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This channel is all about Hip hop and rap music.
The Most Popular DVD (Hip Hop Rap R&B Music Video Mix) Promo / Trailer / Preview For info & Purchases: the22ndlettergmail**** www.mixtapessence**** www.facebook****/quitessential
20 Jan 2010
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13 Mar 2010
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Jake -Never (While You Shit) a.k.a. The "Finger in my ass" song.
2 Nov 2010
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*******www.brainstormlive****/d/ :- Brainstormlive is a music site where you can find any kind of music. We are providing lots of fun to people by serving a good music, video, lyrics, news and more.
13 Apr 2011
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This is the beginning of a new era in hip hop music. Five local artists try to break the mold in Miami hip hop. Welcome to the RED ROOM.
12 Jan 2008
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Hundreds of Sound Effects, Instruments and Accapellas of your favorite artists!, Download all of our royalty free beats, sounds and accapellas, Record your audio live and pick and choose from different beats, Tracks, Beats, Instrumentals, Hundreds of Sound effects, Nature Sounds, Instrument Sounds hip hop hip hop music hip hop rap hip honeys hop hip hop news dead hip hop from from helen hip hop its jay nas no scandal secret seduction tells troy z clothing hip hop dance hip hop hip hop lyric hip hop jewelry hip hop mixtape black hip hop model video dead hip hop nas dancing hip hop hip hop video hip hop underground hip history hop clothes hip hop dead hip hop lyric nas black hip hop model pic video hip hop model hip hop music video hip hop studio hip hop new song beat hip hop class dance hip hop hip hop song car hip hop domain hip hop myspacecom hip hop song top hip hop instrumental
7 Feb 2008
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Greg South Cool fun Hip hop Music Video Animation style Directed By:OpenMindz Productions
15 Jul 2008
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United Desis a United Kingdom Band plays desi hip-hop music *******www.uniteddesi****
9 Feb 2009
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United Desis a United Kingdom Band plays desi hip-hop music *******www.uniteddesis****/
9 Feb 2009
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As the name suggests United Desis is simply an amalgamation of eclectic desis. Representing Mumbai, United Desis is a unified voice that blends the difference and creates a new genre of music. Coming from the Suburbs of Mumbai Ques?ion and Graffiti Culprit, the two young rappers that make up the United Desis herewith put Mumbai/ India on the map as the “NEW WEST SIDE”. Affiliated with the group is the beat maker RSC a.k.a. “Rabbit Sack C”( Sweet Rabbit ENT.) who in addition hails from a different culture, gives a pristine sound for their album and together for the love of hip-hop music and hip hoppers all over the world, they bring a foot tapping, club banging party album titled the “Desi Game”.
26 Aug 2008
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*******www.B-SHOC**** Download Free Christian Rap Music, Download Free Christian Hip Hop Music.
22 Oct 2009
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23 Jun 2010
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