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I am freelancer and love to create video. My video is based on how to do basis.
My name is Mirabel, i am a content creator, i love to share ideas on how to achieve everything from the confort of your home, how you can do things yourself.
In this video I will be reviewing *******www.TweepML****. TweepML is a great website that helps create targeted following for your Twitter account To start using TweepML sign up for a free account. Once you have signed up, login and click on the home tab. To search for a list to follow enter in the keyword that you would like to search for. Within the results pages it lays out all the lists that have been created for web designers. Go through and choose a list that you would like to follow. From this page it lists all the Twitter accounts within this list. Usually the all accounts associated with the list are already checked, if they are not simply press the select all button, then click the sign in on Twitter button to authorize your Twitter account. Choose allow for TweepML to access your Twitter account. From here TweepML automatically follows the people that you selected from the list. Its that easy! TweepML provides many geo targeted and target marketed lists that are as easy as that to follow. To choose more lists to follow, click back on the home tab and start the search process over again to follow more lists of people. Keep in mind that Twitter will only allow you to follow 1000 people a day, but that Twitters algorithms will reduce that number to even less people if you aggressively follow, then unfollow people. For me, I log into TweepML ever other day or so and follow a few lists, totaling around 200 people or so. I wait a couple days then unfollow people that havnt followed me back, then follow another 200 or so people. This have been working very effectively for me. Stay tuned for my video review of *******www.Tweepi****. Tweepi allows you to easily follow and unfollow people and offers a wide variety of free Twitter tools that are typically only available within paid twitter programs and software. If you have any video suggestions or have questions, please leave a comment below or stop by our website for more how to videos and social media articles! *******virtualrescue****/social-media-how-to-articles-and-videos
4 Oct 2010
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*******www.howtodiytube**** How to videos are the handyman's helper of the future. From style to video games, health to home improvements; we have videos on how its done. This is perfect for those who love to try and do it yourself!
10 Mar 2013
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Executive Summary *******www.thedatezone**** to become the premier on-line dating service in the marketplace. *******www.thedatezone**** is prepared to offer an unparalleled level of live audio and live video connectivity for subscribers that can be accessed from home computers and even technologically compliant cell phones. *******www.thedatezone**** has also built an international platform to provide men and women access to a worldwide database of personal profiles from which to choose, complete with a suite of multi-lingual tools.
14 Sep 2008
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This tutorial video will go through the steps of how to video blog using AOL Journals. The products that enables video blogging is the Userplane Webrecorder.
4 Jun 2007
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*******www.CullensAbcs**** Children resurrection eggs suggestion video. How to make your own homemade set of resurrection eggs. Things or items to put in resurrection eggs. How to use resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story. Resurrection egg ideas. Tell easter story to children with resurrection eggs. Easter Egg Dying How To Video Cullen's Abc's
20 Mar 2008
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www.HomeBusiness.TV = Free How To Videos and Downloads for Home Business Entrepreneurs... Business Startup Work From Home Kaizen Websites eBay Videos eCommerce Google Ad Sense Marketing Tools Search Engine SEO
15 Jul 2008
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*******antiquehistoricalmaps.blogspot**** How to Video on using CS3 Indesign’s Opacity Effect Feature, or what used to be called Transparency. This feature allows the background graphic to show through a solid colored box that lays on top of it. This is a great way to keep the continuity of the cover and tie all of the elements together. It is also a great way to highlight the type without it getting lost in a complex graphic like one of our maps. For the graphic we used one of our Antique Royalty Free World Maps. On top of that was a colored box with some type on top of that. By setting the opacity of the box to 70% we can see a shadow of the map below. The effects feature is located in the Window pull down Menu. We left the main pop-up setting at Normal. Opacity is just to the right. Select the solid box first and then apply the screening by sliding the slide bar to the left or typing in a number. Experiment until you like the effect. Works with type also if you select it with the pointer tool. To learn more on the collection visit: *******www.antiquehistoricalmaps****. Antique Historical Maps Collection is a collection of royalty free, 300 dpi, jpg, vintage maps from the 1500s to the 1900s on CD-ROM. Including, World, North America, Europe, Asia, States, and Cities maps. Great for graphic design, illustration, web sites, presentations, home decorating and education. To sign up for free samples or order the collection: *******www.antiquehistoricalmaps****.
11 Aug 2008
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This How To Video will show you how to use the fabulous Luxe Link as a purse link and as a gorgeous charm. You can choose from many designs on www.luxelink**** . This video was made by www.bzshorts****
20 Aug 2008
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This is a TJD ATV Treads Video by TJD. How To Video
20 Nov 2008
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www.PsychicCourses**** members only how to video.
24 Dec 2008
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how to video
1 Apr 2009
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31 Aug 2010
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