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Really called the David Blain switch, spectators like "Hellacious Ham Sanwich" Enjoy!
18 Aug 2008
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Check The Whipdog out in a hellacious 3-way dance for BWCW!!!
23 Oct 2008
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What happens when a young elven hero goes on a hellacious drug binge and high tails it out into the desert? In part two, "Sometimes I Feel Like This:", an animated short by Eric Henry.
13 Mar 2008
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While my wife was in the hospital, I took a rug with me back and forth to work on while on the CTA. One day I made the mistake of leaving it in "Savi land" and she decided the needle was a chew toy. I got it back, but forgot to put it with the rug. BIG MISTAKE. We show up for her follow up apt. after discharge and... no needle. Initially I tried using a key, but the head of the key was just too fat to fit through. Then frustration and ingenuity came together, and I cut up one of my discount key fobs, and it worked. It wasn't ideal- it was a bit shorter than I'm used to, and I was always worried about giving myself a hellacious papercut, but it worked! I love the "make do with what you have on hand" aspect of this craft!
6 Sep 2009
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The demons are taking over the city! Big Scott and his rat pack of demons know their the epitome of cool. The Scream Team's many varied foam latex appliances are perfect to create the penultimate demon. The Scream Team's designs include: Hellacious, Jester, Nefarious, Dark Prince, and Brute. Each of these designs are awesome on men or women. When you want movie quality foam latex appliances, The Scream Team is where it's at! Check more out at *******www.screamteam****
5 Oct 2010
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In 1846, Atlanta was in the charter; and in 1847, it was recognized by the state legislator. Retired Officer George A. Logan tells the true story behind the beginning of Atlanta as he brings forth a historical documentary, The First Eight. This book contains some of the most hellacious, cold-blooded yet heartwarming, and humanistic facts about Atlanta ever to be revealed. It talks of the infamous “Zero Mile Post” that was hammered into the ground less than fifty yards from Old Decatur Stage Road, now known as Decatur Street, which marked the beginning of Atlanta. It also tells of love, sex, political corruption, and racial unrest that has played a significant part of this place’s history. Unlike most books that start with a pen, pencil, or typewriter, The First Eight starts with rocks, guts, disillusions, humanity, and most of all, reality.
2 Aug 2011
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