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Basic cell converts water to gas (brown gas/HHO) Its flammable and can be used for cars, torches and many other uses. Free power for everyone! H2O
26 Oct 2007
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A Simple high efficiency HHO electrolyzer. This design is simple and and can be mad at home. It produces a lot of gas per watt. It is on "par" with commercial browns gas torches. Here you get to see the cell being assembled. You can increase the fuel mileage of your car with this simple device. This was designed to run on baking soda at 4 volts per cell, but double the number of plates and you can use lye and increase efficiency. Using a 80 uF capacitor in series with an inverter this cell runs in my car. The caps limits current and prevents thermal run away. Nothing fancy. Keeping is Simple! The stainless was cut using my home made plasma cutter. It was able to get 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of stainless from a local supplier, bur MSC supply has many types and sizes for a little more.
17 Dec 2007
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This is the first test run of a 31 cell series electrolyzer design. It produces HHO gas, a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The gas is uses as it is produces so there is little danger. I was able to get a MAX of 41 MPG on my 4 cylinder 2000 plymoth voyager van. I was also injecting water vapor and offsetting the voltage on the oxygen sensor to allow t he computer to trim fuel injection. This is the same design that high efficiency water torches (HHO/browns gas) use. I also lit the gas just to watch it burn.
17 Dec 2007
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HHO burner made with some pulse generator and high frequency modulator.But the extraordinay thing is ,all powered by only one 9 volts battery.Let your comment and idea.Rate and share THX
2 Feb 2008
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Geet Plasma fuel reactor on 8 hp Briggs supplemented with HHO. When HHO is turned on it acts like NOS causing the engine to rev higher. Batteries are for starting and powering HHO generator
12 Apr 2008
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This is my first video of some different cells that I made by hand I need some good tools HHO testing With SS Coil W/Center Rods SS and Double Helix testing SS
28 Jun 2008
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Water torch and hho browns gas fuel cells reviewed. Lower emissiona and help to prevent green house gases while lowering your fuel costs.
25 Apr 2008
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A comparitive relation of atmospheric HHO production vs. vacuum pressure HHO production
30 Jun 2008
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NBC's WAVE TV 3, Eric Flack, reports on getting cheap fuel from water! Better known as Aquygen, HHO or Kline's Gas (named after Denny Kline) Founder of Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. Did Denny Kline create a NEW and revolutionary way to get a gas cheaply from water, for welding applications, and major increased gas milage? ... or has Brown's Gas or HHO Gas Has Been Around For Decades? www.waterpoweredcars****
29 Jun 2008
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The HHO gas which is derived from water is ought to completely replace fuel. Hho gas is already used as a cheaper alternative as a fuel for cars. Many cars have installed an extra water fuel cell which drastically improves fuel economy. To find out how this is done
2 Jul 2008
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A visual demonstration of a vacuum pressure fuel cell during a power take off and deceleration, showing inertia boiling. The water is not at it's steam boiling point, but boils from the increased production of HHO during deeper vacuum load. During deceleration and loss of vacuum the extra Inertia in the cell walls continue to produce HHO until this energy has been removed by more particle collisons in a higher atmosphere.
10 Sep 2008
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I've built an air intake (all be it a pretty rubbishy one) that increases the oxygen levels in the HHO fuel cell which then in turn increases HHO production. With the air intake fitted I expect to gain more MPG as more HHO will be produced. Thanks for watching and check out my blog: *******www.ecohho.wordpress**** and my website: *******www.ecohho****
5 Sep 2008
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