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watch Sharapoe humiliated when all the audience make laugh at her and mimic her shout. what a shame
3 Jul 2008
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******* Having a tiny Penis is a very humiliating and depressing thing to have, but you are not alone, millions of men worldwide suffer a similar fate. There is a way to cure this condition, and while it really costs almost nothing, it will take some time and persistence. To gain 3 inches or 7 cm in length will take 2 to 3 months. So how does it work? Well it works by performing very specific exercises in a very exact way.
17 Aug 2008
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I've received such good response to my Vicki Victory compilation that I decided to build another GLOW video. GLOW featured some of women's wrestling's all time hottest jobbers. It also featured some great pinning combinations. For my money nothing is better than seeing an utterly dominated victim pinned in some humiliating fashion. GLOW featured more sexy losers suffering helplessly with their buns in the breeze or in other humiliating ways than any women's wrestling league before ... or (possibly) since. Here is a video compilation of my 10 favorite humiliation pinfalls. Please note, it was not easy to limit it to just 10 pins. So, if you feel I've left some out, I'd love to hear which ones you liked. Also, I should mention that although it seemed Vicki Victory was dominated and pinned with her incredible backside in the air about every week, she is not included in this list. I've already put together a Vicki Victory compilation, where she can be seen being dominated and pinned.
20 Jun 2010
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Download file here: *******saveshort****/Reillym1450/Call I'm baacckkk! Sorry for the long delay with this episode, but back to recording clips and humiliating campers like we used to!!! Please subscribe to this account as you won't want to miss out on future episodes, videos and our next series Battlefield 3: Greifing & Modern Warfare 3 Epic Camper Humiliations! Hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, comment and let us know why you enjoyed it :) Feedback really helps us and helps us know what you want to see! Music used in order: Muse - Hysteria Little Big Planet OST - Flirty Cha Cha Resident Evil 4 OST - Serenity (Merchant's Theme) Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST - Horse Race Sousa - The Washington Post March Verdi Requiem - Dies Irae Jaws Theme Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Throwback Galaxy Crash Bandicoot 3 OST - Main Theme Medievil 2 OST - Iron Slugger Donkey Kong Country 2 - Token Tango Sims 2 - Main Theme
14 Oct 2011
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There is no bigger humiliation that show off gone wrong and ended up a fail. Especially when, it is a cool move like a back flip, the humiliation is epic.
2 Apr 2018
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Guess he didn't realise it was recording - unlucky
25 Feb 2007
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The machine is a
29 Jun 2017
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Things were going really smooth there, people were enjoying, cheering until suddenly this happened. Someone recorded it so it is not going away either.
24 Mar 2018
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If this was in front of a girl to impress the dude would have been a martial art laughing stock for months. But now, he will be mocked for eternity.
24 Jun 2018
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The man must be in a hurry so he did not see and wore his helmet backward. Some good people corrected him while on the road.
29 Mar 2019
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The super champ joel22 humiliates padeiro, with an outstanding goal from Zlatan Ibrahimović imitating Madjer. joel22 is one of the greatest players of pes6 in the world. Ask Monteiro. In one game of 10 minutes e takes 8 humiliating goals... joel22 is the men...
23 Mar 2007
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Thug Martial Arts Humiliated The Sun Jab Fight Yob UK THUG HUMILIATED WITH LIGHTNING FAST JAB!!!! HQ Gevloerde hooligan Thug humiliated on internet video The Sun News
8 Oct 2009
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The Rich Man insists that Rowby be even more silly and foolish in order to get a larger audience of Kids. Rowby, who is a pillar of the Rowbyville Community, is humiliated being foolish on the Internet, but has no choice or the Rich Man will fire him!
27 Oct 2009
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Our resident sports reporter Tara traveled over to Majesco's booth at E3 this year to check out NBA Baller Beats, the upcoming Kinect game that uses a REAL basketball. How exactly does it work though? Watch our humiliating investigative report to find out!
29 Jun 2012
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Vadodara: Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Shaktisinh Gohil criticised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for creating a situation for former chief minister Keshubhai Patel to consider quitting BJP. For more info:- Visit to *******raajneeti****/ & *******raajneeti****/news/congress-slams-narendra-modi-for-humiliating-keshubhai-patel/
2 Jul 2012
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