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"Mildly Off the Wall" is an edited, single-camera sketch comedy show based in Lawrence, Kansas. The program aims to provide an outlet for both students at The University of Kansas and members of the Lawrence community to explore their passions for comedy through the arts of television, film, design, writing and acting. "Mildly Off the Wall" is a presentation of Scott Winer Productions. Scott Winer is the show's creator and senior producer. Rowdy Wichman is Supervising Producer, "Mildly Off the Wall." For the pilot episode, Dave Harvey and Heather Hill produce. Scott Winer directs.
Mona Simone Founder of The Lilly and the Wall came up with such a great idea to create something beautiful and creative wallpaper for kids. Lilly and the Wall is a Swedish company whose goal is designing wallpaper and murals for kids. It's headquartered in Stockholm and production in Boras. Boras city is known for its long tradition of creative and high-quality textile manufacturing.
*******howtolose50pounds**** How many times have you successfully lost weight -- only to gain it again further down the track? Some people struggle with this for most of their lives. This is yo-yo dieting - a continuing pattern of gaining and losing weight. Sometimes it is called weight cycling. What Causes Yo-yo Dieting? When your diet includes bouts of starvation, missing meals, or very low calories - you are setting yourself up for the yo-yo effect. While it seems that good results can be achieved quickly, sooner or later, the body gets the hint that less calories are coming in. The body adapts, and decides that energy must be conserved - and metabolism (the way the body burns food for energy) begins to slow down. Often this can be a 'plateau' - the weight loss that was initially achieved begins to slow down or stop. Many people hit the wall at this point, and, struggling to maintain the diet, the weight begins to come back on. And what's even worse, is that for some people, the lowered metabolism means they end up with more weight than what they started at!yo-yo dietscrash dietsstarvationmetabolismweightloss
14 Jan 2010
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Episode 149: Veyron Crash: The Scuderia by Winding Road, Elliot burns some tires in the C4, top end on an Enzo, bodyblading, and a Veyron hits the wall.
10 Feb 2010
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In this episode you see Randy hard at work, putting in a 13 hour day...then hitting the wall. Enjoy! - Jase
14 Apr 2010
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Dr. Seymour Brio. Scientist, thinker, and foremost leader in the study of Bonkology, AKA, hitting the wall. Brio's solution? Mix it up!
8 Jan 2011
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Bubble Section, a skill and arcade flash game, tests your ability to grow a fragile bubble as big as possible! Try your best to absorb all the small bubbles and avoid hitting the walls and the stray objects. By breaking bubble records, you win various trophies and become the ultimate Deep Sea Bubble Champion! You can also submit your score to compete in the online highscores. Control the bubble using Arrow Keys or WSAD. Play Bubble Section at *******tamugaia****/bubble-section
28 Jun 2011
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BY LOGAN TITTLE ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO What’s the latest Google search? Well—Google. Since dropping $500 million earlier this week for having illegal ads, the source-filled site is standing alone with the blame. And CNN says – this was something they should’ve seen coming. The president of Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, warned Google CEO Eric Schmidt of the problem in a 2008 letter…[He wrote] "This suggests that Google is profiting from advertisements for illegal sales of controlled prescription drugs online…" Pharmalot**** reports Google knew it had been violating US law since 2003—but didn’t actually ban the ads until 2009. So how did the company continue to still do it? The Wall Street Journal calls it “window dressing” which allowed Google... “…to continue earning revenues from the allegedly illicit ad sales even as it professed to be taking action against them… This was a corporate decision to engage in this conduct.” But what about the advertisers who made the original decision to place illegal ads? Certainly Google’s not the only party taking a hit. The Wall Street Journal points out the paradox. “There’s a few things interesting here: One is that Google would normally say we cant be responsible for what our advertisers have done. Here they seem to be accepting the argument by the US attorney that you were aiding illegal behavior online. That raising the question what else are advertisers doing and what’s their liability?" This isn’t the first time Google has has to fork up money for a fault. A writer for Investment U asks - is Google the new Goldman? “Both companies have strong ties to the regulatory bodies in charge of monitoring them...Also, both companies appeared to have built fines into their business model.” For now, the company is admitting guilt and moving on. But if given a do-over, Google told eWeek... “It’s obvious with hindsight that we shouldn’t have allowed these ads on Google in the first place.”
31 Aug 2011
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Rollergames review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room reviews ROLLERGAMES pinball from Williams released in 1990, a roller derby / roller sports themed pinball machine with radtastic '80s music and artwork. Endorsed by WAR (World Alliance of Rollersports) players can compete in 1-4 player games where the goal is to score points by frequently shooting the ball around the outside of the playfield and then hitting the Wall of Death!!
9 Aug 2013
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Cheating at a Casino Craps game by sliding dice along the layout. The dice would be set (for whatever value, like a field number) The dice are tossed in a way that the value of both dice are maintained. Greatly increases the player/cheater's odds. It's a practiced move. They worked as a team. They practiced as a team. The video was converted from VHS. From the early 90's in a Reno, NV Casino. The "shooter" would set and control (in this case) both dice. The simulation shows how the dice were sliding along the layout with the same value up. Other dice sliding methods include, spinning one or both dice, or one die can tumble and hit the wall while the other slides along the felt with the same value up (see the Fx clip) . All methods if done skillfully, require practice. In this case associates helped create diversions and distractions and made the larger wagers. Appeared to have done a good job on the timing. The 3 would jump Casino to Casino just taking shots on under staffed tables. The group was eventually apprehended and possibly blacklisted.
9 Aug 2013
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This guy casually sits on a beach while the ocean is in a raging storm. He finally comes to senses when a huge wave hits the wall & water flows on him. He then bolts for his car!
14 Jun 2019
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