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I wouldn't leave my hotel room, if anything like that could have happened. Funny ad.
6 Apr 2006
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This couple got married underwater - not common, but not unheard of. However, they spent their honeymoon in the first of it's kid underwater hotel room. It's actually a cool concept - you can make all the noise you want and you won't be bothered by noisy neighbors or room service.
18 May 2006
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That are some nice trick fountains in front of a hotel...
5 Jun 2006
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Levi at home singing on a midi version hotel California
20 Dec 2006
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May 2005 (Newstream) -- Swimsuit season is here which means - more than ever - people are looking to incorporate some form of exercise into their daily routine. This can prove especially tricky for those traveling on business. But hotels are tapping into the travel trend of fitness on the go by delivering a workout via room service. Bringing the gym to the guest makes it more work to avoid the gym. Now lacing up simply means rolling out of bed. Studies show two-thirds of travelers want to make it to the gym even on the road but unfamiliar workout equipment and gearing up for a hotel gym is often a roadblock. Westin Hotels are going as far as offering guests their own personal workout space. For $20 extra, you can get your own personal treadmill or stationary bike right in your room. A Reebok Workout also comes complete with yoga mats, pilates DVDs, stability balls and dumbbells. Specially designed running maps by Runners World completes the program so that unfamiliar terrain becomes a cardio excursion. At Westin, they've even trained running concierges that lead group runs for guests. And when a hotel stay is not for business but pleasure, you can still make your workout happen with hotels offering rentable jogging strollers. And for those committed to a state of the art gym, hotels still offer the latest in fitness features, like personal flat screen TVs, digital music and pre-planned workouts. For couch potatoes looking for the easy road out of an exercise routine, traveling is no longer the scapegoat. Hotels these days are putting a whole new spin on effectively stretching time. Produced for Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
9 Jan 2007
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May 2005 (Newstream) -- These days, guests aren't just "borrowing" hotel bathrobes, they're taking entire rooms home with them. The latest trend in home design has consumers purchasing their favorite hotel decor from local department stores. This trend has resulted in million-dollar business for both hotels and stores alike. Last year alone, the sale of hotel amenities raked in more than $60 million dollars. This year, sales are expected to double. Items up for sale are the luxurious sheets, duvets, and pillows. But bedding isn't the only hotel room amenity consumers are after - even the beds themselves are in demand. Nordstrom has tapped into the trend by offering the signature Heavenly Bed found in Westin Hotels. It marks the first time a hotel line of bedding is being sold in a national department store. Travelers can also purchase anything from showerheads and tableware. The appeal is simple: how often does high-end merchandise lend itself to a test run before purchase? Now when guests like what they see, they have a way to bring home the luxury. For consumers who want to sample swank before it's part of their home's style, this latest hotel-inspired trend is redefining "room service". Produced for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
9 Jan 2007
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Chevlon Hotel India Madras
23 Jan 2007
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Organist JON HAMMOND teams up with DANNY WOODY in this rollicking JAZZ MOVIE at Shanghai PORTMAN RITZ CARLTON HOTEL Jazz Bar *Featuring the entertaining vocalist LaDEE STREETER (Stevie Wonder backup voc.), Dr. DWIGHT DICKERSON-piano, ALEX LAYNE-bs. JON HAMMOND-organ, DANNY WOODY-musical director/drums. Special performance for SUPERLUX Microphones 'JON HAMMOND'S MUSIC CHINA WARM UP PARTY' annual sister trade show of MUSIKMESSE & NAMM. Some Big Tippers were in the house that night! Great Jazzy Shuffle Blues with m.d. Danny Woody and Jon Hammond 1st of 4 years, enjoy! *Note: Danny Woody is also the famous Restorer & Vendor of Chinese Military Sidecar Motorcycles Chang Jiang: California Dreamin' in Shanghai - Newsweek June 28 issue - Venice Beach native Danny Woody is living the California dream. He drms in a jazz band at night, then tours motorcycle shops by day. 'But who would have imagined,' he says, 'that I'd be doing it in Shanghai!' Woody, 59, is a fixture at the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel lounge, but his real claim to fame is a motorbike with sidecar on display in the lobby. The Chang Jiang is a Chinese knockoff of the classic 1930s BMW R-71. During World War II, the Germans gave the design to Russia, which passed it to China. Woody fell in love with it on a 1998 trip to Beijing. He bought one, and another. Soon, he had shops refurbishing them. Now he's a top vendor of the bikes, which have a global cult following. In 2003 he sold two dozen for about $10,000 each. 'It's not really a dream job, more like a nightmare,' he quips
29 Jan 2007
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Two brothers launch themselves, multiple times, from the top of a hotel armoire onto the bed, comedy ensues.
30 Jan 2007
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Not so good backflip in hotel room, better luck next time.
30 Jan 2007
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Quebec City is very French. The entire province of Quebec in Canada, is North Americas most French place to live. Quebec City in Quebec, Canada has many attractions including the grand hotel, the elegant Hotel Frontenac. But Quebec has another attraction: the Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, is also called Hotel de Glace. The Ice Hotel is an ice palace made of thousands of tons of snow and ice making the Ice Hotel one of Canadas most unique attractions and making the Ice Hotel in Quebec one of travels most incredible destinations. The Ice Hotel in Quebec is a world-wide wonder. The Ice Hotel has an Absolut Vodka bar with glasses and bar made of ice for the Absolut Vodka. The Ice Hotel near Quebec City is a beautiful place to get married. It is Honeymoon Travel, Romantic Travel and Family Travel. You can dog sled, ice fish, ice skate and take a sauna under the stars. Lovers love the Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel will have your kids in wonders, a perfect Family Travel destination in Canada. This Travel Video PostCard brings you the Ice Hotel, an Adventure Travel experience. See Quebec City, a Cultural Travel destination. See the ice Hotel. Enjoy this Travel Video PostCard, then have an Adventure Travel or Romantic Travel experience in Canada, in Quebecs Ice Hotel.
7 Feb 2007
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This is a hotel review on Resort Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every one of their rooms are poolside and that's not the only reason to stay here. Take a look!
14 Feb 2007
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