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What is the true nature of humankind?
1 Jan 2007
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – For a Universal Humankind - The Theosophical Society - P2/2. Episode: 1368, Air Date: 13 June 2010
1 Sep 2010
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*******kabbalah.suite101****/article.cfm/interconnectedness Have you ever wondered why we do the things the way we do? Find out where our human nature comes from and where it's heading in the 21st century.
21 May 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – WORLD AROUND US The Damanhur Temples of Humankind in Italy (In Italian). Episode: 1067, Air Date: 16 August 2009
9 Oct 2009
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PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!-AUTHOR 712 - NEXTTOPAUTHOR.COM Undoubtedly, you have heard much about 2012, cataclysm and "end times.” However, one crucial piece of this story has been omitted: Ancient secret knowledge was destined to be unveiled at this precarious point in our evolution so that we, as humankind, had the tools to resolve the myriad challenges we are now facing and to create a promising future. Although the task of resolving our issues and creating a hopeful future may seem Herculean, it is indeed within our reach. Learn how, by viewing this presentation.
4 Apr 2010
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HumanKind is about People. They’re not consumers, customers, purchasers or patrons. They’re people, like you and me. Understanding that is the start of understanding them. Their behaviors and beliefs. Their biggest fears and greatest loves. The things they need and the things that make them need them. To find the answers, we must be eternal students of human behavior. HumanKind seeks Purpose. It shifts the conversation from what your brand does to what it means. What does your brand believe? What does your brand stand for? And why? A brand without purpose will never be embraced by the people. But a brand designed with a true human purpose in mind has the power to inspire people in all kinds of ways. HumanKind requires Participation. It demands a different role for advertising. Rather than make a proposition or promise, it invites them in to participate. By creating acts not ads, we create an emotional connection over time. By relinquishing the control we pretend to have over people, we invite them in and create a lasting bond with the brand. HumanKind thrives with Populism. Advertising agencies don’t create iconic brands. People do. Time and time again, HumanKind acts capture imaginations and people respond. They start off responding in little ways, and those little ways turn into big ways. Then meanings become movements, and you’ve changed the way the world sees the world. Proving yet again CREATIVITY HAS THE POWER TO TRANSFORM HUMAN BEHAVIOR. *******www.humankind.leoburnett****
15 Aug 2011
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Hitchcock shown us the brids here is the sequel
25 Sep 2007
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Todd readies himself for the hoards of ladies that'll be signing up for karate class after they watch Think Like A Man on DVD this week by telling you what to watch this week on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix Instant Streaming.
30 Aug 2012
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We have been working over years to get the best for the general population in require. We have dependably been helping the penniless individuals. Be that as it may, it's been a while now and for the comfort of the general population who wish to donate at Ccopac, we have opened numerous other donation center in the country. So now donating at Ccopac is simple.
12 Sep 2018
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Jawad Hasnain renewable energy worked for the charity and humanitarian projects in order to provide the required aid to the people of Pakistan
17 Apr 2019
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A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.
29 Sep 2009
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It's difficult to comprehend the scale of everything we know, and we know so very little. It's incredible to realize that the Ecliptic path of The Earth around our life giving Sun can remainin such perfect harmony with The Sun for so long that life would even have the chance to begin. Given the scale of our Universe as seen in this video it is a truly Cosmic miracle that we exist on this tiny planet at all. It's also difficult to imagine that everything in The Universe including us is made from exactly the same thing; pure energy. It's mind boggling that the only difference between us, a rock and a blade of grass is our vibratory state. Or is it? Once you understand the newly discovered 'Law of Everything' and 'The Power of Influence'; All will become clear. Recently discovered by Ecliptia; The biggest breakthrough in Human history and a revolutionary new way of thinking can now be explained to everyone, young or old, not through maths, not through science, not through words or philosophy alone, but by a simple diagram on a small piece of paper that will enable us to reach the next state of our conscious being. You may be thinking; A simple diagram on a small piece of paper which can explain everything to everyone may also seem hard to believe? But it will be understood by all and will be yours to share with your friends and loved ones and everyone around you. It is and always will be our gift to you and The World because we know with certainty, when it is seen by all we will evolve as one Cosmic family and achieve the next stage of our evolution. Although we haven't even launched Ecliptia officially yet and we are oh so young. We may also be seen as tiny on the scale of things at the moment, but believe us when we say "We're about to create the next Big Bang of Human evolution". To become one of the very first to evolve, all you need do is follow Ecliptia as we grow from our humble beginnings and prepare to Gift the Greatest Gift to the World since the Dawn of Humankind. You already have the energy to share this with your friends and give them the chance to be part of the biggest change in Human evolution since the Dawn of Humankind and help us take this to The World. You have already been chosen! Please realise you are here on this page to find this just as much as it is here to find you. We want you to be part of it just as much as you want to be part of it and help us. We have so much to do and so much to say; Those of you who come to us now are the ones that will help us the most. Follow your heart and everything will be taken care of. Peace, love and happiness to you. Ecliptia
10 Oct 2010
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These Russians are really a different human species than the rest of the humankind. This video shows the clever ideas they have and the reason they are different.
31 Aug 2018
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The studio short is based on the opera play by French playwright Jean Moliere. Two characters debate on social conventions in a farcical manner.
1 May 2007
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This is a video about the start and the end of life
19 Sep 2007
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