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Nice collection of goals from the Bahraini striker Hussain Ali.
25 Jul 2006
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9/11 Ruien, Saddam Hussain Praying to Allah, and waiting for BUSH... Abdul Rasheed Guntur...
21 Mar 2007
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Altaf hussain dhakan
15 May 2007
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Imam Hussain
30 Mar 2008
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Sindhi Classic Song "Chand Adhuro Raat Adhuri" performed Live by Tameer Hussain at Sindh Festival Nawabshah org by Sindht TV. Lyrics by Sameer Junejo, Composition by Amanat Gul (S/o Ustad Feroz Gul) and beautifully arranged by Nomi Ali in his Cosy Lil Studio in Naseem Nagar Hyderabad.
1 Jun 2008
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Maulana Syed Fida Hussain Bukhari Allama Syed Fida Hussain Bukhari www.sfhbukhari**** darse articles fiqh aqaid practical laws of islam
30 Jun 2008
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Allama Fazail Hussain Alvi Murhoom 6
28 Jul 2008
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*******www.alltimetv**** Kumkum - Pyara Sa Bandhan' deals with a nice healthy relationship between a husband (Sumit Wadhwa - Hussain Kuwajerwala) and wife (Kumkum Wadhwa - Juhi Parmar); the highs and lows of familial bonds, the changes that relationships undergo and how they affect and alter equations in the family.
1 Aug 2008
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25 Aug 2008
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Dedication: The Greatest Lady Hazrat Fatima Tu-Zahra (a.s.) [Mother Of Imam Hussain (a.s.)] Presentation: Ahsan Irtiza
6 Jan 2009
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Azan , Akmat and Namaz Live from Shrine (Roza) Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s from Karbala Iraq. Call to Prayer from Karbala and Shia Azan , Azan Ali Akbar a.s, Akmat and Namaz Live from Shrine (Roza) Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s & Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s from Karbala Iraq. Call to Prayer from Karbala and Shia Azan. Visit my website for Marriage & Misc Wazif www.duas.8m**** , www.estaghasa.s5**** & 75,000 Masomeen a.s Sayings & Sermons www.14sayings.8m**** Last 12th Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad Mahdi a.s Says to us , Why you do not read Ziyarat Ashura daily ? Ashura ! Ashura ! Ashura ! and Pray for My Reapperence daily in every namaz. Hazrat Imam e Hussain a.s Says, Read Ziyarat Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s or Ziyarat Ashura or Asalamoalaka ya Abaabdella -hel -Imam e Hussain a.s Wa Ashab ul Hussain a.s Wa Ansar ul Hussian a.s Aslamoalkium Waramat ullaha Wabarkato (must be recite daily 3 times towards the Karbala on your Roof or Lawn at night, safety in grave is Guarantee! from Azab e Qabr (Punishment of Grave) 40,000 Guzz (Meters) from Left, 40,000 Guzz from Right, 40,000 Guzz from Legs & 40,000 Guzz from Head (in all directions). The Person who read this daily, I Hazrat Imam e Hussian a.s came to his grave for his Ziyarat. (Rewards is Hajj's & Umrah's) and 14 Ayma Masomeen a.s also came for His Ziyarat in Grave and help him in Grave in the time of tension, sorrow, difficulties & Day of Judgement. It is my (Abbas Shahid) Will and Advise to all of them, please must Read daily Ziyarat e Waris Hazrat Imam e Hussain a.s with Ziyarat Hazrat Abbas a.s , Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s & Shuda e Karbala a.s or Ziyarat Ashura daily (read 2 rakat namaz hadia Ziyarat Qurbat illah like fajr namaz) (Huge Rewards, Ranks & Benefits in World, Grave & Day of Judgement) for any Wishes, Tension, Increase in Wealth, Any Hard Difficulties, For Marriage purpose, Interuption in Marriages & Engagement or Safety in Grave from Azab e Qabr (Punishment of Grave) Attn! You can read must for Dead Peoples like (Mother/Father/Sister/Brother/Grand Father/Mother or Any) to increase there ranks in Paradise (Jannat). This is best Deed's (Work) which you perform after there Death. (Please make your Will to your Family members & Next Generation's after your death read Ziyart Ashura or Ziyarat Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s and gave Sad-ka (Chairity) daily in name of yours) Advise them also they should read must when you are burried in Grave (Qabr), when Angels Munkar/Nakir starts Ques from you & (1st Night in Grave). Make you Will to Family members to perform Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarats & gave Sad-ka (Chairity) in name of your till they alive.
26 Jan 2009
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A beautiful manqabt recited by Syed Ali Raza from Tharushah sindh at imambargah babul e ilm on YOM E HUSSAIN A.S..
8 Feb 2009
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