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Hear all-female drag racing team Horsepower & Heels talk about a typical race weekend, as driver Erica Ortiz attends a race to assist with crew duties for a fellow racer.
24 Jun 2008
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1990 mustang gt 550+ horsepower - FOR SALE $5,000 NEW MOTOR - 460 bigblock needs tranny but does drive. email if interested: mustangtriplexdecals**** website: www.triplexdecals****
23 Oct 2008
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Monster Energy and Horsepower Ranch throw a party to kick off the 41st Tecate SCORE Baja 1000! Good Luck to all the riders and congratulations to the five winners of 'The Robby Gordon Experience'.
21 Nov 2008
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Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black. V12 bi-turbo, 670 horsepower, 738 torque, wide body. Shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show (Southern California). This car is a stunning piece of real estate and costs as much as a commercial property. (*******www.orealo****)
24 Nov 2008
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From a program about the strongest man in Egypt and his wives, which aired on Al-Mihwar TV on August 7, 2007. Reporter: This is the "Incredible Hulk" or the Samson of our times. He got married 28 times and has fathered 35 sons and daughters. The eldest, Sameh, is 24 years old, while the youngest, Sayyed, is only three. Medical tests have proven that his strength equals 260 horsepower. He can bend a metal coin with his eye socket or his tongue. Then he breaks it in two with his bare hands. Sayyed Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah is a gifted man. Allah has bestowed upon him great strength, but he uses it only to do good. This is a man on whom Allah has bestowed the strength of 30,000 men, or 260 horsepower. Allah has also blessed him with a faithful and humble heart, as well as good values and self-restraint. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV) via
25 Oct 2009
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*******www.K-and-N-Air-Filters**** : More air flow, increased horsepower, long lasting performance - even after 35 years, the K&N Filtercharger is still on the cutting edge of air filtration technology. When it was first developed in 1962, the K and N Filtercharger was a true design breakthrough in air filtration technology. Today, it still is. Because K and N's Filtercharger can actually double air flow, which, in turn, adds up to 15 extra horsepower. The secret lies in the K and N Filtercharger's unique design. Conventional filters use paper or foam material permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages, that screen dirt particles out of the air. Because the dirt particles are trapped inside the passages, they eventually clog; and when this occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically.
10 Feb 2010
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The annual WyoTech Brute Horsepower Shootout is a competition we hold each year at our Daytona campus during Bike Week. Contestants come from across the country to participate for ultimate bragging rights in a multiple-day competition. Riders in 16 different categories hook their motorcycles up to a dynamometer machine ("dyno" for short) at WyoTech-Daytona's campus to measure their bike's output for the right to be named Champion. This year marks the 20th Horsepower Shootout competition and we've already had some great results. Stay tuned to ***********/wyotech for the rest of our coverage of Daytona Bike Week 2010.
8 Mar 2010
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Wolfgang Grasser is, now, a 6-time WyoTech Brute Horsepower Shootout champion. On Friday, he powered his 2003 Harley Davidson FXR with a 98.6ci V-Twin motor to 183.42 HP, claiming his sixth straight Horsepower Shootout victory. That works out to around 1.9 horsepower per cubic inch! Wow! In addition to being a sleek black, custom-built Harley, it's street legal! We got a chance to catch up with Wolfgang after his win. What makes these victories especially sweet is that Wolfgang is, in a sense, one of our own. He graduated from American Motorcycle Institute (AMI) in 1990; American Motorcycle Institute - Daytona Beach Campus became WyoTech in 2006. He is a Motorcycle Technology graduate who specialized in Harley-Davidson. Congrats, Wolfgang!
8 Mar 2010
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Horsepower Ranch Party before Baja 1000
1 May 2010
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26 May 2010
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21 Sep 2010
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******* Senco PC10101-Horsepower Peak1-Gallon Compressor
10 Apr 2013
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******* Senco PC1131 Compressor 25-Horsepower PEAK 43-Gallon
14 Apr 2013
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27 Apr 2013
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17 Jun 2017
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27 Jun 2017
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