunt your opponents. Coordinate teammates. Issue commands. With the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset, the full power of voice is now in your control. You won't believe the comfort, convenience, and quality, especially during intense online battles.
4 Oct 2007
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Hannah Montana Secret Rock Star Headset Toy Overview * Sing along to "Who Said," "Best of Both Worlds," and "This is the Life" Hear your fans cheer for you!* Play music from your MP3 Player (sold seperately)!* Requires 4 AAA batteries (included).
12 Oct 2007
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Giving people the Respect they deserve, which can be as easy as paying attention to the words they are saying. It gets complicated when someone is wearing Sunglass or even a bluetooth ear headset. Maybe its time to remove all that impedes you
20 Nov 2007
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These are really interesting looking bluetooth headsets from CellPoint****
6 Jan 2008
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Remember Lando Calrissian’s aide in Empire Strike’s Back? Check out these new bluetooth headsets by Genius with control buttons on the ear pieces!
12 Jan 2008
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i found a way to make a headset for windows
15 Feb 2008
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Bose Headset Showcase
7 Mar 2008
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*******www.jimkukral****. On today's Daily Flip I talk about my new geeky Sennheiser headphones, which are a headset actually. I also talk about how I use YouTube to find tips for how to use software. There's also discussion about the network I'm involved in. If you're an Internet geek like I am, check it out.
13 Mar 2008
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Jim Kukral of ******* reviews the Sennheiser PC 166 USB Stereo Multimedia Gaming Headset.
28 Mar 2008
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Vorstellung des Terratec Headset Master 5.1 USB. mehr unter *******
7 May 2008
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Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent, you'll NEVER have to deal with those frustrating static phone calls and loss of signal. Even better - with your Hands Free, you can talk safely while in the car. Enjoy true-freedom of speech anywhere you go. Why buy an ordinary Bluetooth headset when you can get the latest Alcatel-Lucent for a fraction of the retail price?
29 Apr 2008
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FREE mp3 at: *******www.rhettandlink****/bluetooth Lyrics: in the year 2043 the lord of the cyborgs will open the small glass case, gaining access to the purple button. (it’s kinda like the red button on deal or no deal, except it’s purple) this purple button, when pressed, grants utter global domination to the presser. how depressing. how could this even be possible? it will be possible due to the proliferation of bluetooth headsets. place device on side of head ask no questions--do as I said wrap around ear--no it goes the other way so central command can hear what you say I mean your friends...and family members. it’s small, it’s cool, all your friends have it. the perfect addition to your cell phone habit. change a tire and talk, whatever you choose as your mom describes her Alaskan cruise or tells you that your uncle passed away deepest condolences but what you don’t know what they don’t tell you.. is that every bluetooth headset that get’s bought and affixed to someone’s ear means one more victim of the plan that will unfold in the year 2043--the lord of the cyborgs does his dirty deed pressing the purple button ‘neath the glass case and via cell phone towers, controls the human race take your post in a public place speak loudly; stare into space if you ever hold a phone to your face again a microscopic blade will blend your brain
13 May 2008
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