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4 May 2013
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Another combination of Dragonball Z and melodic death metal
20 Apr 2007
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A Jedi Knight lands on earth to make it his new home. He just can't sit in the shadows and watch people suffer. This world needs a hero and whit his lightsaber and the force on his side he is the to bring us hope
1 Mar 2009
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******* - Verified Safe Joins Bob Calvert, of Talking with Heroes on his quest to provide support to members of the US armed forces. Help Get Our Troops and Positive Stories Out Across America. Watch Our Troops Share Their Progress and Positive Stories With You. Watch Unedited 2011 Video Footage With Our Troops In Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. TalkingWithHeroes.Com is offering these DVD Books as a Fund Raiser for Organizations, Companies, Ministries and Individuals who help get the word out about our Troops Stories! DVD Books from Afghanistan. Get Your Copy Today: *******
13 Feb 2012
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A man suffers a massive heart attack on a park basketball court and a passerby saves his life. Real footage.
16 Feb 2013
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Off Shoot Comics Part 2 - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
22 Mar 2018
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Off Shoot Comics Part 1 - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
22 Mar 2018
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Jason Reeves Interview - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
23 Mar 2018
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Actress Dania Ramirez talks about her new character in the heroes. (
17 Jun 2008
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Today on Mahalo Daily, Leah D'Emilio brings you exclusive interviews from the Red Carpet before the 2008 Spike TV Scream Awards! Check out what your favorite celebrities had to say about their favorite horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book heroes! Let us know who you think will steal the show! Be sure to RATE and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: *******youtube****/mahalodotcom Check out the Scream Awards tonight only on Spike TV! Find out more on all your favorite celebrities at *******mahalo****! We're here to help!
22 Oct 2008
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Grabbed by Israeli airport authorities and forced into the army, GIDI ALTMAN's visit to his place of birth is cut short. Every Israeli-born is required to serve in the army. There's no excuse. Gidi tries everything to get out, including his failed attempts at article 21, known as "Profile 21". While navigating his options, he completes basic training. As he learns more about life in Israel and the country's survival, he wrestles with the idea of military service. Finally, Gidi becomes a combat soldier and he and his friends are placed in harm's way. Stationed in the Gaza Strip he loses his best friend in battle. This doesn't break him, and he accepts his fate. Demobilized, he travels home with his girlfriend on a bus. Gidi recognizes a suicide bomber dressed as an Orthodox Jew. He makes his final move to save his girlfriend and fellow Israelis. LOGLINE: A reluctant American is forced to serve in the Israeli Army. He fails to scam his way out that later will lead him to a journey where he'll risk his own life to save his fellow Israelis. TAGLINE: War reveals heroes amongst us – the everyday people.
31 Dec 2008
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Worthwhile parenting tips include how to be your child's hero. We each have a passion deep down inside of us to be a hero. That is the source of motivation that uplifts us in the face of challenge. We love reading about and viewing movie portrayals of heroic exploits because that feeds the hero in us. Don't you want your child to be heroic, rather than to emotionally collapse and give up under the pressures of life's tests and trials?
16 Aug 2011
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