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This was shot as the Marines demonstrated the taking of a beach with some of their equipment: F-18 fighter Jet, Cobra attack helicopter, Chinook, Amphibious assault boats and large equipment hovercraft.
24 Dec 2007
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I got the honor of trying the new hommingbird hovercraft. I also posted this video on a websight called future horizens check it out if you get the chance
4 Jan 2008
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Off road 4x4 - dirt buggy racing, quad and atv tracks, clay pigeon shooting, hovercrafting, axe and knife throwing, rage karts + so much more
28 Apr 2008
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I made an episode of robot wars by crashing my rc Hovercraft and my 4 wheel robodrive into each other! I made this with Sony Vegas 6 (new editing software I got) - By Corey J Smith
21 Nov 2009
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Below ground in the Victorian Nothe Fort; spooky and dangerous without lighting before the 30-year restoration. Photographed before and after the incredible transformation by Weymouth Civic Society. Did you know that this was nearly a major terminal for a cross-Channel hovercraft service? Or that work actually started on the Nothe Fort luxury hotel? For something different see other videos from StuartMorris7.
13 Jul 2008
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Your favorite schizophrenic racing series continues its quest to be all things to all people. What's next, hovercraft?
21 Jun 2009
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no hovercraft, no robot, dad clown, help me my one and only, no party for donner, vid picks - www.myinboxnews****
2 Feb 2010
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my friend Liam is just ticked because this kid flipped him of the swing 2 times. and then the kid who flipped Liam of the swing flew like a hovercraft of the swing.
8 Jun 2010
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Help Ben Tennyson battle alien threats with the new Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle. This sleek new car is more than just a car. It comes with five missiles and four vehicle modes: racer, hovercraft, submarine, and jet fighter. Kids will love the transforming action of this vehicle as they take it from mode to mode. A specially designed, translucent green, four-inch Ben 10 figure is included. Other four-inch Alien Collection figures (sold separately) can also fit inside the vehicle. *******www.timetoplaymag****/toys/2203/bandai/ben-10-ultimate-alien-mark-10-deluxe-vehicle/
18 Sep 2010
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Hov Pod For Sale Online 2012 *******www.hovercraft-plymouth****
20 Jun 2012
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Hov Pod For Sale Online 2012 - *******www.hovercraft-plymouth****
4 Jul 2012
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WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship free activation keys *******hacktime****/game/wrc-3-fia-world-rally-championship-keygen-and-crack/ WRC 3's lightweight handling and lack of diversity means it fails to hit the heights achieved by other racing games. The Good Lots of car setup options Hotseat multiplayer is frantic and realistic fun Good number of stages. The Bad Visuals trail behind contemporaries Unimpressive novelty race types Very steep learning curve for newcomers. "Track drivers see the same corner thousands of times, rally drivers see a thousand corners one time," reads one of the insights on WRC 3's numerous loading screens. It's a message that succinctly sums up what a rally game should ask of its players: control, adaptability, and a healthy respect of the unknown. While developer Milestone seems to understand the brief, the derivative way in which the game's elements have been combined keep it from hitting all the right marks. Unimaginative construction of a game based on a sport all about flow and flair is not going to win many fans. As with previous games in the series, an emphasis has been placed on the realism of the handling model. Everything from suspension stiffness to brake distribution and maximum steering angles can be edited to suit both your driving style and the kinds of conditions you can expect in your next race. To the game's credit, adjusting these variables has noticeable effects and makes them something worth fiddling with for racing game veterans. Changing the suspension stiffness to hard, for example, allows you to navigate level surfaces much faster at a cost of significantly reduced stability when things get bumpy. On a less positive note, no matter what you do, all of the game's cars have a lightweight, feeble feel to them. No amount of tinkering with the front and rear differentials or traction distribution can completely remove the sensation that you're controlling a high-powered hovercraft, rather than a loud, mean, aggressive rally car. The issue is not so bad when driving the game's lower-powered cars, but it's especially pronounced as soon as you step into an official WRC vehicle. And while you can certainly work your way around tracks with practice--the lightweight feel allowing for precision driving as you throw cars into hairpins and through technical sections of fast chicanes--the handling doesn't quite live up to its uber-realistic billing.
18 Oct 2012
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Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing - Racing game by Spil Games - Gameplay Description by Developer Try the newest addition to Uphill Rush, the world’s most addictive, visually stunning, and critically acclaimed racing game series. Prepare yourself for unforgettable rides and real racing madness. This isn't yet another time killer that's easy to play and difficult to master. It’s a true unicorn among stunt, racing, and sliding games. This is the ultimate bike blasting, hovercraft sliding, car crashing, and skateboard flipping experience that will kill time like no other game. Are you a fan of extreme competition? If so, the multiplayer mode will allow you to battle and blitz your opponents in the world's most vivid and exciting racing game. How quick can you conquer the leaderboard? Try the PvP mode and find out today. #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #racing #uphill #uphillrush
6 May 2019
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