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27 Nov 2007
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One of Jack Nicholson’s earliest films, The Terror takes viewers on a trip by following a sensuous apparition (Sandra Knight) through an ancient castle with a suicidal Baron (Boris Karloff). Nicholson plays Lieutenant Duvalier alongside Karloff, the undisputed king of Hollywood horror. Add that the film is helmed by veteran horror director Roger Corman and all the necessary elements are present for a thrilling romp of fear and mystery. The story begins when Nicholson is disturbed by a the beautiful figure of Sandra Knight that keeps appearing before him. He eventually follows her to the Castle, hoping to unravel the conundrum. What he finds is a despondent and self-destructive Baron who is being tortured by a supernatural force! A prototypical Cormon chiller, The Terror delivers.
14 Nov 2007
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*******bollyreel**** Gauri-The Unborn is here Watch the latest horror flick in town
4 Dec 2007
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One of the best early 20th century horror films, The Vampire Bat is pure frightful fun. There’s a problem in the small town of Kleinschloss: people are being murdered, found drained entirely of their blood! The townfolk suspect a resurgence of vampires. The police inspector doesn’t want to believe what the rest of the village fears, and in his denial suspicion falls on the poor simpleton Herman Gleib (Dwight Frye). However, once Gleib has been taken care of, the murders continue. Though standards for gore have changed, The Vampire Bat continues to be worth viewing because of its fine production and superb cast. Fans of this genre will not want to miss one of the best vampire films ever produced.
4 Dec 2007
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Starring b-movie superstar Bela Lugosi (Plan 9 from Outer Space), The Corpse Vanishes is the consummate nineteen forties horror movie. The suitably disgusting premise is that a youth potion can be made from the blood of virgins. The capture of innocent girls by Lugosi fuels the narrative while all the spooky fun goes on nonstop. Mad scientists, kidnapping, poisons and immortality tonics abound in this freaky black and white scarefest!
5 Dec 2007
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Watch all episodes of Masters of Horrors for free at: *******watchmastersofhorror.blogspot**** Enjoy!
27 Dec 2007
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My kids's first video. A horror scene
28 Dec 2007
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Horror Vacui Trailer - Linea77
7 Jan 2008
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Horror Vacui Trailer - Linea77
7 Jan 2008
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horrors of a movie theater after closing time
25 Jan 2008
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A original horror film directed by me. Music- Freeplaymusic****
4 Feb 2008
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King of the Zombies is a comical horror movie from the early 1940s. Though he did not receive top billing due to race issues, African American comedian and actor Mantan Moreland is the star of this quirky film. Moreland plays the butler of an American Secret Agent (Dick Purcell) who’s dispatched to a remote island on a rescue mission. Upon arriving, Moreland and Purcell find an oddball scientist whose wife is acting funny: staggering walk, groaning, etc. Moreland figures out that they’re trapped on an island infested with the living dead – but his boss doesn’t believe in such nonsense! Moreland brings a superb sense of humor to this film and it’s worth watching just for him. However, King of the Zombies is also super fun for those who just love creature thrillers.
18 Dec 2008
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