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Ti Tha BeenIE Punk and JIbba Jabba JIBBS Rich slaves diddy all these fake rappers are nothing but house ninjas claming they real when they dont help the community they suppose to come from plus 50 cent did not get shot but his dady did wulp him with a fly swatta. Keeep it real rich u dont need that money build homeless shelters thats real house nija haters!!! No tax right/write offs come from the heart scared pussysss
7 Feb 2007
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Download file here: *******filedfree****/onuw- Seafight More then that it is an online game where you are the captain of a fearsome crew of pirates where you are your ship sails around sinking monsters and other pirate ships. But the most fearsome enemy of all is other players. starting from map 2/1-4 the world is free for all. whoever scores the last hit wins. and if someone steals your loot. you may just have to sink them to davy jones locker and board their ship for 10% of their entire wealth. or if your more of the sneaky type go invisible and search the map for shineys to get pearls for later use in combat to increase your damage greatly. Pearls cost real money. OR you can search for shineys, kill admirals, do quests, and more to get them. if a group of pirates get together you can cause even more havoc on the seas. just beware of mutany among your fellow pirate ships, this is open PVP. the most powerfull ship would take years upon years upon years to get via shineys. or you can shell out $10,000.00 this ship has 5% increased damage for cannonballs. if you deside you dont need that however, with only a few weeks of playing you can get a ship with the same everything...but that bonus. there are 21 levels and you can only level once per day.
24 Nov 2011
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