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Sep. 26: Mr. Buffett owns 17%. Cake members say it's a Hidden Gem. What is it?
27 Sep 2008
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Oct. 3: Steve and Sven respond to "noobs" and find Hidden Gems even in this rough week.
6 Oct 2008
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- Often described as Niagaras Hidden Gem, Louis Tussauds Waxworks is a collection of instantly recognizable, true-to-life wax figures crafted by recognized wax artists from around the world. Capture yourself with your favorite celebrities with hundreds of photo-op opportunities with famous and infamous from celebrities to movie stars, politicians to religious figures, heroes, villains and the most prominent musicians of our time! Louis Tussauds is full of memories for all ages! Admission begins at $13 and $11 for Seniors. Children 5 and younger are free.
16 Jun 2009
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The views from this Italian restaurant are without equal. Housed within the walls of an ancient fortified tower, Ristorante Belforte sits precariously above the sheer, rocky Meditteranean coast in the tiny village of Vernazza. This seafood haven is considered the jewel in the crown of the 'Cinque Terre's' five villages. Watch the video then follow the links below to find out more. See more hidden gems at
8 Nov 2008
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In one of the world centres of gastronomy, want to know which deli Paris locals consider the best? Rush to Rue Cler to beat the crowds to the renowned 'Davoli'. See more hidden gems at
9 Nov 2008
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The world's most popular city is full of wonderful parks and gardens but there's one place of respite in particular Parisians hold dear, the magnificent Jardin du Luxembourg near St Germain. See more hidden gems at
9 Nov 2008
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We're not sure if there is a prize for the most unusual bed and breakfast in the world, or indeed, the most colorful, but New Zealand's Giant's House could possibly win both! See more hidden gems at
9 Nov 2008
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Most people must fly to the ends of the earth to experience the unforgettable beauty of Milford Sound but for helicopter pilot Alfie Speights, breathtaking views are all in a day's work. See more hidden gems at
9 Nov 2008
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That's A Star had the honor of having Singapore top model, Mr. Ritesh Menon, on the set during the last day of filmed auditions. Ritesh has the following to say about Singapore's entertainment industry, online videos, and That's A Star: "The current status of entertainment in Singapore... has a long way to go... because the number of talented artistes out there is huge, but the number of them being actually featured is very small. A podcast concept will... launched off in a very big way... it gives all the underdogs an opportunity to actually come out and feature what they have. Being one of the pioneers in the industry... which is what That's A Star is all about... will catch a very big wave ... as people start migrating from watching TV to spending a lot more time on the internet... which is where the trend is heading. If you're gonna look for undiscovered artistes... really talented artistes... hidden gems in Asia... or around the world... you're gonna be paying a lot of attention on the internet and people who are featured on the internet.'re gonna find hundreds of artistes featured in the next couple of months that are gonna blow you away... Keep watching That's A Star."
10 Nov 2008
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4 Dec 2008
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Like the sea, 2700 North Ocean Drive reveals itself in ways immeasurably grand and infinitely small. Like a single shell on a beach strewn with a million of them, the effect is breathtaking at a glance. And singularly elegant when experienced on a more intimate level. Singer Island, the coastal barrier island located just north of Palm Beach has long been regarded as the hidden gem of the Gold Coast. Island living at its finest. Seaside relaxation and world-class entertainment just minutes away. 2700 North Ocean luxury condos offer Ocean and Intracoastal views from every residence and nearly nine acres of Singer Island beachfront. Its interiors, meanwhile, reflect a new standard of quality and excellence in every detail. If you want to know more about this property click on the link below:
17 Jul 2009
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InTheMoneyStocks**** does their patented key technical analysis on the market. They dissect price, pattern and time using their techniques to discover and analyze the markets giving projections with extreme accuracy unparalleled anywhere in the markets. Enjoy and come join the Research Center at www.inthemoneystocks**** to get their key daily videos, hidden gems reports, technical tactic videos and daily market reports. Get our key turn dates, pivot points and levels on the S&P, Gold, Oil, US$ and stocks/ETF's.
1 Jan 2011
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