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Healthy you, Healthy Love, is written by Nadine Piat-Niski, an international expert in love, breakup recovery and healthy relationships. Nadine offers powerful and easy to read tips and strategies that will greatly assist you in your pursuit to have intimate and connected love. This fantastic book is to the point, insightful and practical. You will learn a no fuss approach to all relationships.
Find out what makes a tanning bed either health promoting or cancer causing and how you can locate the healthy tanning beds.
30 May 2008
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Perfect hair, cute clothes, healthy tans—life’s a breeze when you’re a witch! Even special witchcraft classes Rachel agrees to attend with Miri turn out to be fun. The sisters meet other teen witches just like them—who knew? Everyone’s preparing for a magical party called a Samsorta—a debutante ball for witches. And it wouldn’t be a ball without warlocks. Cute ones. Like Adam, who wants to slow dance with Rachel, and ski with her in the Rockies—on a school night! Of course, Rachel is madly in love with her boyfriend, Raf. So why can’t she bring herself to tell Adam—funny, charming Adam—that Raf exists? Rachel knows Raf likes her. Maybe even, gulp, loves her. But Raf doesn’t know her secret. Unlike Adam, Raf doesn’t know who she really is. And she can never tell him. Or can she?
20 Dec 2008
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Summer may be behind us, but the effects it has on our skin are not. The summer sun accelerates the photoaging process, meaning a "healthy tan" is really a sign of sun damage. Dr. David E. Bank tells us that anti-aging is a year-round commitment and there are three key tips to achieving and maintaining younger, healthier looking skin. Tip #1 Avoid Direct Sunlight The first step in preventing photoaging is to avoid direct sunlight, particularly during peak hours. Tip #2 Daily use of an SPF of at least 15 Because not all exposure can be avoided, daily use of an SPF of at least 15 is an essential step for protecting your skin from the sun’s aging rays. Be sure to select a broadspectrum formula that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Tip #3 Look for Products with Active Ingredients Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C or E, Green Tea or Grape Seed extract may have a synergistic effect when used with sunscreens. There are many anti-aging procedures and treatments available to fight the signs of photodamage. For an effective topical treatment, Dr. Bank likes to prescribe Renova because it's clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles when used as part of a comprehensive skin care regimen. It's also been shown to increase pro-collagen. The new pump dispenser provides users with the exact indicated amount of product, which gives patients a great value and helps to achieve optimal results.
9 Dec 2009
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Erin Weldon FAKE IT! Spray Tans shows you the safe and effective way to keep a healthy tan year round!
24 May 2010
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Today Insiders Health TV reveals the secret of getting a healthy glow without the sun… eat fruits and vegetables! A recent study found that you can derive a healthy tan look or glow from carotenoids found in some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Also, is your bank the #1 public health menace? Research reveals a surprising source of germs rivaling public toilets.
27 Jan 2011
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