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This is my personal experience about how eating Xocai healthy chocolate helped me lower my blood glucose level and improve the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm not saying that Xocai is a cure for CFS or diabetes. Everyone's body reacts differently to certain things. Mine happened to have a very positive result. My claims and shared experience is in no way attributed to MXI Corp. and I take full responsibility for my own story. For more information on the health benefits of Xocai, check out *******www.thinkxocai.blogspot****. Or to learn about building your own Xocai business, visit *******www.thinkxocai****
4 Sep 2008
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8 Sep 2008
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Healthy Water is Kangen Water!!!This an interview with Mike Petrucelli at The Water Store in Palm Desert, California part 3 about the business side of becoming a distributor. For more info,
12 Sep 2008
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Vegetarianism A Noble Way of Living - Episode 355, Healthy Tomato Soup, Air date: September 4, 2007 (VEG - 20070904)
7 Oct 2008
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28 Oct 2008
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*******www.mindandbodytuneup****/index_postcard.html Now is no time to cut out nutritious foods and in this video Gregory Anne Cox (chef, nutritionist and certified coach) gives you tips on what not to leave out of your shopping cart. Stressful times require extra support to maintain health. Get your free Mind and Body Tune Up Tips at *******www.mindandbodytuneup****/index_postcard.html. For all a woman needs to stay fit, healthy, happy and sane at midlife, go *******www.midlifewithavengeance****
31 Oct 2008
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Coach Angela of www.HomeschoolFitnessCoach**** shows how to choose a healthy meal at a popular restaurant chain, TGI Fridays.
31 Oct 2008
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Happy Halloween *******tinyurl****/5wpvz7 Choose healthy Halloween candy this year with our calorie minute diet tips.
1 Nov 2008
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*******www.MyPrivateClassroom**** - Rick Brown - Are you struggling with your Healthy Pet Net Biz? Maybe Trilogy or another MLM, or network marketing company? MyPrivateClassroom offers real social media marketing training for real people.
3 Nov 2008
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If it’s even possible to imagine, the pressure on girls to be thin and beautiful is getting worse. Their lives are awash in celebrity body bashing and impossible standards of beauty. Parents need to help nurture a healthy body image in girls. Here’s advice on how to do it from Carol Weston, advice columnist for Girls' Life magazine and the author of several books on and for girls.
26 Nov 2008
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In an effort of sportsmanship, the chicken is given a chance to make a run for it, or wind up as a Healthy Meal Delivered to someones dinner table.
6 Nov 2008
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Jacquie Dale of Real Nutrition talks about healthy snacks *******www.gloss***.nz
13 Nov 2008
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