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HF Auto Join Party
26 Mar 2007
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HF eksamen - Tårnby gymnasium 2007
3 Jul 2007
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The best speaker for 200$! Genius SW-HF 5.1 5000 !!!!!
24 Mar 2008
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Here we have my trusty IC-706MK2G scanning around the HF bands from central UK. Im using a G5RV antenna and as you can see there is plenty of activity!
23 Nov 2008
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Canon has a well-known and highly-regarded reputation for optical excellence, advanced image processing, superb performance and technological innovation, built on our legendary photographic and broadcast television lenses. Based on that experience, we bring the latest in high definition camcorders. The Canon 3569B001 VIXIA HF S100 Flash Memory HD Digital Camcorder is one such example.
2 May 2009
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11 Jun 2009
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net -''' GROUP III ELECTROMAGNETIC-AC Oscillating electromagnetic fields Filmed 1991-1996, 11 of 15 methods of levitating an object known to the author John Iwaszko, edited from the video Antigravity the reality made in 1996. The antigravity method shown in this edit, was introduced and was referred to as Magnetic Pulse Propulsion which has now been reclassified by the author as Electromagnetic AC Group IIIB ii) Electrodynamic Suspension (EDS)-Induced currents/Eddy currents- Oscillating electromagnetic Fields- DC Pulse, AC (LF, & HF) The 12th Method of antigravity is achieved in a very similar way to that of the previous method 11 but instead of mechanically inducing Relative motion between conductors and magnets, relative motion is induced by time varying currents of electricity generally referred to as alternating currents or AC. The simple experiment showed that if we raise a magnet away from a conducting loop of wire, the movement of the magnet generates a current through the loop in this direction that it opposes the change of the Magnetic field in the upward direction then the coil will produce a magnetic field in the opposing direction attracting the magnet. If we reverse the situation and push the magnet towards the coil the current will reverse in the loop and the magnetic field repelling the magnet. This is shown here demonstrating that a magnet can push a ring of non ferrous metal such as aluminum away by relative motion and that the effect is also reduced when the ring is open circuit. We can use this general principle to create levitation or negative gravity that generally pushes conductors away but can also be made stable by various means other than pivoting or tethering which we will now discuss.
10 Apr 2010
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*******webvideography**** In my search for the perfect high definition camcorder, the number one contender to date if the VIXIA HF S100 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder. I runs around $1000, $300 cheaper than it's sister camcorder, the VIXIA HF S10. The latter records both to SD card and internal memory. The s100, my choice, records only to external flash card.
7 Aug 2009
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*******www.hamradiofinds**** Here is a short video demonstrating the Ameritron AWM-30 HF antenna SWR Wattmeter..This unit reads both forward & reverse power at the same time..It has 2 power settings & can switch between average power & peak & runs off of 12VDC..It is a nice compact unit to have in any ham radio or cb shack for monitoring power & swr on your antenna..Thanks for watching..73s, Mel WA5UTK
16 Aug 2009
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*******www.hfprojects**** Here is a short video showing the HF Projects VHF 6 Meter Solid State Ham Radio Amplifier..This unit will deliver 30W output with 1W drive..It is RF sensed & runs on 12VDC..For more info contact Virgil K5OOR in Houston, Tx.
4 Oct 2009
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*******swburl****/b986 Canon Vixia HFS 100 delivers brilliant video and photos lightweight,compact size,convenient *******www.ShopWatchBuy****
22 Dec 2009
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Canon's HF S21 4374B001 HD Flash Memory Camcorder, with a 64GB internal flash drive and two SD memory card slots, offers Canon's most sophisticated feature set to date - blurring the line between consumer and professional. Canon's superlative proprietary imaging technologies help deliver video and 8.0 megapixel photos with incredible detail and lifelike color with the HF S21 4374B001 HD Flash Memory Camcorder. Touch & Track allows you to achieve sharp focus and precise exposure for any subject, simply by touching the generous 3.5" High Resolution (922,000 dot) Touch Panel LCD. Native 24p Mode perfectly matches the frame rate of film. And 5.1-Channel Surround Sound ensures your audio complements the stunning realism of your video.
30 Apr 2010
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