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For over 160 years Elwyn has been helping children and adults with disabilities. Elwyn started as a school in Philadelphia, PA for children with intellectual disabilities but has grown to include services for adults. They have locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and California. This non-profit organization depends on the generous support of individuals. There are many different ways you can help Elwyn. To lean more about ways you can call 610-891-2000 today.
12 Apr 2017
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Help your child cope with stress and deal with emotions. They deserve to be happy! Get your Anxiety Levels Analyzed for free at *******www.AnxietyFreeToday****/Analysis More videos at ***********/profile_videos?user=cavideomarketing&p=r
29 Jul 2008
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Children at Baan mai lai Kindergarten Center need your help to contribute in their basic need such as rice cooking equipment, thai alphabet books, medicines, children mattress, blanket and stainless cups. There are five students have health problems such as valvular heart disease, epilepsy and Thalassemia. Song credit : Thanks to Jackie DeShannon
9 Jul 2010
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*******causecast****/music Marie Digby on using YouTube to boost her music career and helping children through The Generation Project. For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to *******causecast****/music
13 Mar 2010
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UNICEF correspondent Simon Ingram reports on efforts to help children overcome language barriers in Lao PDR.
7 Apr 2010
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Parenting: Helping Children Deal with a Newborn - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Helping Children Deal with a Newborn They way you talk about the new baby has everything to do with how the child receive this experience. You want to talk about what would you like to do when your baby comes, you sort of want to put things in the child's hand rather than say,We have to treat the baby really gently when it comes. Trust the child to rise to the surface and understand that babies need gentleness. You can talk about gentleness, you can read books about gentleness, and also remind the child that mom and dad have a lap that has two legs and two arms. So there will be plenty of room still for you when the new baby comes. I think that's a really good physical way to help a young child realize that their not being pushed out of your life, which is their number one concern. Then need the child around the issues of the baby. Like if you need another diaper, please send that child for as an errand runner so that he or she can be very useful in the life of the baby. And then admire the baby together. Just talk about, Just look at her, wiggling her toes. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? Will you go get the camera so that we can take a picture of that? So when you're involving the child, when you're including the child, instead of saying, Go over there and play because I have to take care of the baby now, if you're allowing the child to be included you're going to have very little of that feeling of pushed out and then you won't have negative behaviors around it either.
8 Jul 2011
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Parenting: Helping Children Deal with Social Issues - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Helping Children Deal with Social Issues The best way to find out what's happening with your child at school is to not ask directly “how was your day” because most kids can't answer that question, its just too big of a question, so they'll just say “fine” and then try to get on to the next subject. If you ask a specific question such as “who did you sit next to at lunch today” or “who was the student of the week” and “what did you learn about that student of the week” then you've got a conversation rolling when you hook it to specific information. Another really good way to help a child talk about what happened at school is to go for a walk or a car ride with your child because if you're both moving together in the same direction its much easier for the communication to flow from your child. If your child is having some problems with particular kids at school you could roll play, you could be your child and he or she could be the other kid. And just go through the situation exactly as your child tells you that it happened and then replay it with maybe a better response from your child so that he or she can get along better with the kids or feel more included with the kids. If things continue and you see that over several months things aren't getting better even though you're doing regular, you know, finding out what's going on with your child and roll playing a better way of doing things then you want to involve the teacher, the school counselor, the school social worker. And they're all well trained to help kids get along socially in school. And some of them might even have contacted you because they're usually very tuned in to this kind of thing. And so what you want to do is seek their advice on ways kids can get along better and maybe they'll have a few sessions with your child in school and you can reinforce what they're doing at home. And please note that it's not etched in stone that your child will never get along socially because childhood friendships are very fluid; they come and go; kids are fickle at this age and so please note that they will change. They may find just the perfect kid next year or next month the perfect kid might move in to the school district, and then problem solved. There's a lot of hope, so just stick with your child. Be in the present moment, find out what's in his or her heart, do some roll playing and give her some alternative ways to interact with other kids, and she'll probably be just fine.
8 Jul 2011
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Parenting: Helping Children Deal with Academic Issues - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Helping Children Deal with Academic Issues Well, you'll probably know a little bit just by watching your child struggle with homework and getting feedback from the school what areas your child is struggling in. It might be math, it might be handwriting - a lot of kids have issues with handwriting, it might be reading - that they're just not keeping up. So the best thing that you can possibly do is talk to the teacher about ways that he or she suggests that you can support your child. One of the things not to do is to get super involved in your child's homework situation and... because they're lagging behind a little bit or they're struggling. Sometimes parents respond by paying attention to every single detail of the child's homework. That usually doesn't work — it usually backfires. And so what you really want to do is keep that learning process in the hands of the school and the child with support whenever he or she asks you for help with homework, then you want to offer it. But don't be there, sitting down with your child saying, Let's get this math done now, together. Don't do that, because it takes away the self-efficacy from your child, and also causes a lot of pressure and a lot of discouragement. If things continue to not go well, you can request that the child have an evaluation at the school for a learning disability. Sometimes that's the reason that kids are struggling with a particular subject matter is because they have a learning disability in that area. The school psychologist will get involved in testing, often times, and the special ed teacher will do some academic testing, and then you can find out if there really is something going on in the child's brain where the ability, and the ability to produce what you can know don't match. So that's where you see a learning disability. You might also want to consider some tutoring for your child, and if that doesn't work, then special education programming can be put into place at school for particular...math, reading, spelling, handwriting, language... kinds of issues that the children are having.
8 Jul 2011
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When your job is to mobilize people to help children, you end up with some great friends willing to walk alongside you.
20 Nov 2013
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How to Help Children Overcome Habitual Lying - Nouman Ali Khan - illustrated
11 Oct 2017
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Music plays to help children have fun AV Kids - Accompanying your baby's development Copyright by AV Kids. Reproduction in any form is prohibited.
12 Mar 2019
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Treating a severe burn can be more painful than the burn itself. Cleaning the wound & changing the bandages can be excruciating, especially for kids. One hospital allows kids to play virtual reality games while nurses tend to their wounds.
6 Oct 2007
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