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(Man Enuff) How can i be man enough to make a change. In this big wide wide whole world. Its just a question I be askin myself its gets deep up in this game fa sho you know.. Saw my 1st body at 13. My homie said he wouldnt shoot so he popped heem. 38 to the ribs hit his chin and his sternum. Started chokin on his blood then his face turned purple. The sounds when a child dies make ya blood curdle. Still hear it in my heart like it happened yesterday.  Now it seems thats the way we gotta live everyday. Murda men for the pay. Count ya sins and ya blessin. Took ya fellow mans life still walkin round stressin. Got a pocket full of racks and a pretty lil belt. But no knowledge of yaself. Body just a hollow shell. Dark hole in ya chest. Still thinkin that it dont stink. Movin cautious dont approach me. Watch hands I be Ghosting. Give a damn if they feel it. They can still get it. I must preserve me. Respect the 'GodGame'. Killa Killa Im King... How can i be man enough to make a change. In this big wide wide whole world. Its just a question I be askin myself its gets deep up in this game fa sho you know.. Cute lil mama out chasin that thang. Body straight bangin but she never had a brain. Devoured by the streets didnt pass 10th grade. Only man she ever loved was her daddy used to touch her. Took his life with a guage left his little girl to suffer. Moms used to beat her thinkin that it made her tougher. But little did she know the reason why her daughter cut her. Shoved it in deep and left her mother in the gutta. Ran for 3 years but couldnt find no one to love her. Lost Black Soul. Never had a chance to grow. To the world you gotta know its just another story told. And it never gets old in case you havent checked toll. The child could be yours  which way you wanna go. Though its all truth. They still hatin on my flows. Mc Killa King. Name ringin cause Im chose. And you cant kill the messenger. A Universal NO NO NO. How can i be man enough to make a change. In this b
9 Aug 2017
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This is it.. I'll call my love Melinda That's what I'm going for If rap pays Melinda Then that's what I'm flowing for If I'm falling for her Man I'm lovin autumn All these nice things I'm Batman cuz I got them ballin in the studio Looking like Rubio Might take you to Rubios She's not a groupie though When rolling up the doobie She's rolling with blue jeans on Drivin a new Nissan Don't worry if it kicks Vikings got a new season Thinks I'm playing tricks Thats never the true reason I want you to believe in me I trust she wont cheat on me Her thrusting is teasing me But if I bust she's leaving me So I keep it it together If she'll sleep here forever Ill treat her like the NBA And I'll be Craig Saiger With you through it all I got every spot I'll pick up every call Win or lose a tight spot What we got Do you paint the picture Should I be more clear I love that soft whisper When the smoke clears My girl grips me She knows the point My girls a hippy And blows my joint Pass the joint in rotation Why am I so patient Treat me with the medicine Don't treat me like a patient I live in my own place I got my own rules You can't fix my pain With your home tools Don't even try to lie with me If you talking bout privacy You've seen every side of me I do more than get high with these Homies that I started with Slow down don't start your shit I promise not to start my shit There's nothing left to argue with It is just to hard to split One night stay another I promise not to start this shit She says I'm too obsessed With trying to be the best If we stopped having sex What would happen next Wow she stumped me You're denying I'm hungry But I'm loaded with money We can't talk birds and bees If you take my honey Cuz now I'm a carpenter I'm stronger I've been starving here But if I work I'm promised To get my living honest Let the song hit
29 Aug 2017
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Some clips of me and the homies skating golconda skatepark and london plantee skatepark
25 Nov 2017
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When the big homies, O and Ace introduce Josh to the robbery game and things don;t go as planned. Part 1. Subscribe for more. #urbanvisionworks
7 Mar 2018
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drinking game for the homies
26 Sep 2018
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Drinking game for the homies part 2.....
23 Nov 2018
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Jhonny is on the road to receive your regular salute. Next time you visit your homie’s pet, train him with these amazing moves. One handshake to make your day beautiful.
2 May 2019
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When you and your homie have got better skills than an elevator. This two can absolutely turn into smart thieves in their late 20s. Lol just kidding never mind!
4 May 2019
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Union Budget 2019: Homi Mistry, Subject Matter Expert, Deloitte India, talks about the pre-budget expectations from a common man’s view on Personal Taxation/Income Tax.
25 Jun 2019
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Wolf forgot to howl and now talks like it's about to drop the hottest mixtape of the year and make his homies proud.
24 Aug 2019
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