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11 Nov 2009
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So many people out there wanting money from you before they let you know how to write your own book, well I shall give you free advice on how to and you do not even have to buy my books. First start off doing folders to keep your work in, put every story that comes to your head in each folder, name your folders, 1, 2, or A, B and so on, make sure you keep copies of your folders, then start filling them up with stories, once you start stories will come into your head when you walk, drive or at night in bed. Make sure you carry a note book, put them in your note book, you may have about 50 to 100 folders but keep them all safe, it will take you months or even a year, do the chapters at the end and the title as you slot the folders into each chapter, Google Me Clive Worth, There are 6 Google searches of me, 1st, (My 100,000 lovers), 2rd, (Clive Worth News), 3rd, (Clive Worth blogs), 4th, (Clive Worth), 5th (Love Rat & Proud), 6th, (Studs of Suburbia), also Photos on, Flickr.Com, Bebo and Facebook, My Videos on YouTube, (worthalot2),
24 Sep 2008
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