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*******www.squidoo****/studentmotivation - Let’s say that you’re in the middle of a video game, and you’ve gotta use the toilet. You’re in the middle of fighting the big boss of the game. You’re just seconds away to beating the snot out of him (and being killed yourself). You taste victory coming. It’s so close you forget about your other concern and keep blasting away. Until, of course, your bladder tells you to finally stop and take care of it or you’ll have serious problems in the future. That’s when you realize you can actually pause your game and take care of your “biological needs.” So what was this story about? What matters is how strong your feelings are towards a goal - so it makes you finally do something towards it. To be able to love studying and get good grades, you have to have a reason why as strong as finally hitting the pause button and taking care of yourself.
17 Oct 2009
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