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Hinata and Neji "The Stars of the Ninja Cup" are having a tournament in the Ninja Cup!!! Music from Evanescence "Bring Me To Life".
22 Aug 2006
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A AMV love story of hinata and naruto with "You're all i need" by method man and mary j. blige
1 May 2007
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these are pics of naruto and hinata and there family
5 May 2007
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Naruto Hinata Pairing. Thanks for watching!
7 Jul 2007
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A little cute montage i made of naruto and hinata
23 Nov 2007
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This is my first atempt at a video. Its what I see happening between Naruto and Hinata. Please comment on it for good or bad.
6 Jan 2008
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This is dedicated for my friend Gab in NL, since he is sooooooo obsessed with NaruHina stuff. ^.^ --- For no reason, it became a Hinata tribute. XD Enjoyz. --- Anime: Naruto Characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto
13 Aug 2008
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A video dedicated to Hinata and Naruto. The song is What Have You Done by Within Temptation
12 May 2008
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Naruto and Hinata ! collabration
5 Apr 2008
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Tribute to my favorite female naruto character--Hinata.
23 Jan 2011
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NOTE: THE SONG IS FROM A MUSICAL IF YOU HATE MUSICALS JUST DONT WATCH! Also, if you don't like Hinata you probably won't like this -.- Well, this was an idea I just came up with the other day, and I was so anxious to see it get done, I just went and did it myself. However, let me explain for those who do not know the story behind the song: A Little fall of Rain from Les Miserables is the song this girl (Eponnine) sings to this guy (Marius) she loves, but he loves another girl, but he doesn't know Eponnine loves him! So, I thought it perfect for a Hinata x Naruto tribute since Hinata loves Naruto, but Naruto doesn't know! I love Les Miserables and I LOVE this song, and I love Naruto- so I win :) DISCLAIMER: ( I hate these things, but this one is necessary) I KNOW IT'S ROUGH- I JUST GOT A MACBOOK AND AM TRYING TO FIGURE THINGS OUT ON iMOVIE HD I HAD TO ALSO START OVER TWICE DAMN IT! BUT YEAH- SO NO FLAMES- you know I work real hard at all my videos- so please enjoy :) I also tried a little more lip syncing again- think I did a bit better this time in the parts I put it in :D cha! And something new I tried since I have some spiffy new things I can do with Macbook, I added the rain and storm and water sound effects into the music, hopefully it turned out to your liking, I worked REALLY hard to try to get it right- so again- so very NEW elements for me in this AMV: (until now) I've never done a Naruto AMV, I have never worked with anything but Windows Movie Maker, I have never added in sound effects throughout the whole AMV, and I have never eaten an eggplant o.o (that I still haven't done) Ok, I think it's time to end this BLOG entry SHEESH *shuts up with fingers crossed people will LIKE it enough to COMMENT and RATE hehe)
23 Jul 2008
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Hinata Tribute- Diary Of Jane R.I.P GodOfLemiwinks
25 Aug 2011
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