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16 Oct 2007
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Are you new to using Micro RC Helis? Here's a short video on tips for beginners. How the battery type you select affects your flying. How to sync your RC Heli with a transmitter. How to set your trim. Happy flying! For more information, visit *******www.BigDogHobbies****
22 May 2012
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Camera shutter speed getting in sync with the rotating helicopter blades makes it look like the helicopter is just floating around.
10 Aug 2019
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Low rotaing blades....reminds me of happy tree friends..
18 Oct 2006
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Fun fly Blade CX2 RC Helicopter flown in June 2007
12 Jun 2007
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The BladeRunner II indoor electric helicopter uses ITC's patented ground-breaking technology and is a whole generation ahead of competitors. Super long flight times of upto 15 minutes are possbile due to an onbaord high-tech LiPo Battery, a blazing search light and blinking navigation light allow for flights in the cover of darkness.
9 Aug 2007
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I used 3 batteries of hovering to do this, so hence the cut.I will attempt to catch the fish on the next video on one battery so it wont have to be cut.That said, I still risked my E-Flite Blade 400 for some entertainment for you folks which most found entertaining.I doubt most others would risk their $450 heli just to hover over the water, let alone dangle a line! This scenario shows it may be possible to use the Helicopter for fishing, however it would be expensive fish.It is always terribly windy here, so on this calm day, those simple waves in the water was of no concern to a sunfish!It also helps to have lots of fish, like in our Sand Pit Pond where they bite on hooks with no bait! Actually I used fish eggs and the hook 24" from the bobber.***Caution from past experience***If the Tail rotor hits the water even slightly, it will immediately cause a crash.Big fish can drain batteries fast. It takes and hour to charge between flights of only 6 minutes, so this could be a long process to catch a fish.Sunfish are not big fighters.Fly easy and thanks for watching. I hope you found this entertaining.Be sure to subscribe for more unique stuff from Mr. Herbert's Science Class,and yes, I'm going to try it again, so stay tuned.
8 Jul 2008
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Simple hovering and maneuvering practice, nothing special, which in my book is good, no real crashes! Wind was a bit heavy for the CX2, but all in all a good little set of flights. *******www.hoverandsmile****
13 Sep 2009
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a flight by cameron of the blade msr
22 May 2011
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Everything else aside, that has got to be the biggest ceiling fan ever. Damn, that is huge.
20 Sep 2019
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Watch this dude threatening his mum and his younger brother with a helicopter blade.... never ever touch my stuff again....
20 Sep 2006
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*******www.invisiblehSHIELD**** The invisibleSHIELD™ is a polyurethane film originally used by the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. It is now designed to protect gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPod from scratches.
14 Mar 2008
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