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Rainbow’s End is a raucous rodeo adventure starring Hoot Gibson. Gibson, originally a rodeo star prior to getting involved in films, has a tremendous and natural screen presence that oozes charisma. In the film, Gibson plays a city boy who becomes a rodeo icon against his parent’s wishes. After a wild and rowdy celebration following a rodeo win, Gibson and his friend wind up in a one horse town and find a local rancher who’s in trouble with the bank. The story is earnest and simple, with Gibson playing it the same way, and the result is a genuine and authentic cowboy feel that isn’t found in many movies. There’s also some clever direction from Norman Spencer, who adds plenty of comedy to mix in with the great rodeo action in Rainbow’s End.
25 Feb 2008
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Dude Bandit is an archetypal Hoot Gibson western utilizing his great skills as an actor and cowboy. Gibson is beloved by classic western film fans for being a legitimate cowboy who could actually ride, shoot, and fight with the best of them. Here in one of his later films, Gibson cleverly tricks the bad guys by pretending to be a nincompoop to get his enemies to drop their guards. In the midst of ferreting out a murderer and uncovering his plot, Gibson also becomes smitten with the gorgeous Gloria Shea before the explosive conclusion. All in all, Dude Bandit is top choice western film fare.
23 Apr 2008
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hoot vs. hood, actually not that similar.
11 Sep 2008
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Get your party on at Hoots on the Avenue in Detroit. A laid-back atmosphere makes it easy to mingle and meet. Buckets of beer keep coming as a DJ keeps the lounge hopping.
22 Jun 2009
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27 Sep 2009
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Hoot a great book, about saving a little forrest that is populated by owls. www.tellyouaboutit****
12 Mar 2010
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SNSD - Hoot! dance version Korea Replubic Best Dance School defdance****
7 Dec 2010
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Veteran cowboy actor Hoot Gibson takes the leading role in Hard Hombre, a funny and action-packed Old West adventure. Gibson, known early in his career for trick riding in rodeos, is a superb cowboy as always but this story has an unusual twist: Gibson promised his mother he wouldn’t fight. So some hilarious moments include Gibson trying to jump into the middle of a gunfight to get both sides to “work it out peacefully.” Gibson’s life changes drastically when he’s mistaken for the notorious gunman the “hard hombre.” Gibson enjoys the fame for a bit, until the real Hombre shows up and all heck breaks loose. Hard Hombre is an excellent wild west throw down.
10 Jan 2008
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A family taking the stagecoach is overtaken by a gang of robbers, who kill the father and kidnap one of the two sons. The mother and her remaining son, Clint (Hoot Gibson), flee to Missouri. Later, Clint becomes a Pony Express Rider who is attacked by one of the members of the gang that wreaked such havoc in his life when he was a boy. Clint wins the gunfight and captures the gang member, Ace Carter, only to find out as he is transporting him to the police that Ace is none other than his abducted brother, Asa. During Asa’s trial, Clint argues for leniency from the judge because of his brother’s hard upbringing and the family is reunited again.
3 Mar 2008
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People howl & hoot on Halloween.
23 Oct 2008
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16 Feb 2010
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Source Material (VHS - 1986): 1) Snickers Satisfies You 2) Pearl Drops Tooth Polish 3) CBS In The News Ozone 4) Give A Hoot! Don't Pollute 5) Nova Special Effects: Star Wars Rebel Ship Escape 6) Fruit Wrinkles 7) Barbie Glamour Bath and Shower 8) Dancin' To The Hits 9) The Wizard: Seeing Is Believing
24 Feb 2010
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