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If you pour beer into a heated pan then it will create an interesting substance, or to some a rather yucky substance which looks like alien goo.
2 Jan 2018
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When luck is not in favor of you all you can do is have patience. Sometimes few people lose it like this fisherman guy here, after all, we are all human aren’t we?
20 Feb 2018
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You must have seen a piece of butter in a hot frying pan how smoothly it moves from here to there. This can move exactly like it.
8 Apr 2018
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At least a million catfish are getting fed by this guy and it looks like when someone fries something in hot oil.
28 Jul 2019
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EXPERIMENT What Happen if You Drop Toothpaste into HOT PAN(720p).MP4
15 Sep 2017
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Vegans look away! This is meat goodness! A huge platter of grilled meats gets bought in for a lot of diners, butter is melted on a hot pan & meat is added. Yum!
19 Jun 2019
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Hot dance by hot child
24 Mar 2019
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Apple and Cinnamon Crèpes Serves 6 Crèpe mix for 6-8 (2 crepes each) 2 medium eggs 165g plain flour ½ teaspoon of sugar 350ml of semi-skimmed milk 1 dstspn of Flora Buttery spread - melted • Mix the eggs with the flour and sugar to make a paste. • Add the milk very slowly. Use just enough so that the mixture coats the back of a spoon. • Stir in the melted Flora Buttery. Combine thoroughly. • Heat a heavy based non-stick pan and add a small ladle of batter. Cook until golden on each side. • Serve immediately or leave them to cool, keeping each one separated from the other by greaseproof paper. Filling • 1 tblspn Flora Buttery spread • Pinch of cinnamon • 70 g soft light brown sugar • 350 gm baking apples—peeled and sliced • 250 ml half fat crème fraiche • Melt the Flora Buttery in a hot pan, add the cinnamon and sugar, and allow to infuse for about a minute before adding the apples. • Cook for about 4-5 minutes just so they start to break down. Remove from the heat. • Lay the crèpes out and divide the apple mixture evenly between them. • Now divide the crème fraiche evenly on top of this. • Fold the right and left hand sides of each crepe to square off the edges then roll up from the open end nearest to you to the top. • Lay side by side in a dish, sprinkle with caster sugar and glaze under the grill. Tips • By melting the Flora Buttery and adding to the mixture, you save time as you don’t then need to add Flora Buttery to the pan every time you make a pancake. • This works equally well with pears, banana, strawberries and raisins. • The crème fraiche can be substituted with custard or thick yoghurt.
14 May 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – An Immediate Plan for Afterlife - P3/3 May 28, 1989 San Francisco, California, USA. Episode: 1717, Air Date: 28 May 2011. Script *I am a vegetarian but my partner is not. What would be a good and sensible way of handling the cooking for the two of us?We are not very traditional and sometimes cook or eat our meals separately. Eat separately already?(*Sometimes they do,yes.) Only sometimes?And the other times you eat meat or what?Yes,that is the way. You cook separately. You cook for him meat and you cook for yourself vegetarian,each one for themselves and we don't need to force anyone to be vegetarian if they are not willing to accept it,if they're not ready for it. But you yourself eat vegetarian,and we live peaceful together,why not?If you can tell your partner to eat vegetarian,then it is better for you both. He will or she will eventually,if you show a good example. If you progress,you have a good vibration,you meditate and you radiate love,and it will affect him. *After practicing with Master,I have no time to visit my former teacher. Am I ungrateful? You are not. You meditate every day,you worship the Buddha within you. You have become an enlightened person who can save yourself,save your relatives and friends and other sentient beings. It's a way to repay your teacher. You don't have to visit him. Of course,you can if you have time,but if you don't practice spiritually and do bad things,what's the use of visiting him?How can you repay his kindness?If we are good and filial children,we don't just visit our parent,we should become good people,perform well in our job,and offer our parents money. That's how you repay them. Understand?If you hang around your parents every day and live off of them instead of making money yourself,it's no use. Understand? It's like this. He asked me,if he studies with me,then he has no more time to go back to see his previous master - means the teacher,yes,who didn't teach him this method. Like,teach you the virtuous life and things like…like a priest,or they just tell you the virtuous things. And he said,if he couldn't go back,had no time to come back to see his old teacher,would it be like he's a betrayer or some kind of…not remembering the benefactor,yes,the benefit that the teacher has given him. I said,no,no,you requite your teacher's kindness by improving yourself spiritually and virtuously,and then when you're enlightened… The more you're enlightened,the more you can radiate love and life and save a lot of others and yourself,then that is requiting the kindness of the teachers. There's no need to always to hang around him and being ignorant. If you hang around a teacher and be ignorant,that is not the way of requiting the kindness. It's not so? *Why did you not become a sister Christ? I don't mind. I'd like to be a sister also,whatever. It is only a kind of… a way of life. Yes?A different path,I mean,different clothing. I was born in a… you see,more in a Buddhist tradition. Yes?And also,in the Buddhist monastery or anywhere I can get vegetarian food,but in a Christian monastery,not. Also because of some affinity,you understand?You become what is by the ordination of the Most High. You become a wife because you have to do a wife part; you become presidents because you have to fulfill the presidents' purpose; you become a Buddhist nun or a Catholic monk,it is your destiny. Even though you are enlightened,you follow your destiny. For example,the Buddha,after he was enlightened he could also come back as a householder again; he changed the clothes,but his enlightenment won't change. Understand? But he didn't change,he just carried on like that. So now,when you are wearing lay clothes and then after you get enlightenment,say from the Quan Yin Method,after the initiation you are enlightened,now do you need to change from jeans to a miniskirt or not?Or to different clothes or not?No. If you are enlightened,you are enlightened no matter in what clothes. You can wear Sikh clothes,you can wear Hindu clothes,you can wear Buddhist clothes or Christian clothes,it makes no difference. You don't need to change anymore. Understand that?Yes?So why do I have to change anything?I'm okay like this. Don't I look very good?So,if it pleases you,then I don't need to change. *Why can't we drink alcohol?Through medical research,it has been proven to have a good effect. No. The drinking affects our mind,makes our mind clouded and confused,and numbs our nerves to some extent. Everybody knows this. So I don't care what good it affects you on the surface,it does harm to the brain,to the thinking system,and we have to rely on this thinking system in order to get enlightened. Understand that?The more we numb it,the more confused we become,and we couldn't think straight. That's why we should not drink wine. *What is the cause and result? The cause and result is that if you sow… In the Bible,it says, 『As you sow,so shall you reap.』You sow a lemon seed,you will get lemon fruit. You do bad deed,you will get bad effect. If you do some good one,you will get good karma (retribution). If you follow the Buddha's path,you will become Buddha. If you follow the worldly path,you'll become worldly sentient beings. Yes? *The third question is: What is the cause and the connection? The cause and connection is like this. Sometimes in the last life,this man gave that woman some material comfort. If that woman had not done anything in that life to repay the kindness in material ways,then she has to come back again,maybe becoming his wife or his daughter,in order to work,earn money,and pay back the debt. That is what called 『yin yuan,』or the cause and the connection. So make sure you pay every debt if you don't want to go back. Therefore,to learn with me,means to keep the ethical life. Don't steal,so you don't have to come back. Make every deal straight,honest. Yes. *I am very interested in the initiation,but I would have a problem with not committing adultery or premarital sex. What would you suggest about this problem? Premarital sex is not adultery provided you don't change your partner and intend to marry. And nowadays,these are similar to marriage,yes?You live together and you first know each other and so that's all right. Just don't go to the other and don't change so quick. If,however,you're not married and then you couldn't stand each other and you couldn't sort it out with each other after all kinds of trials and tribulations,and talk and peace settlement,and you couldn't make it,and you both decide to separate,or maybe in future unintentionally you bump into another,then I think you should be honest to yourself and that's enough. You know? We couldn't be too strict in this modern time. What I mean by adultery is that you already have a wife and husband and they are good to you,and harmonious,and you still,due to lustful desire,you look around and hurt your partner. Understand?Yes. But then,after you practice this method for a while,you don't feel you want to look around anymore. Yes. You will naturally become pure because God power will cleanse you. 『I would like to know: Where does the content of hallucination come from?Does it come from the same source as dreams within or without?』Yes. There's the first question,interesting. You know where does hallucination come from?From our own wrong thinking,from our wrong diet. Therefore,Buddha said,when you eat meat and drink wine and indulge in sexual pleasure or worldly pleasure,you can get only the demon king's position and never the Buddha's position. The 『demon king』means the position of hallucination of false position,and not the true one,the highest one. The hallucination comes easily,when our speech,body and mind are not clean,and we try to meditate,or we meditate alone without a competent master. Now,an ethical life and cleanliness of body,speech,and mind are absolutely essential if you want to reach the ultimate,otherwise you might reach some between Heavens or some hallucination. Now,hallucination might come without meditation of any kind,when you lack oxygen,so sometimes you fainted and you,like,you see some Heaven; it is your lacking of oxygen,yes?Or when you endure extreme pain and hardship,and you've fainted,you also see that. Or when you are too exhausted or when you take drugs,you will have a hallucination,yes. Okay,so many,they come from. This is similar to dreams,but then it isn't always a dream. A dream is a little bit natural - you go to sleep,and you dream. But hallucination comes for some time,from external pressure,yes,like I have said,you are in extreme pain or you're lacking of oxygen,exhausted,or you take drugs,understand?So it's a little bit different,that's all. 『I have a medical condition that requires diet of animal protein,chicken,etc.,what shall I do?』I do not know that in this age people still misunderstand that animal protein,that it's the only one protein in the world. All the doctors,science,have proven that vegetable protein is absolutely enough,and even more helpful for health than the meat diet. In Formosa (Taiwan),there are two hospitals built by the Catholic believers. All the doctors,nurses,and patients require completely vegetarian diet inside. If you want to lie there,you have to be vegetarian. And they recover very quickly; nobody dies from any malnutrition. Yes,so I think the vegetarian diet,no doubt,is the best. You know,the Americans eat a lot of meat,and so,according to research,your country has the highest cancer rate in the world. Is that a case for congratulations?And then Russia and China have no meat,they have the lowest cancer rate. How about that for a comparison and fun? *My Buddhist name is Diệu Thần. I am 80years old,and have been a vegetarian for the last 7years. Okay. Understand. Yes,okay. Yes,yes,yes. Yes,you can learn. She wants to get initiation. *May I ask: Is it true that if we lose the body,we won't lose the soul?So if I try my best to practice spiritually until I gain wisdom and detachment. Is that considered following the Buddha's path? Yes,yes. But you have to know the path to practice before you can practice,not that you practice blindly. After I teach you,then you'll know how to practice,understand?That's correct. What you think is correct,but you're still lacking a method. Tomorrow,I will teach you. You must be vegan. *And will I get liberation? Liberated,yes. Only by practicing this method can you be liberated. Thank you. 『Currently,I keep a vegan diet 6months per year,ever since I was 20years old.』Since you were 20years old until this year,you eat vegan for six months per year,right?And now you want to learn. Sure,sure,sure. No problem. Yes,sure. You are still young yet,no need to ask if you're 59years old. Sixty-five years old can't apply. Yes,okay. *What happens to a child who dies before enlightenment? A child who dies before enlightenment?That's nothing big deal. Everybody dies before enlightenment. So,you will come back again as something else,okay?A child dies before enlightenment is not so sorrowful as we die when we are old and unenlightened. We have so long a time and without searching for a master or a method. A child,he can't help it,but we can. We have time to change,we are 30,40,50; we still have time,so do it. *What about prescription drugs?And what about sex life with your married partner? Okay,just minimize it as much as you can,in order to progress quickly,as much as you can,yes?Do it naturally,otherwise,the mind will revolt. So,slowly,naturally,and the more you practice,the more natural it becomes,and then you will completely feel like it's not necessary: if you have it,okay,if you don't,it's all right. You feel like the monks and the nuns without any difficulty,yes. Sex is not really necessary; it's only a habit,yes. Now observe,sometimes if you don't see a woman for many months,then you don't feel so much. If you're away from your wife for periods of time,yes,and you're working hard,you don't feel like you need any sexual indulgence,no?Is that not so?You try it for some time,then you'll know what I mean. And now,the animals,they never desire anything until the time comes. They have their season,is that not so?Now,man is in the animal kingdom except his mind belongs to God. He is also an animal,and,actually,we are overindulgent in this. We should observe the rule of physical law,do it in season only. I mean,not just for pleasure - just for procreation's sake,yes?So the Bible says don't indulge yourself. We do it too much and it will become habit,and then becomes boring,then it's nothing there. *Most spiritual masters of the past could only enlighten very few disciples. Why do you offer enlightenment to so many? Who are many?Do you think all of them will come up to me and get enlightened?No. Some will come and some won't. Most of the masters in the ancient times offered,of course,only to a few because a few only came. Most of them were hiding and dared not come out in the open. Once they came out in the open…!Don't you see Jesus?Three-and-a-half years only they let him live. You see the fifth guru,they chased him from one city to another,they flayed him alive,they burned him in the hot sun and oven underneath,made him sit - the fifth guru of the Sikh religion. They made him sit on top of a hot pan under the hot sun with burning fire underneath. He,with almighty power,didn't resist this. Not because he's a coward,but he bears the punishment for the sake of his disciples. He takes the bad karma (retribution),the ugly and heavy karma (retribution) of his disciples on his own body. Therefore,he had to endure some punishment. Like Jesus,he can disappear at will,he can fly to Heaven,he can do some magic tricks; but he did not resist. He let them nail him. Not because he couldn't run; he could. He could disappear at will; he had a lot of magical power. He disappeared many times,according to the Bible's records. He learned a lot of yogis' tricks. He can disappear,manifest,can heal the sick,heal the blind,can walk across the water,but he won't. Why?- because he has to wash the sins of his disciples at that time. Every master has to bear the sins of whoever comes to his feet for enlightenment,because the sins of a human being are numerous,numerous lives collected. It's impossible to imagine how big it is. Now,what did the master,the Buddha master,say about this?The Buddha said, 『If you can see the sin of one person,it fills up the whole universe.』 One single person's sin fills up the whole universe. In the Bible,it also says when we are born,we sinned already. We inherit the sin in our blood,and how can we wash it with our own limited wisdom and strength?Need a Son of God,the savior,or the master who knows the way to wash it. *Is there only one higher power?Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experience,strengths and hopes as a group for an enlightened master? Is there just one higher power?Yes,the highest one; and the higher it goes,the higher the power,the stronger. The lower it descends to our world,nearer to our world,the less the power. Therefore, enlightenment has levels. The higher you climb,the more enlightened,the more power you possess, until you become one with God. Then you have the absolute power,and at that time,you'd say you've attained Nirvana,you've attained Buddhahood,or you've become one with God,you have God-realization. Now,『Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experiences,strengths,and hopes,a group for an enlightened master? Can you not use a fellowship of somewhat enlightened people who share their experience?』What is that?- means all the enlightened masters should get together?Is that what you meant?YesYes. It is possible. But enlightened masters are not so many,and if there are,they're busy. Because there are so many unenlightened people around the world,they have to go around and help them,not just to get together. Yes? They are together already in spirit. They no need to be together physically. But we can,after initiation,we can practice with our fellow,enlightened practitioners and share experience and joys and the group power. And the gurus from far away even can protect,help,and bless the whole group. The group practicing is very,very useful. Therefore,Jesus said, 『When two persons sit in my name, I am with them.』That means that. Yes,group practicing had a lot of good God blessing. Okay,good. *What did you mean by 『Tao?』 Tao means 『the way.』It is a Chinese word, 『Tao,』for 『the way,』or 『the road to liberation,』or the highest wisdom in the universe,the creative force. That is Tao. 『What did you mean by when you said the ordinary mind is Tao?I didn't understand that word.』Tao is that. Yes. 『Ordinary mind』means when our mind is peaceful and calm,harmonized with all circumstances and beings. That is called 『ordinary mind.』 Actually, 『ping chang hsin,』it doesn't mean 『ordinary mind,』but because when you translate it into English,you lack this vocabulary. So,ordinary mind,『ping chang hsin,』really means 『ordinary mind,』but not this ordinary sense. It means 『peaceful mind.』You know?- already enlightened mind,very harmonious mind. That is ordinary mind. *My name is Wei-sun this year,32years,I already got the Bodhisattva route,and I am vegetarian for three years. Now I am very lucky to meet the Master. Please give me initiation and let me up. Okay,we do that. No problem. *What is the function of the ego?Can the ego be elevated as opposed to being cast aside?What is the relationship between our God-like nature and the seven chakras?If we are not sure whether your path is our path,can we try initiation and leave to go our own way without incurring bad feelings or karma (retribution)? Yes,you may. I don't bind you - no condition - but I'm afraid you don't want to leave. *What if we slip up and cannot keep our part of the bargain after initiation?If we take two steps back for every three or four steps forward,if we just decide another way,would you prefer us not to try to initiate?Doesn't ask for blessings of the food before eating help?Shouldn't we ask for blessing before we start eating? It's like this: you may try our path and the God power has something to do with the seven chakras. But the chakras,if you mean the bodily chakras up to here,then it is not. I'm talking above these chakras. Yes?Most of the yogis practicing the chakras in the body and stir up the inner heat motion only. We have two motions,two currents,in the body. One is the Sound current,the other is the heat current. The heat current takes care of the motions in the body - the digestion,the sweat,the blood,the circulation. The other currents take us up back to the Kingdom of God. Then when the yogis practice… When you mean the sexual chakra and the anus chakra and the abdomen chakras and the solar plexus or the heart or the throat chakra,then I don't mean that. I mean above that. May you please refer to my book,『The Secret of the Wisdom Eye,』yes. I talked about different chakras,and the difference between our practice and these chakras. Yes. Now,if you want to get initiation,then please be firm. You must know you want God above all things. Yes. Don't bargain with Hirm. I don't care what you do,Hes does. God is not mocked. Yes. And 『don't worship any other before Me.』And asking for bless the food: 『Doesn't asking for the blessing of the food before eating help?Even vegetables have life.』Yes,it helps. Before you eat,you should offer the food to God,or Jesus or Buddha,whomever you believe most,or Guru Nanak,to your guru,yes,and then eat it. Then the foods are more blessed,yes,and you're easier to get digestion. Of course it is good. *How many paths are there to reach enlightenment?What are they? How many paths to enlightenment?There's only one path. The Buddha said the Sound Stream method, the Light and the Sound within,will lead us to enlightenment. Jesus said the same, 『I am the Light of the world. Those who follow me won't walk in darkness.』So whoever can offer the Light,he is doing the mission of Christ. If he gives you the Light,that means he will lead you to the Light,and you won't walk in darkness,yes? 『Enlightenment』implies Light,so if whoever can give you Light,surely you are enlightened. Okay. *If it is immoral to eat meat,is it also immoral to kill animals for other purposes,such as belts or shoes,etc.? Yes,it is. For any purpose, 『Thou shalt not kill.』 『An eye for an eye,tooth for tooth,』the ancients said it. So better we refrain from any killing may it be directly or indirectly. If we don't eat any animal food,no one will kill because he makes no profit. So if we eat meat,we're also killing indirectly. *Enlightenment has always been an enigma for me. I do not understand that one will have to go through many,many more lives for further evolution in order to reach the point of communicating. If you want to get initiation,then may I inform you that is tomorrow morning, 8o'clock at our place and we make the whole day and make a big initiation,explain everything. You don't need to take lunch; we take care of you,okay?For also free of charge. It's all free. From the Master,everything is free,and no karma (retribution) - I mean,no debt to come back; from other people,yes,from the Master power,no. Yes,how do I go about it? Perhaps you would say, 『This person is very impatient now. She said,`I don't want to go life after life,and revolving again. So I want to get enlightenment and liberated in this life.'』So he likes,she likes that. Yes,if you are not enlightened,you are only doing business; the same everywhere. But when you are enlightened,you can even bow to any stone. You don't mind - they do theirs,you do yours,yes?Okay? You worship only the symbol of enlightenment,not the person. So you may bow to them. As for me,never,ever bow to me in any circumstance. Don't bow to me,because this only a fleshly body. I am not this. It's only my clothes. So when you come to me,no need to bow. Don't be afraid about it. All my disciples never bow to me,except if they are ignorant,they don't know,they'd bow,and then I run,and they'd bow to an empty chair. *Does Quan Yin Bodhisattva exist in the world?Chanting and praying have been seen regularly in any pagodas and temples. Are they the ways or methods to reach enlightenment? Yes,『Quán Âm,』you mean the Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. In Aulacese (Vietnamese),they call 『Quán Âm,』means 『Quan Yin Bodhisattva,』yes. This person,or this saint,represents the compassionate quality of God,or of the Buddha. Yes,she does exist. Sometimes,she reincarnates in this world,takes on fleshly clothes to help other ignorant people. She does exist; she came to China many times. Then we know who was the incarnation of Quan Yin and who was many times,over and over again. In Tibet also she incarnates sometimes. And second, 『Chanting and praying have been seen regularly in any pagoda or temple,are they the ways or methods to reach enlightenment?』 No,no. This is only a part of it. Praying and chanting is necessary to stimulate our sincerity and to help create some sincerer and clean atmosphere,but we must be silent in order to communicate with our silent God. Hes is not noisy. And we are busy every day already with our mouth,our speech,our mind,when we go to the church,we're busy again chanting and talking and telling God what to do. So when will you think God has time for us?Or we have time for God?Yes?Have to sit in silence or even stand in silence or lie in silence and know where to find God,yes?- apart from prayers and chanting in the temple and in the pagoda,yes. *When you help someone,how do you know you are not interfering with their karma (retribution) or with their lesson?Or if you keep tying someone's shoestrings,they will never learn to do it themselves. How do you know when to help and when not to help?Should you wait until they ask for help? You see,it is like this: you don't need to tie someone else's shoestring if he can do it himself. When he can't,because he is sick,ill,then you may help. So,to interfere or not interfere,this we can't help it. Sometimes we don't want to do it,and we just do it. So the best way is to get in touch with God power,to possess Godly wisdom,and then God will direct you what to do,and then you are free of burden and responsibility. Okay? Otherwise,in no way you can do it. Yes,only God knows. When we get in touch with our wisdom,then the wisdom will direct us every day in every affair,and we feel,and we're sure,and we're certain sometimes that we're doing it right. I have the way to show you how to do it in the right way,but this takes some time after initiation. Okay? *Did you know your destiny from your earliest memories?Who was your Master?Was he in the Himalayas? Yes,in the Himalayas. He's gone,went Home. *If someone helps you,do you have to pay back to someone else?Or can you erase the debt by doing good to another? Yes,if you can then pay back to the same person. If not,then you pay to the other in the name of goodness to all universal beings. Yes?If you need help,then ask for it and later try to repay when the time comes. Everyone needs help sometimes. Our nature is love and compassion,as the Buddha has taught us. We have been misled life after life by our own ignorance,and the darkness of this realm has imposed pressure upon us that we forget even more. So,never have I blamed humans for forgetting to love themselves,the animals,or forgetting what they really are— that is,love. Humans are love incarnate. But it is time to remember again. We have to be merciful and compassionate in order to beget the same quality. We have to be loving and kind to our own co-inhabitants so that we can attract loving and kind mercy from Heaven. All the masters in the past taught the same things,that we have to return to our kindness and love,which is our own nature. We can save ourselves and our loved ones. Stop killing,be loving,be compassionate,be kind.
4 Aug 2011
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*******www.freezerburns**** Today I'm going to show you how to turn this good frozen omelette into great one using just one ingredient. This is the Cedarlane All Natural Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette. Personally I've never been a fan of frozen eggs especially ones you have to prepare in the microwave. They tend to turn out rubbery and eggs aren't particularly expensive or difficult to prepare on your own. Unfortunately, this meal was no exception. The consistency was horrible, the edge fell apart, it really wasn't an omelette. However, the spinach and mushroom flavor was amazing. I knew there was a way to turn this meal around. Today's +1 is the Roma Tomato but it is not just this fresh ingredient that makes a difference, it's also the way in which you prepare this meal. The omelette was frozen solid so i put it in the microwave for 90 seconds. I diced up one of the tomatoes and then sprayed a can with non-stick cooking spray. Next, I took the defrosted omelette, put it on the hot pan and added the tomatoes. As the spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes began to heat up, I slowly folded the omelette with a spatula. Once the filling was fully heated up, and both sides were nicely browned, I put some of the filling that fell out the sides on top and it was ready to eat. The addition of a Roma Tomato and preparing it on the stove turned this mushy meal into a fresh, colorful, and savory omelette. Now's your turn. Which +1 ingredient would you add to this frozen omelette? Or, what's your favorite type of omelette? Leave it in the comments section. Thanks for watching! see you next time! Call the Freezerburns Hotline! Want to leave me a comment, a suggestion, or just want to say hi? Call (260) 243-5847 and don't forget to leave your name and where you're from. I may add your message to the next episode! About Freezerburns +1 I've reviewed over 500 frozen meals and now I'm on a mission to make them better! 1 good frozen meal plus 1 fresh ingredient equals 1 great meal!
24 May 2013
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During the launch, the price of Rotimatic in UK was around $599 USD. But I was not sure about the machine and the company. Therefore, I decided to wait and check all the user reviews. I saw so many people in UK, in my neighborhood purchasing Rotimatic. And then I went to their place and used it myself. And then I decided to buy it for myself. But I was too late, the discount offer had ended. And now the Rotimatic was available at $999 USD. My family and I were so much in love with Rotimatic that we were ready to shed out some extra money for the machine. And we booked it. Last year in February end we received our Rotimatic. We were so excited to use it! In this video, I have added all the photos of unboxing. We got Rotimatic and along with it, we have received tools to clean the machine. There are various kinds of brushes to clean various parts of Rotimatic. There is a manual to guide us how to set up the Rotimatic and how to start making rotis. There is also a recipe book from which we can make so many fun things. Rotimatic has 3 containers - flour, water, and oil. You need to fill in these containers to start making rotis. After you have filled the containers, you need to set the thickness level, roast level, and oil usage and then press the start button. The machine will warm up for 5 minutes on it's every first roti. The first two rotis might not come as expected but then going forward it will start making perfect round and thin rotis. The kneading section will knead the flour into a dough ball and push it towards the rolling section and that section will flatten the dough ball into a thin disk and push it further. Once that is done the hot pan will touch the roti disc and it will start fluffing. And will get roasted. There you will have a perfectly roasted, puffy and soft roti ready. After you have completed making the rotis, you have to switch it off or change the setting to the cleaning mode.
14 Jun 2018
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