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My name is Mirabel, i am a content creator, i love to share ideas on how to achieve everything from the confort of your home, how you can do things yourself.
Forex trader
Vantage FX (*******www.vantagefx******) look at what Forex traders should look out for during quieter periods in the holidays. Holiday Trading In this week's series we're looking at how tp trade in quiet markets and during the holiday periods when the market can thin. Traders can anticipate seeing price spikes and vicious moves, depending on thin the market becomes during these periods. We're looking initially at GBP/USD over the Christmas and New Years period in 2012. During that period, we can see that there was a dip followed by a spike which then formed a shooting star candle. In this chart, as often happens, the price then returns to where it was before the holiday period. During this week we'll look at the markets in the lead up to the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday.
26 Nov 2013
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Vantage FX (*******www.vantagefx******) look at what Forex traders should look out for during quieter periods in the holidays. Illiquid (Less-Liquid) Market The more liquid a currency pair, the more market participants fighting for a price; so a move in the price is less likely to be as quick or on as large a scale than in a market where there are few participants. In the case of an illiquid market, any move can be quite aggressive and drastic. In this video, we look at a EUR/AUD chart, trading in a flat range with not too much price movement. Once the market broke previous highs, the momentum and lack of liquidity has meant that the price showed a 300 point movement, A trading strategy could have allowed you to trade the range as well as working orders either side of the range, which would have given you access to that strong break that occurred. You should be aware that a break in price against you can also occur, so it is always advisable for traders to cover movements on either side using suitable risk tools.
27 Nov 2013
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Vantage FX (*******www.vantagefx******) look at what Forex traders should look out for during quieter periods in the holidays. Volumes & Interest In this video we look at what happens when volume drops off and then picks up. In this EUR/USD chart, we see a spike in volume when interest rates were cut. We then see volume increase again, which means more participants in the market, and the price rallies. If we look at the volume and trendline, we see a correlation every time the price fell down to the supporting trendline. Once we see a price adjustment, we see the correlation exist again with volume picking up at each test of the trendline. This isn't a fool-proof method, but it does show where the market moves when there is interest. As the two trendlines merge, we look to see which way we will see a break in price. Tomorrow is a holiday so we should see a thin market, resulting in a possible price spikes as there are less participants.
28 Nov 2013
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Vantage FX (*******www.vantagefx******) look at what Forex traders should look out for during quieter periods in the holidays. Today we're looking at how a chart can take the form of a tight range in a thin market. As the price looked to the downside, the volume increased but there was no break in the range. The Bollinger Bands remained flat showing that the price is range trading at this point. You can see how the price moved from the bottom band to the top band and back, always reverting to the mean. With low volume and little conviction, the price remains within the existing range. Happy Thanksgiving!
29 Nov 2013
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Swing trading strategies were used in this video to produce in excess of 100 pips. This strategy is great for someone with a small or large account looking to build it up over a period of time. Traded at £10 per pip, this would be £1000.
23 Aug 2019
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Today the Forex Trading Strategy we are going to show you is the Banker Trade Strategy. This strategy is generally used on cross pairs and it works great because the system tells you the precise time to trade a cross pair.
2 Sep 2019
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How To Trade Forex with Nial Fuller *******www.LearnToTradeTheMarket****
6 Dec 2011
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Is it difficult to trade forex? Some forex newb maybe say yes. But If you usually visit *******www.ikonfx**** to learn more about how to trade forex or learn more tips about trading forex via forex blog and forex analysis, you will be a professional forex traders in a short time.
9 Nov 2012
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25 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2010
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19 Mar 2011
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15 Jun 2011
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