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The recent 2019 amendment to the Consumer Protection Act 1986 increased the pecuniary jurisdiction of the District Consumer Commission (formerly forum) to up to 1 cr. (from up to 20 lacs – as earlier), of State to up to 10 Cr. (from up to 1 cr. – as earlier), and of National Commission to above 10 cr. (from above 1 cr. – as earlier). Even though the Consumer Protection Act has been welfare legislation which has brought in the establishment of the District, State, and National Consumer commissions to simplify the process of consumer litigation, to encourage consumers to fight for their rights on their own, yet, the average Indian Consumer remains hesitant in taking the matters in their own hands. The hesitation often owes to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the legal processes involved. Besides, the prejudicial picture of the Indian Legal System is sufficient to wary people of the ordeal they tend to assume. Truth be told, consumer litigation is not rocket science, and anyone literate and sane enough can handle it well. One does not need to have an exhaustive knowledge of the law. Just the basic idea of the principals of natural justice and the rule of law can take consumers a long way. Of course, there are certain things that just one bear in mind while drafting and filing a consumer complaint, but once you them, there should not be any reason to not ‘self-litigate’. In this vlog were are going to discuss the process of drafting, filing, and the jurisdiction.
15 Oct 2019
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