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*******www.amsterdamrobert****/ Robert Amsterdam Defends Human Rights for Michael khodorkovsky
20 Dec 2010
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Pakistan, April 25: Pakistan's security situation remains grim following attacks on minorities and escalating human rights abuses. Volatility continues because of poor governance leading to rise in frustration among the poor and destitute. In its annual report, Pakistan's Human Rights Commission revealed that 12,580 people were murdered and 581 kidnappings for ransom and 16,977 cases of abduction were reported in 2010. The report – 'State of Human Rights in 2010' - says violence, political and otherwise, led to the death of over 750 people in target killings in the port city of Karachi alone.
25 Apr 2011
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DAVID MISCAVIGE DRIVES HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE TEACHING OF TOLERANCE AND PEACE Well knowing Mr. Hubbard's strong admonition to national governments to uphold the fundamental human rights and abide by and implement the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Mr. David Miscavige inspired the initiation of the Church of Scientology human rights campaign.
11 Jun 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The International Conference on Human Rights - P2/6 May 25, 1994 Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan) (In Formosan). Episode: 1669, Air Date: 7 April 2010.
14 Jun 2011
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Hi there, my name is Said Omar Muhammad and this is one of my poems. It is entitled 'Human Rights Of Liberty.' It may seem strange to you that I would write a Poem on the Rights of Liberty within the concept of Human Rights. However for Human Rights to be enjoyed fully within the confines of this earth; it seems that we Humans have to take away these rights from a proportion of individuals. The main cause for this is that their Humanity to their fellow man is limited and usually selfish in nature. Will there ever be a time when Humans on this earth world wide learn to show humanity to one another and give the respect that comes from mutual understanding and tolerance. I HOPE SO. Please listen to the Poem and Meditate on what is said and then at the end of the Poem reflect on the statement given. If you wish to see this Poem 'Human Rights Of Liberty' in written form then please click on the link to my Scribd Poetry Web Address: *******www.scribd****/doc/62239232/Human-Rights-of-Liberty The link also provides you the ability to download it and Print this Poem. P.S. I have full Copyright as they are my Poems so don't worry about Copyright. If you wish to use any for Commercial basis then please do not hesitate to Contact me.
17 Jan 2012
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After Russia passed its anti-gay law, activists worldwide have sprung into action against the law. Many have asked the Olympic committee to call for the law to be repealed before the Winter Olympics are held there in February of 2014. Celebrities like Ricky Martin, Fergie and Jonathan Del Arco are now joining in to take a stand for human rights. These stars will be sporting Love Conquers Hate t-shirts, to raise awareness about the situation. The Love Conquers Hate initiative is a part of The Human Rights Campaign, and the money raised from the shirts will go to a fund supporting gay rights in Russia.
7 Nov 2013
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A good bulk of what is means to be human is being part of a culture and distinct people, a folk. Without that identity you’re missing out on much of what it means to be human. To be complete, a person must embrace their heritage. Heritage is the past that your ancestors gave you. Identity is that heritage manifest in the present. Your identity is a large part of your humanity. Without identity you’re not complete as a person. Love who you are, love your people. The essence of your entire being should be aligned for that very purpose. Can you imagine a federal government stands up for Jesus, loves your heritage, cherishes your identity and that works for the betterment of your own people? That’s nationalism, the way things should be…self-determination is a basic human right. So for freedom to prosper think this thought politically, “one nation, one people...under God”. Try not to get caught up in the trap of publicly criticizing other folk. Be disciplined since it will just be used against you as all people are God's creation. At the same time, you understand that the groups and organizations that defame your own ethnic nationalism are crafty-liars as they hypocritically attack any effort by your own people to organize interests but then actively support organizations, movements and even countries designed for their own ethnic advancement. Get involved and get active. I’m a Southerner so I’d strongly recommend the League of the South to all fellow Southerners and copperheads alike. But even if you’re of a different people- there’s nothing wrong with loving who God made you. Just remember, don’t be like those hypocritical crafty-liars; self-determination is a basic human right that applies to all people, not just your own. So until our people can smile at each other, hold hands and as one folk dance down that beautiful golden road to freedom. Create a large family and give your posterity a future. It's all about identity- it's al about LOVE....
1 Jan 2017
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Aerial view of Human rights museum in Santiago, Chile
21 Jun 2018
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Breaking: Hasina র গণগ্রেপ্তার, গুম ও কালো আইন নিয়ে Human Rights এর হুঁশিয়ারি। ফেশে গেছে Hasina সরকার
16 Aug 2018
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21 Sep 2007
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Support Adam G. at: *******www.beinghad**** Support Reality Transurfing at: ******* Support Chilly S at: *******www.whoischillys****
5 Mar 2008
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*******www.humanrightstorch****/news/ *******en.epochtimes****/211,127,,1.html China on Monday warned Tibetans involved in anti-Chinese protests to quickly surrender, but insisted it had not used deadly force in quelling the unrest and blamed rioters for murdering 13 people...
19 Mar 2008
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