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My homeless, RV-dwelling attorney talks about the complexity of homeless people in an interview I did with him in my homeless veterans shelter room in Inglewood, CA.
30 Oct 2008
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Homeless People and falling on bad times. It can happen to anyone, Focus on High Wycombe Winter Night Shelter an international issue. This video documentary demonstrates a pioneering example of volunteers in Wycombe assisting the homeless rebuild their lives. Duration 08 minutes.
23 Jan 2009
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Dante and his take on homeless people and their dogs.
3 Mar 2010
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funny homeless people and funny shop(HD) HDB
15 Jul 2010
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Dante and his take on homeless people and their dogs.
30 Mar 2013
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I do not understand why regular people treat the homeless so bad.
30 Mar 2013
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This koala is sitting on the sidewalk and munching on what seems to be an apple. Kinda looks sad too.
22 Jul 2019
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Homeless people are so touchy. No, seriously, they will touch you. Inappropriately. *******www.wholesomelane**** Subscribe: ***********/jokeofthedayshow Tweet: *******twitter****/WholesomeLane Facebook: *******www.facebook****/WholesomeLane Joke of the Day: A new joke every day and water balloons.
11 Nov 2011
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Are homeless people being exploited as 4G Hotspots at SXSW? Also, I discuss Khan Academy, and I show my hate for Instagram.
13 Mar 2012
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Top 10 Homeless People Who Won the Lottery When Shine Your Luck then you Win THe World
11 Dec 2017
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Had a great time giving $100 to some of the nicest people we've ever met. GiveBackFilms is all about giving back and helping people who are less fortunate or going through hard times. We hope that by putting these videos on YouTube, some of you are inspired to go out and do the same type of things. New video every Monday! Subscribe! ******* ********www.GiveBackFilms**** ********facebook****/GiveBackFilms Connect: www.facebook****/givebackfilms Kyle: ********twitter****/kyle_oreffice Josh: ********twitter****/gibsonjsh Instagram: kyleoreffice Business inquiries: businessinquiriesthecollective-la****
12 Sep 2014
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Talk on Giving money to the homeless. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh: If you give money to the homeless man or homeless woman, you are adding another homeless person to our society. Instead of giving them money, give them clothes, food and work. The truth about the homeless is that most of them collect the money you give, that is your hard earned money, and throw parties at night while buying beer and drugs with your money. Money can make the homeless person go crazy. What unfortunate, is that the real homeless person may not get money, but the alcoholic and drug addict homeless people do. Give the homeless work. However, I can guarantee you they'll run away in a week or two. The homeless want easy money. We, you, are responsible for creating a homeless society. The government should not allow homeless people to live on the streets. No beggars on the streets. The Indian Government passed a law banning beggars on the streets. Being a beggar is the worst thing to do. Some people like to beg God for things. Some prayer is begging. They beg God to heal the sick in their family. If God WAS a person, if he/she will tell you to go get medical insurance and bring the member to the hospital. The truth is, you need to put efforts in your own life. The more money you give to the beggars, the homeless, the more homeless people you will create. Feed them, give them clothes, give them work. Don't be the provider of their alcohol and drug needs. You may think you are being compassionate, but you are keeping that person homeless and dependent. You may think you are collecting good karma for giving money, but the truth is, you are collecting bad karma for keeping a homeless person on the street. Help a poor family, adopt an orphan. Be helpful that way. Know this truth: The homeless people WANT to be homeless. Keywords: homeless, homeless people, homeless video, homeless man, homeless woman, homeless children, homeless shelter, homeless statistics, truth about homeless, crank dat homeless man, homeless teenagers, homeless youth, bum, bums, First Video Description Do not support the homeless with money. Give the homeless man or woman clothes, work, and food. By giving them money, you support their alcohol and drug addiction and habit. It is not compassionate to give money to the homeless. You are responsible, if you give money, to adding one more homeless person to the society. Helping the poor with food, clothes, and work is good karma. Giving money to the homeless brings you bad karma. Don't feed their drug addiction. kwords: giving money to homeless, money, poor, truth, drug, alcohol, addiction, compassion, society, spiritual truth spirituality, money to the poor, guilt, jesus
18 Nov 2008
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