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This weeks featured producers- KIPKAY, TOMBOYS, JEFF3230 and HERSHEYMAGIC2. Get the highlights of the hottest new videos on metacafe****! This is the very first edition so if you like it, watch for the upcoming episodes! Featuring different producers and videos every Sunday!
5 Jun 2007
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What's up with the new channel tab?? August 2007 episode of Metacafe News from the underground explains the new channels on metacafe and takes a look at the hottest new videos of the month! Subscribe to hersheymagic2 channel to be notified of new Metacafe News episodes!
28 Jul 2007
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*******youtube****/hersheymagic2 Ever order a service from the phonebook and not realize WHAT you're getting? This guy just wanted his house cleaned! Original comedy video by hersheymagic2 and written by Edie from Tomboys in Fishnets. This video is shot in an old silent movie style. This is the follow up video to no carrots! Enjoy!
11 Sep 2007
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Lost in the wildernss without clean water? Colin shows you how to boil MUDDY water in a plastic bottle, over an open flame, to make it safe to drink! By hersheymagic2 This tip could save your life! My son saw this on Survivorman and wanted to try it out!
24 Sep 2007
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This month Metacafe News from the underground features JPVideo, Bablin5, cheeksdown, Edennnn and hersheymagic2
8 Oct 2007
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Both the tube and the square frame are shown empty yet items keep coming out of the tube! Where are the items coming from?
22 Jan 2007
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This is a magic trick. It is NOT a how to for picking locks! As a professional magician, I open many locks... watch me pick a high security pad lock with a bobby pin! This is a magic trick... you won't be able to do it unless you know the secret! Please don't expose the secret in the comments if you know how to do it!
7 Feb 2007
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I'll teach you how to do this easy sucker bet! Bet your friend you can cut a hole in an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper and walk through it WITHOUT tearing the paper. All you need is a piece of paper and scissors!
4 Apr 2007
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Learn how to do the Arctic Breath magic trick! Watch as I pour water into a cup, blow on the water and instantly turn it to ice! I teach you how to do it at the end!
4 Apr 2007
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Ever hear the story about Mikey from the Life cereal commercial who died from eating pop rocks and coke? We try it on video to see what happens! Check it out and see what really happens!
4 Apr 2007
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When good ideas go bad! Nothing like a home cooked meal for the one you love! This is a short 2 minute film that proves men should just accept the fact that you can't please a woman all the time. Please leave a comment and rate it! Thanks
17 Apr 2007
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Bet your friend they CAN'T eat a hot dog bun in 30 seconds. Think it's easy? Watch the video and try it yourself! Easy way to make $20.00!
21 Apr 2007
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Here's a easy way to make a quick buck. This is an old trick that has been around for a long time. Try it out if you've never seen it before!
24 Apr 2007
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Do you have friends that constantly ask you for money? Put a stop to it NOW with this simple jerk technique and they'll never ask you for money again!
24 Apr 2007
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A Salty Sweet Treat from the 50's and 60's is making a come back today! Try it. You might like it! It really does taste better than it sounds!
27 Apr 2007
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