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"Carry On"... great song written and performed by Arnold G to help spread awareness of our HIV/ AIDS crisis.
6 Mar 2008
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Dr. Darlene Lawrence Explains If The HIV Test Is Covered By Insurance. Share your HIV story with women at *******www.EmpowHer****. Help women by posting this video on your site or sending it to a friend in need!
13 Feb 2008
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MicrobeWorld Video 14 – HIV/AIDS Education In this episode of MicrobeWorld Video we ask some leading researchers, education specialists, and public health officials about the state of HIV/AIDS education in America and ideas they have to support the teaching of microbial evolution using the latest HIV/AIDS research — all while instilling innovative prevention strategies. Filmed at a forum for educators on February, 11, 2008 at the Koshland Science Museum in Washington, D.C. and at San Diego State University, this episode features the following experts: Roland Wolkowicz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, San Diego State University, whose research focus is on the use of random peptide libraries and other chemical genetics approaches for the study of viral pathogenesis and the search of antiviral factors in HIV1 and HCV. Shannon Lee Hader, M.D., MPH, Director of the HIV/AIDS Administration for Washington, D.C., an epidemiologist and public health physician who has worked with HIV-infected children and adults in Brazil, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe. Anila Asghar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education at Johns Hopkins University, whose research focuses on curriculum development and evolution. Educational resources mentioned within the video can be found online at: Koshland Science Museum *******koshlandscience****/teachers/webquest.jsp NIH Curriculum Guide ******* Howard Hughes MedicalInstitute *******www.hhmi****/biointeractive/ Please feel free to embed or distribute this video.
5 Feb 2009
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The objective of this competition is to raise awareness about AIDS among the youth around the world. I chose hip-hop and rap. This rhyme that I wrote is called, to the rain. As I lay awake at night listening to the sound of the rain, I say to myself how many more times can I hear it again, how many more times can I walk with a friend, so I pray silently, dear God please ease my pain, they come within sight and took a look at me, told me I was a product of moral indecency, used to frequent them hookers by the streets you see, one too many times now I’m infected by the HIV. My whole body is in so much pain, I can feel the virus running through my veins, I cannot keep these thoughts of suicide out of my brain, cause now me and the cops is basically the same. Every night in my bed I sit up and cry, why am I dying to live when I'm just living to die? I put the razor to my wrists and whisper goodbye, tears dripping down my cheeks I take one last look at the sky, I swear I saw my momma's face smiling down at me, and she said son, all this doesn’t have to be. Cause no matter what happens, you still got a family. Those of you, who want to try it, don’t do it for real, it may be too late for me, but it ain't too late for you.
6 Mar 2008
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I'm alone. A lonely youngster. I'm a sociable person, quite romantic and a thinker by nature. I should be loved, I should not be alone. I often sit behind my window curtain, watching youngsters my age among others, while I'm sitting in my room for days surrounded by books. I'm an honest person. Sincerity being the best alternative when you have no one to lie to. I stood there for hours in front of my window, trying to feel like they feel, trying to imagine myself as normal. I live through windows and behind the white curtains. People need to know that even if we are an ill part of our community, we still think, taste, hate and love as everybody else does. I believe in people, open-minded, who can understand that HIV is just an opportunity to love.
6 Mar 2008
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Today it's all smiles, sweetness and flowers but these Mozambican children want to show the dignitaries what they know about the hard realities of life around them: Children can and do get AIDS they agree but that doesn't mean you don’t play with them. That’s what they’re learning from the Kindlimuka association. And they know because the members themselves live with HIV everyday. Rima Salah Deputy Executive Director "It is so important. You see we have hundreds of children today with us and they are equipped. Knowledge is so important. We can not prevent the deadly disease of AIDS if children and young people don't have the knowledge" These children are just play acting out what it means to discriminate against AIDS orphans, but it’s everywhere and all around them at this school alone 10 percent of the children are orphans. And this is the real thing, real tears from a young girl who recently lost both her parents: Azuzena Martinis Fernando, 11 (Portuguese) "I live with my aunt, my uncle and one of my cousins." My father was away in South Africa working and he came back and he was already sick and my mother then got sick and they both died. Within a year of each other both her mum and dad were gone. Azuzena Martinis Fernando, 11 (Portuguese) "It got better because they support me. And they play with me." Now she gets by with a lot of help from her friends. The importance of supporting orphans like Azuzena is what's brought many dignitaries to Mozambique to make a song and dance about the importance of doing much more. Can anybody be more vulnerable than a child without a mother upsound: Nico Scholton, president of AWEPA. And if the projection rates are right about the spread of HIV / AIDS in Mozambique - now at 16 percent of the population - a lot more children are going to be a lot more vulnerable in the future.
7 Mar 2008
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Global AIDS and HIV statistics. Situation in Africa, Uganda, Russia, India, Ukraine, China. How AIDS is being tackled. HIV seroprevalence rates and HIV prevention. How many people have AIDS? How many with AIDS are alive and how many have died? Numbers of people alive with HIV are relatively stable. Antiviral treatment -- no cure or vaccine yet. Access to treatment, discrimination, gender issues, workplace victimisation, community support. Health care inequalities and injustice. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, physician, futurist, author of two books on AIDS, founder of the AIDS agency ACET, leading authority on global trends and conference speaker.
25 Mar 2011
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Sri Lanka cricketer Kumar Sangakkara and other team mates taking part in the ICC World Twenty20 in South Africa, have a major assignment off the pitch � to campaign for children�s needs and rights in the global fight against HIV and AIDS. Today, they took the campaign, a partnership between Unicef, UNAIDS and the ICC, to Johannesburg�s Tembisa Township where they gave a coaching clinic to local youngsters. But the visit wasn�t only about cricketing skills; it was about raising awareness in the fight against HIV and Aids. South Africa has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world, and the disease is especially prevalent in poverty stricken areas such as Thembisa. Under the banner of �Unite for children, Unite against AIDS�, the campaign uses the star profile of top cricketers to highlight the unacceptable levels of HIV infection amongst children and young people and aims de stigmatize the disease. The Sri Lankan player�s players, keen to improve on their runner-up spot at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, received a rousing farewell after their days coaching. They left behind not only a commitment to cricket, but also to the fight against HIV and Aids.
18 Jul 2010
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wat a dangerous virus wepon of mass destruction Hiv Weapon of Mass Destruction
20 Mar 2008
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Absolut Hiv Diss PozCupid**** - Community for HIV poz people
26 Mar 2008
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Go inform yourself and find a clinic near you. Go get tested. Better safe than sorry. Find more help and meet HIV + people at *******www.pozcupid****
25 Mar 2008
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Researchers from the Thai Red Cross carry out a nutritional study on HIV infected children. www.baangerda****
2 Apr 2008
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