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Join the greatest clip show host ever, Tyler Lemco, as he gets down with guests Maddox, comedian Kash Abdulmalik and A Little Advice podcast host Christine Little. The gang rips on internet fanfare with the help of Pearl Pharma flower, and in no time, tap their inner Missy Elliott. Catch the humor and individual disgust with these first-rate web videos of excited twerkers and quite possibly the worst love song ever sung, all on High with Ty.
4 Oct 2018
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Tyler Lemco laughs at the worst videos on the web with a Pearl Pharma flower assist and guests writer/director Amir Mo, singer/comedian Lia Richardson and writer/producer Steve Borzachillo. Lemco shares war stories from his mayoral run along and with extreme BMX parkour and bad grandpa videos. Watch out for questionable minivan driving on this epic High with Ty.
11 Oct 2018
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Clip commander Tyler Lemco mandates laughter with his guests comedian Neel Nanda, comedian and High Tech host Mike Glazer and writer/air guitar champion Will Herndon. The fearless group watches videos of people getting high while they get high on Pearl Pharma flower—super meta! Only the internet boasts kids getting busted with bongs and chimps with the munchies. Weed is still good on High with Ty.
2 Nov 2018
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Starting power forward Tyler Lemco takes you on a hustle through cringy web videos with comedian Chase Mitchell, influencer Michelle Tin, artist Paper Mashay and comedian Ron Solomon. Flirting turns up a crazy search with videos featuring kitchen potato erotica and Spiderman pole dancing. The crew puffs Pearl Pharma flower while enjoying a backyard band with quite the handler, all on High with Ty!
8 Nov 2018
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Heartbreak kid Tyler Lemco takes you on a spin down web video lane with Pearl Pharma flower treats and guest comedians Jasmeet Raina (Jus Reign), Noel Leon and Matt Monroe. Dedicated to style, these hilarious videos will show just how many people need fashion advice for their aunt’s funeral and when not to wear a crop top. Beware of the twerkers but keep dancing on this episode of High with Ty.
15 Nov 2018
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Human highlight reel Tyler Lemco takes you into a web wonderland with his guests comedians Lindsay Ames and Renne Worley, and prowrestling/horror host Rachel Evans. The gang pulls tubes and sparks Pearl Pharma flower as they religiously dive into religious web videos featuring funny Jews, Scientologists, Freud and Fat Joe on this High with Ty.
30 Nov 2018
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Crazy clip show host Tyler Lemco brings wrestling mania to his lair with guests comedian Razzle Dangerously (Mildly Interesting) and pro wrestlers Sinn Bodhi, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Hennigan. Catch the gang analyze Japanese psychological wrestling videos and relive Hennigan’s Jesus vs. Santa Claus match while enjoying Pearl Pharma flower. There’s even Russian street fighting on this High with Ty!
8 Dec 2018
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Tyler Lemco entertains in all things clip show related with guests chef Josh Elkin, comedian Lauren Ashley Bishop and actor Mike Klimkowski, a.k.a. Joel Osteen. That’s right, join the gang as they get high with Jesus and Pearl Pharma flower. Lemco delivers web pizza delivery style, and Bishop teaches us to always ask what kind of coke you want… in Arkansas.
25 Oct 2018
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Host Tyler Lemco welcomes Granison Crawford, Madison Sinclair and Wayne Wolfe, and setting the tone early, one of the guests admits to being the grandchild of a Rust Belt serial killer. With an herbal assist from Pearl Pharma, the crew keeps the confessions rolling with twisted tales of baby talk, nude bar bouncing and eating live lepidopterans for money that rival the video clip craziness.
14 Dec 2018
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