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******* Get ready for the price of Silver (precious metals) to soar after this type of story in mainstream! George Noory - Collapse of World Economic System - discusses a coming financial depression. Many financial experts outside of mainstream has spoken about an economic collapse for years; such as Bob Chapman from *******theinternationalforecaster****/ Maybe you'll value the words of billionaire investor Jim Rogers. "Being ahead of the masses in your observations of economic trends is no way to win a popularity contest. If you're 30 days ahead of the masses, you're considered a genius; but if you're two years ahead, you're considered insane. It makes me wonder about the experiences of historical geniuses like Nikola Tesla, since they were at least a hundred years ahead in their understanding of science." Please explore these articles: FDIC Girds For Bank Failures & The FDIC Will Seek to Rehire 25 of It's Own Retired Members, Many of Whom Specialized in Bank Closings.
30 Apr 2010
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