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This is a super and beautiful rendition of 1 Timothy 3:16. you will listen and love this version. It is a historical accurate song and hymn of early Christians. It is sung as they would of heard it in their time. 1 Timothy 3:16 King James Version (KJV) 16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.
28 Jul 2019
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A korean hymn from Choson University in North Korea. It's amazing how they North Korea try to influence the people's perception.
12 Nov 2006
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the hymn of Bulgarian republic
15 Apr 2007
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*******usmctones.eoltt**** Marine Corps Hymn Ringtone- Marine corps hymn ringtone marine corps hymn united state marine corps and hymn marine hymn song. The Marines' Hymn is the official hymn of the United States Marine Corps.
22 Feb 2008
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Two of the guys from The Hymns sit down with Reinel to talk about playing at SXSW 2008 and the recording of their newest record, Travel In Herds.
3 Apr 2008
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download the tab at *******videoguitarlessons.guitarvoice**** Guitar tuned down a halfstep. A basic fingerstyle arrangement of an old hymn. Arranged by Jim Nailon used with permission.
5 Apr 2008
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L'Hymne a l'Alya raconte l'histoire intime, mystique et intemporelle qui relie tous les juifs à la terre promise, « Eretz Yisrael ארץ ישראל ».
24 Apr 2008
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Here's the EPK for Joe Cocker's Fantasy Records release, HYMN FOR MY SOUL, now available wherever music is sold.
29 May 2008
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Jason Reed of Unmarked Car presents this contemporary rendition of The Marines Hymn. Visit Unmarked Car at www.myspace****/zero5hundred
10 Nov 2008
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Olympic Song Project „Celebrate Humanity !“ Lyrics in Greek ( The language of the Olympia ) Choir & Hymn-Version ( Picture-Video ). As part of The Olympic Music Maratone
4 Jul 2008
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Olympic Song Project „Celebrate Humanity !“ Choir & Hymn-Version. English. Part 1 ( Picture-Video ). As part of The Olympic Music Maratone
19 Apr 2009
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Kingston Trio sing The Battle Hymn Of The Republic Brought Down to Day set to propagander picture used in america during world war 2. please note this is aimed for historical reasons and is not meant to be racist or against any other nation bearing in mind these posters was actually used during ww2
6 Nov 2008
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hymne de la qlimax 08
19 Dec 2008
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This video will show you a short clip of a video we've prepared on DVD and Download. This video piano lesson will teach you the chords to the hymn "There is a fountain'. For more information about this video and others visit www.learnmusicandministry****
17 Oct 2010
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Liban. Hymne officiel كلنا للوطن للعلى للعلم هو النشيد الوطني اللبناني، ألفه رشيد نخلة ولحنه وديع صبرا كلنـا للوطـن للعـلى للعـلم ملء عين الزّمن سـيفنا والقـلم سهلنا والجبـل منبت للرجـال قولنا والعمـل في سبيل الكمال كلنا للوطن للعلى للعلم كلّنا للوطن شيخنـا والفتـى عنـد صـوت الوطن أسـد غـاب متى سـاورتنا الفــتن شــرقنـا قلبـه أبــداً لبـنان صانه ربه لمدى الأزمان كلنا للوطن للعلى للعلم كلنا للوطن بحـره بــرّه درّة الشرقين رِفـدُهّ بــرّهُ مالئ القطبين إسمـه عـزّه منذ كان الجدود مجــدُهُ أرزُهُ رمزُهُ للخلود كلّنا للوطن للعلى للعلم كلّنا للوطن Koullouna lil-watan, lil'oula lil-'alam. Mil'ou ayn-iz-zaman, saifuna wal-qalam. Sahlouna wal-jabal, manbitoun lil-rijal. Qawluna wal-'amal fi sabil-il-kamal. Koullouna lil-watan, lil'ula lil-'alam. Koullouna lil-watan. Shaykhouna wal-fata, 'Inda sawt-il-watan. Ousdou ghabin-mata, sawaratna-l-fitan. Sharqouna qalbouhou, abadan Loubnan. Sanahou rabbouhou, li-mada al-azman. Koullouna lil-watan, lil'ula lil-'alam. Koullouna lil-watan. Bahrouhou barrouhou, dourratou-l-sharqayn Rifdouhou birrouhou, mali'ou-l-qoutbayin Ismouhou 'izzouhou, mounzou kana-l-joudoud Majdouhou arzouhou, ramzouhou lil-khouloud Koullouna lil-watan, lil'ula lil-'alam. Koullouna lil-watan. Version Française Tous Pour la Patrie, pour la gloire et le drapeau. Par l'épée et la plume nous marquons les temps. Notre plaine et nos montagnes font des hommes vigoureux. À la perfection nous consacrons notre parole et notre travail. Tous Pour la Patrie, pour la gloire et le drapeau. Tous Pour la Patrie. Nos vieux et nos jeunes attendent l'appel de la patrie. Le jour de la crise, ils sont comme les lions de la jungle. Le cœur de notre orient demeure à jamais le Liban. Que dieu le préserve jusqu'à la fin des temps. Tous Pour la Patrie, pour la gloire et le drapeau. Tous Pour la Patrie. Sa terre et sa mer sont les joyaux des deux orients. Ses sources de bonté envahissent les pôles. Son nom est sa gloire depuis le début des temps. Son cèdre est sa fierté, son symbole éternel. Tous Pour la Patrie, pour la gloire et le drapeau. Tous Pour la Patrie.
10 Mar 2009
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