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Champs Helmets industry-leading visor technology is breaking every conceived notion of what a custom visor can do to make your helmet look as bad-ass as it can get.
Why you should wear a helmet
23 Apr 2006
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Kids, here is the reason you should always wear a helmet when you are skating, even if you are a master skater and stunt artist.
16 May 2006
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A helmet cam catches the motorcycle in front of it crashing.
15 Aug 2006
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Mountain bike Wheelies and Trails taped with a helmet cam and edited in Adobe Premier Pro
8 Nov 2006
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I bought this wireless helmet cam for motocross but i got a broken ankle and i wanted to test it out so i strapped it to my RC car and and played around a little. Car could rip fast but i wouldnt wanna be the one to go after it if it stalls with my broken leg haha!
5 Dec 2006
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ton's of crashes and helmet cam footage set to Metallica's "Whiplash"
9 Jan 2007
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Video that showes the way of testing the moto helmets
30 Jan 2007
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always wear a helmet
12 Feb 2007
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How to make your own rough and ready headcam/helmet cam for shooting videos at work. I neglected to mention one important thing in the video. Look closely at the slot that I made in the hard hat. Near the front, I made a notch on both sides, about a half inch long from front to back, and just a teeny bit wider than the camera mounting plate. This is needed in order to be able to slide the plate into the slot in the hard hat. IMPORTANT NOTE: I've just been informed by the Thought Police (ie: my wife) that I should not have used the words 'quick and dirty' as part of the title, as it doesn't sound good. Not too sure just why, but maybe the word 'dirty' sounds dirty. But what do you expect from a guy that digs in the dirt all day and then drives a garbage truck on the weekends? ...or maybe it's the word 'head'... don't know... maybe she thinks that 'head cam' sounds like 'head' cam, or maybe it's all the words together 'quick and dirty head',(though one would think that it might be a bit strange using a hard hat for that purpose, though I would suggest it be properly coordinated with a high vis vest). So I hereby am instituting a new policy. From now on, you will be required to ignore the words 'quick and dirty' and 'head' in the title (Sorry, but I'm just not into retitling the vid just now). Instead, you must now refer to the video as the 'FAST, SIMPLE, BUT A BIT UNCLEAN NOGGIN CAM' video. Sorry folks, but rules are rules! One last thing: If you do end up trying to make a noggin cam as per this video, I'd be very much interested to hear about it. And of course your comments are heartily invited.
18 Mar 2007
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WaDaYa Think PRO Sport Helmet waDaYaThink kid crafts, KIDS ARTS, art kids
7 Apr 2007
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In most states, motorcycle helmets are required by law, and any serious motorcyclist understands the importance of the safety helmets provide. However, not all helmets offer the same protection or are even designed for the same type of riding environment. Which helmet is right for you? For more information about motorcycle helmets cut and paste the following link into your browser: www.ascycles**** and search "helmets".
1 May 2007
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Customized Motorcycle Helmet done with Spray Paint and stenciled Graphic and Owners Nickname, in just a few minutes.
25 Jul 2007
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Chatterbox X1 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communicator Annual Events/Gallery *******www.motorhelmets****/gallery website *******www.motorhelmets****
30 Jul 2007
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First trial run with new helmet camera
7 Aug 2007
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