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Only boys can understand the pain of getting a hard blow like this in his balls. But by the look of the bride you can tell it has hurt a lot.
7 Apr 2018
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Warning! Always look first before crossing a street, if you don’t you might collide with an electric pole or even worse, a street dancer.
13 May 2019
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All the best jumping fails in one. Accidents always keep happening and it can happen with you too.
13 May 2019
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This guy was screwing around with live crabs and got way more than he bargained for when the crab latched onto his finger with it's claw.
27 Aug 2019
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Jumping your car hurts a lot more than it looks.
28 Jan 2007
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This guy has cat like skills and reflexes. He tries to jump through a hole in a wall, his landing was not so smooth. Hes lucky he missed the stud other wise this would have hurt a lot more.
17 Mar 2008
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c hw he is stupid to jump like this ............ its hurt him lot
6 Mar 2009
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It hurts a lot
6 Apr 2009
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shouldn´t it hurt a lot???
7 Apr 2009
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Ma chanson préférée de Sirima - His Way Of Loving Me tirée de son album A Part Of Me... Images : clip Là-bas (Jean-Jacques Goldman/Sirima), coupure presse et livret du CD Why do you look at me as if you never saw Someone who's been hurt this way before? Isn't unusual it happens to more than one 'Got to learn to take it as it comes He doesn't mean it though he does it every time He hits when he can't find the words Must be his background it happened to him that way Says his hurting a lot more than me (Chorus) When the storm has blown over The bruising's begun He physically proves to me I'm his "only one" I'm left wondering - am I wrong To keep on believing that we belong? My bones are aching, the tears still flow, A voice keeps telling me I ought to know It's just his way of loving me... His way... Don't try to tell me I will lose my mind If I live with a man like him Do you know him, do you ever see him cry like I do? I never dreamed love could be like war, Turn to blows when we can't have our way Is the reason - human nature? Does he really hurt more than me? (Chorus) "At the end of a lifetime you've made your mistake You've taken even more than you were able to take The love in his eyes out of range And you realise, 'too late to change' Your bones are aching again and again"... I've got to find a way to believe my pain Woh, I say it's his way of loving me His way of loving me
25 Jan 2010
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It hurt........ a lot.
9 Jun 2010
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I SLEEP BETTER AND I HAVE LOST INCHES AROUND MY WAIST!! Minor M.My condition was a lot of pain in my upper shoulders. I had limited motion in my neck and shoulder. Turning my head to look over my shoulders was hard to do. My back hurt a lot. I just figured it was part of life by just getting older. I just figured I would just have to live with the pain. Since coming to Bridge Chiropractic, my energy level is up, the pain in my neck and shoulders are gone. I have more mobility in my neck. I sleep better and I have lost inches around my waist by using the wobble chair. THEY DEFINITELY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING AND LOVE WHAT THEY DO. This place is great for Chiropractic care as well as a great place to learn about many aspects of health. The Chiropractors are very educated and good at what they do. Definitely a friendly and beneficial place. THE BOMB!!! Everything is terrific!
18 Jan 2012
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