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30 Nov 2017
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old heavybag vid
19 Dec 2019
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duran and benn take to the ring for a glorified sparring session, also footage of durans footwork and on the bag near the end.. enjoy
9 Feb 2009
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Me on my heavybag/ floor to ceiling bag and pads at the gym
8 Sep 2008
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*******johnsifferman**** Visit my site for strength training tips, exercise demos, and workout routines for fitness training, home fitness and more. joint mobility: Arm swings, elbow clovers, arm screws, arm waves, thorax clovers, spine circles, tai chi twist, leg infinities. strength exercises: squat creep, shin twist, shin roll, shinbox switch, triangle squat, 45 lb clubbell cleans to shoulder park, long leg creep, quad squats, springing tripods, dumbbell swings, elevated scorpion to lateral lunge switch, dragon twisting, sandbag front squats, super slow spinal rock (breathing core/ab exercise), spinal rock variations, alligator walk, 15lb clubbell hammer swings, caterpillar exercise, pistol to spinal rock, leg swoop, walking lunge, double clubbell swipes 15lbers, handstand walking, 100lb heavybag runs at shoulder park, 15lb clubbell mills, 200 lb tractor tire flips, heavy bag runs 2, leg swoop AKA waterglider, clubbell mills 2, pushups, 15lb lateral clubbell swings, keg snatch throw. compensations: spinal twisting, upward dog, bits of forest flow (prasara yoga), shinbox switch. Song: Come On Artist: Andy Hunt Album: Life
25 Sep 2008
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*******www.punchingbagsplus****/heavybags We’re not just interested in promoting products, we’re sharing the joy of each uppercut and hook the best way we know how. We enjoy every workout and training session of our punching bags, and we sincerely hope that you do too. Are you ready for a different kind of work out?
16 Dec 2011
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