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Ever wondered how heavy your car was? Check this clip out.
29 May 2007
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نشاهد في هذا الفيديو طريقة نقل المعدات والالات الثقيله والضخمه من مكان الى اخر WATCH HOW THEY TRANSPORT THE BIGGEST & HEAVY EQUIPMENT
10 Jan 2017
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My Brother went crazy driving his new car. drifting with BMW 520I is really mad it's too heavy. cars drifting requires really smooth lite car.
3 Dec 2007
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12 Nov 2009
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The best way to get to know the city you live in is to travel around. In a city like Bucharest, foreigners have a lot to see and many places to visit. The local authorities have made this easier by providing cheap and efficient public transport network system. With its 170 bus lines, 2800 stops serviced also by trams and trolleybuses, the Bucharest public transport is among the busiest in Europe. It carries nearly 2 million people daily. Bucharest has a well developed underground transport as well. The four metro lines connect the most populous and distant areas with the city center, thus easing the large boulevards of the heavy car traffic. Most public transport vehicles are also adapted for people with special needs. Be a part of our Bucharest expat community on facebook: *******www.facebook****/ To learn about our services, visit our website: *******www.moveoneinc**** Move One is dedicated to providing seamless services for all aspects of international relocation. We offer door to door moving, fine art shipping, pet transportation and personalized relocation assistance (including but not limited to home search, school search, settling-in and immigration services) For interesting news from the industry, visit our blog: *******www.moveoneinc****/blog/ If you are an expatriate, you will definitely find our city guide videos *******www.moveoneinc****/city-guide interesting.
9 Jun 2011
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5 Jun 2013
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