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Few riots were broken out in Hong Kong at 2005-12 that caused by the Korean farmers who against the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference. This clip showing that the protesters from worldwide broke the police block and entered a street, and tried to push down a police car, fortunately they were failed.
14 Aug 2007
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Different Views of high rise buildings in Hong Kong
30 Aug 2007
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Pet Expo 2007 is SO-U.TV's tour through Hong Kong's pet loving population and their furred friends at the exhibition centre. Dogs, pooches, pets and all their accessories and snacks - everyone was dressed in their finest for the show.
7 Sep 2007
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Box League Tennis Series - set to revitalise the Hong Kong Tennis scene by providing singles competition in a unique and flexible manner. Singles tennis against top players, at convenient venues, and at a time that suits you. Box League Tennis Series - brought to you by Mark Kratzmann, and coming soon to SO-U.TV!
7 Sep 2007
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The Peak Lookout Restaurant is one of Hong Kong finest institutions. A tantilising array of Western to Eastern dishes to tempt your tastebuds and views to take your breath away. An elegant yet comfortable garden like setting makes this the perfect place for lunch or dinner. www.SO-U.TV
7 Sep 2007
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Delight Girls are the famous escorts in Hong Kong. Famous to provide the beautiful and youngest escort girls in Hong Kong at a reasonable cost.
Why do people love Classic Mini cooper so much? Hung and other members had established Hong Kong Mini cooper fan club since 1993. The mission of the club is to share their experience in Min Driving as well as in perserving and collecting Minis.*******
21 Sep 2007
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Want to stay healthy? Well eat caterpillar fungus of course! At least that's what they told us in Hong Kong. I prefer the shrimp wanton noodles though!
12 Oct 2007
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Teus en Angela naar Hong Kong en Thailand
13 Oct 2007
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A video filmed from the cockpit of a Boeing 747, showing the approach, landing, and taxi in heavy rain on the Hong Kong airport. Don't try this at home!
25 Oct 2007
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*******MixTimeTV.blogspot****/ El estadounidense Doug Campbell y el británico Heath Buck han decidio realizar una travesía que le lleva de Hong Kong hasta Londres. Con el fin de recaudar fondos que les permitierán apoyar diversas causas, entre ellas la ayuda a esclavas sexuales recuperadas en Nepal. Sin embargo, lo más curusio de esta empresa son los medios, debido a que decidieron combinar dos estereotípos de caballeros. Transportándose a caballo, como los antiguos caballeros medievales; y vistiendose de Smoking, como los actuales caballeros de la alta sociedad. Los trajes fueron diseñados para resistir el vieje en Bangkok, Tailandia. Y la ruta trazada atravieza 19 países entre otros a China, Vietnam, Nepal, India y Pakistán. Dijo Buck: 'Pese a la incomodidad, nos estamos manteniendo impecables. Como si se tratase de una aventura de James Bond'. Adelante caballeros, luchen a por el reino.
2 Nov 2007
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When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Hong Kong, well, try to talk like they do... even if you fail miserably! Very funny! You've got to see it!
2 Nov 2007
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HOTPARTYTV at an event by Top beauty brand Estee Lauder Fashion Show with lovely beauties around Hong Kong
6 Dec 2007
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