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People who use intimidation are bullies. There is no bigger bully than the government, according to Dr. Ron Ross, Author/Speaker. In this brief video Dr. Ross claims that the founding fathers set up a limited government that should not be able to bully its citizens. However, government intimidation is forcing people to submit to whatever the bully government and its intimidating bureaucrats deem to be good for them.
27 Nov 2009
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*******www.nycommercialofficespace****/ COMMERCIAL office construction costs continue to be extraordinarily high in New York City. Land is expensive, the logistics are difficult and municipal regulations often place burdensome constraints on developers and contractors. Taken together, these factors bring the costs of creating new office space in a prime Manhattan location to about 50 a square foot, and those high development costs, in turn, along with high taxes and operating costs, lead to rentals of about 5 a square foot. Please call Jonathan R. Cohen Director Murray Hill Properties, LLC 1140 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor New York, NY 10036 212.763.3598 direct 917.361.3077 mobile jcohen at murrayhill**** Murray Hill Properties has access to EVERY commercial building, office and retail store/restaurant in Manhattan Office Space in New York City - Retail Space in Manahttan - New York Office Space High-End New York Office Space, Sellers, Investors - do you know any? Looking for New York Office Space or Manhattan Retail Space
26 Jan 2008
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Universal Newsreel. Lady Godiva Rides Again. California house wife reenacts the famous Lady Godiva ride to protest high taxes.
1 Jun 2009
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Drawing upon the state of California's escalating budget deficit, high taxes and strict business regulations, the Nevada Development Authority (NDA) tomorrow will launch an advertising campaign that seeks to attract business owners to relocate to Southern Nevada. More so than in past years' campaigns, NDA foresees many California businesses considering relocation due to the state's current troubles. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/nevadadevelopment/39122/
7 Aug 2009
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BY JESSICA SIBERT You’re watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. The city of Rome really was burning on Saturday as a group of hooded protesters took to the streets with rocks, bottles, and fireworks in hand. Euronews has more. “What started off as a peaceful protest against government cutbacks and economic inequality has turned into rioting in the streets of Rome. Earlier in the day on Saturday, demonstrators gathered in the shadow of the coliseum to show their support started by movements by the ‘Indignados’ in Spain and the Americans in Occupy Wall Street. However, fears about a repeat of trouble and protests from last December have come true.” Part of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have spread worldwide, the Italian protest was not intended to be violent -- even on the “global day of rage.” According to MSNBC, Rome’s mayor blames a small handful of rioters for the trouble. “Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno blamed the violence on ‘a few thousand thugs from all over Italy, and possibly from all over Europe, who infiltrated the demonstration.’” A writer for Time says the violent protesters are actually an embarrassment to the now worldwide movement. “Judging by comments on blogs and social media, many of the protest's young sympathizers share the mayor's analysis, condemning the violence as counterproductive … Indeed, the rest of the protest movement around the world looked on the Roman violence with dismay.” The protest was originally planned to be a peaceful demonstration against the Italian government and the crumbling economy. The country’s debt burden is second only to Greece and its people are suffering from high unemployment rates, high taxes and high health care costs. (Video source: Al Jazeera) But one reporter told the BBC the protests won’t be able to address any of these problems if the government shuts them down. “I think that the government will not take any message from that. They have just closed the doors with any kind of argument at the moment. As you can hear above me, you can hear the helicopter--they’re still trying to find people. So this isn’t a moment for dialogue.” The damage is already estimated to cost more than $1.4 million.
18 Oct 2011
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What exactly are socialism, capitalism and democracy? Socialism, whether of the socialist, fascist or communist variety, is government ownership or control of business, whereas capitalism is private ownership and control of business. Democracy simply means voting or majority rule. Socialism is characterized by weak or non-existent property right, high tariffs, high taxes and heavy regulation of business. Capitalism is characterized by strong property rights, free trade, low taxes and light regulation of business. Socialism and capitalism are opposites. All the countries of the world fall along a continuum from most socialist with unlimited governmental control of the economy to most capitalist with less governmental control of the economy.
3 Jan 2012
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Joe and Rebecca Streckfuss came to Arizona from in 2007 to escape New Jersey’s high taxes, and for a better life for themselves and their kids. Laid off from his plumbing company job after the 2008 crash, they first survived with Joe putting 20+ years of experience into odd jobs until his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in; he decided the best response was to start a family owned and operated company. The rest is history. Joe Streckfuss Plumbing is committed to quality & service. They value customer time and strive to build long lasting relationships. JSP's services are available valley wide, including most of Maricopa and some of Yavapai County. From roughs & finishes to stoppages & slab leaks, JSP provides the best quality plumbing services (gas & irrigation) services while giving you the lowest prices available. Putting his name on his work, JSP offers a reputation of integrity. JSP services ALL plumbing and gas needs, residential and commercial: Roughs, Rehabs, and Finishes. Drain cleaning, main lines, irrigation repair, garbage disposals, slab leaks, stoppages, pipe leaks and repair, faucets and fixtures, toilets, tubs and showers, sinks and more. High Pressure Jetting. VIDEO CAMERA LINE INSPECTION Leak Detection Services Water Heaters * Softeners * Reverse Osmosis Systems Installation, removal, and repairs. Tankless; installation and repair. New additions and remodels. Installations for kitchens, baths, outdoor kitchens, Facuets, Fixtures, and more. Gas Lines Gas line extentions, install, and repairs. BBQ's, firepits, fireplaces, and more. Water Damage restoration services are available with immediate response time service. Most same day, (if not, next day) restoration. For details, go to https:// yourazplumber(.)com, or Call 928 252-6195.
17 Jan 2019
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